Bitcoin and Blockchain ending world poverty? Programmer explains.

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Bitcoin, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies - can they be used in order to end povery? In this video we talk about corruption, financial inclusion and middle men. Tell me what you think!

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Not really, even crypto nowadays becoming centralized. Look at btc, ordinary people dont mine it.

You are right, the big cooperations are already controlling BTC before the poor people got the chance to catch up. By the time they accept BTC , it will already be too late.

I hope you don't offer ETH or Ripple as the answer to poverty, haha.

I am from Venezuela, the king of inflation and corruption.

Sadly I started a little late in this world of crypto, a month ago with zero money to invest, but this is basically the only reasonable I have left to do.

Here on Steemit you can earn Steem which can be exchanged for any currency you want.

I think it will improve the economy to a lot of people... but ending poverty? I don't think so... poverty will be here until Jesus comes again.

Wait 'till Jesus comes again. Nice one!

Nice one indeed, we can improve lives one at a time... but total poverty eradication is one I am not really positive about. I am just putting things at a perspective. Liked your comment, hope that you're not being sarcastic in saying that it is a nice one.

I don't mean to contend or quarrel with you guys as I am expressing my blessed hope in Christ and His works to finally end poverty and other works of the devil or humanity's ill.

I can sense the deep hatred to my God when you even ascribe the enemies' works such as catastrophe or maybe other evils to Him. I just would like to let you know that Jesus still loves you and He is not against you all and in fact calling you to Him for a better relationship with God.

Do you have a time-frame on that?

Time frame? For me... none. How about you?

So that means we shouldn't try to end poverty because it's only possible for Jesus to do? This is the reason I don't like Christianity, you're conformists.

I didn't say we shouldn't try... in fact poverty, and other evils in the world are Christ's enemies because He loves us all. I am just saying, the Bible truth that all of these evils will come to an end when He comes again.

And it doesn't matter if you don't like Christianity, God still loves you anyway, no matter what...

Enemies? Do you not read your bible? The christian god creates all including the storm. All of it, absolutely everything.

Again, why try if at the end of the day we can't put an end to poverty?

I am reading my Bible everyday... Do you?

He's so big on poverty but still up-votes mostly on his own comments.

@fechaugger why is that not allowed to upvote your own comment?Admittedly, I don't like it at first, but the developers allowed it for some reasons, and I am testing it to show I like my comments. You can downvote your comment if you don't like it.

A really great video Ivanli. I agrre with all that you said. Much poverty in the world is also caused by sanctions that one or more nations impose on another. Trade in cryptocurrencies may provide a means of making such sanctions defunct.

Informative, but there is a long way to this. The main poor group is yet to access any information about Bitcoin talkless of investing in it. Going forward, it is the right step in right direction.
I love your presentation

I think i agree with princeso. Informative though

Awesome Post, Keep it up!

I think usability has to improve but yeah it has potential. With these types of idea is how we change the world, yeah lets do this.

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Nice post.

Cryptocurrency is the currency of the future, it will replace fiat money in the future. I have bad experiences with some crypto business scheme, but i still believe the business. There are legits and there are scams. Interested investor must need to review through third party.

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