The Most Important Chart For Bitcoin Predictions

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Everyone is trying to figure out the best indicators to predict the future of bitcoin. This chart, in my opinion, gives a great perspective to what is happening.

Although we have endured many corrections of 70-80 percent, the upside of bull runs has been in the multiple thousands of percent. I believe we have been in a bull market for 9 years with gains and corrections on an exponential scale.
Watch to find out when this chart says it's bottom time.

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Bitcoin chart from video:

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I'm fucking loving this chart, things are shaping pretty nicely, and bitcoin is holding it's placed over 6000, though it failed to stay over 6600, but it was due to bad news we had few weeks ago of Bitcoin Etf denied, if the things goes as per chart expectation, we are going to have a biggest bull run.

Great video! BTC will head to 50K by next year. Easy money. Following.

$250,000.00 in 3 years would be like dream come true. I’ll take it in 5 years without hesitation. ALT’s and bitcoin’s support held even though ALTs got really slash hammered while bitcoin outperforming ALTs recently. I was lucky enough to get EOS at $4.50, but I do expect another dip since market feels at some point very week. Sentiment is very bearish, which could be a good sign for a turn around. If we continue higher from this consolidation, EOS can get as high as $7.00 in my opinion and than shorts may want to reload their position. In my opinion we are set for very long sideways move unless something comes up.
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I believe that the bearish cycle is coming to an end in the following period.

Cheers! ✌

BTC is going through a consolidation period which is quite healthy in the long run. I am confident BTC will start its move upward in the coming months.

50MA has capped downside over the weekend. 4H close below $6349 (50MA) would allow drop to $6K. keep trading this range until it's un-tradeable. We seem to have a ff* strong resistance at the 6550 lvl.

Thanks for sharing the details and I appreciate your post dear @investing and your post not seen some days..
I am happy now so seen your post and your analysis just mind blowing cause this post is very helpful for us..
So carry on your activitives and thanks for sharing the details..

That's a great analysis and I appreciate your post dear..
Thanks for sharing the details and I will wait for your next post..
Thanks a lot for discussion about btc @investing..

That's a great dtube and I gain knowledge about this crypto and btc recently going up .
So keep it up and carry on your activitives..

This time any crypto just very low but recently any crypto recover and this analysis just mind blowing so I am happy to provide in this content .
Thanks for sharing the details..

To hold and be patient until mid 2019 is definitely survivable. Seeing your long therm chart is really an eye opening. We may as well go lower to $3-$4k and still be in a long therm bull market. Yes, today’s market is correcting, I call it short time frame bear market. I guess it’s the same. Every single dip we had so far I used to add to my portfolio and that’s exactly what I will keep doing. At some point, this market will turn around sooo fast, that if someone wouldn’t be in it already, it will be too expensive for him to get back in.

Great videos... I am sure the rate of bitcoin going up for coming months....everyone hopes the rate of bit coin going up soon....6000 to 6500 rate of bit is very low....thanks for sharing this great videos...

A lot of ppl talk about BTC going to $50k, but if that happens, what will be the price of ETH or LTC....I would think they would outperform BTC in terms of gains, and by a lot.

We have a whole year for a good buying opportunities! 😎

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Great video

Every 'bubble' ends up in a new plateau and a higher low.

You are definitely right on that count. If we compare it to the duration of the stock market, we really havn't seen a true bear market. The uptrend is only noticeable on a full time-line 2009-present day but nobody zooms out that far to check it completely (also the log scale helps to put things in perspective.

PS: Hope your throat and voice get well soon :-)

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😂, yeah sure

Great to see this chart analysis gives a new perspective in the making keep sharing :)

Bitcoin. It is almost following the graph of 2014. Result: Great rise may come.

Yeah BTC is on its way towards a great Demand (50k).
But,can anyone tell me that is their any scope or will their be any demand for the following 'Cryptocurrencies' like ether and further .
thank you somach...

Good information!
The time of consolidation in Bitcoin, which is running very well in the long run. I hope Bitcoin will rise next month, that's what we are looking forward to. We are waiting. Important topics are highlighted in this chart.

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