Glenn Beck Teeka Tiwari Cryptocurrency Summary

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Glenn Beck recently had Teeka Tiwari on his show for a special episode devoted strictly to Cryptocurrencies. Teeka has an amazing track record over the last 3 years in crypto, he also believes that the bear market has just ended.

I go over some of the most interesting parts of this 90 minute presentation and give my thoughts along the way.

The full video can be seen here

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I also believe that the bear market has just ended. Well said Mr. Glenn Beck and Teeka Tiwari. We all cryptic lovers eagerly waiting to see the magic moments of cryptic market. Hope bitcoin will hot 40000$ very soon. Thanks a lot sir @investing for the valuable content and sharing the interview of Mr. Glenn Beck and Teeka Tiwari.

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Free markets are not 'blood baths'! You are just too used to manipulated markets and rigged markets of a fascist world, run by corporations for corporations! Gold is rigged with 'paper gold' because when the supply of anything is infinite, it isn't worth anything! The bankers just print up a bunch of 'paper gold' certificates and investors think they bought gold. Gold is much more scarce than 'paper gold' and when asshole investors buy 'paper gold', all the demand is satisfied, so the price just sits there, like a corpse! Gold is a pet rock! The price is going nowhere, until the rigging ends and bitcoin is here to end all that rigging! Capitalism is two things; It's free markets and private property. We have neither! Bankers want to make this a communist world in which they enjoy the best of everything and we are their slaves! So don't ever say that capitalism doesn't work. It's the socialism that we are experiencing and when we have free markets and private property again, you can say that capitalism does work! Socialism is the LOSER! It has NEVER worked, anywhere! If you can't tolerate the ups and downs of bitcoin or if you don't understand supply and demand, just stay out of investing! You're not up to the task of investing anyone's money!

Interesting points of view you have, my opinion is simple bitcoin as technology is great and in this moment the world's economy is passing a bad moment and maybe cryptocurrency can help goverments to recover its economies looking coins as bitcoin like reserve metals i mean bitcoin as gold or silver. Great videos friend

There's one point I'd like to disagree with Glenn Beck on. Where he states no one is giving them this type of information. I totally disagree... The information is and has as been freely given away, for those who think like him choose to be woefully ignorant to the knowledge. Great video Mike.. Thank you sir..@investing

Let's get to $40,000

Man this was a seriously interesting video. There was a wealth of information packed in just 17 short minutes, particularly when combined with your insights. I think I will keep this page open for a while and also watch the full video later.

If we are moving in correlation to the 90's tech market and if this run pans out then we can see absolutely gorgeous numbers on the price board.

PS: Right on about not being able to do something big with a small sum of money in this modern market. Too much monopoly going on.

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This has snake oil dripping all over it. Glenn obviously knows his demographic very well. Hey look at this "foreigner American". Yeah he was not born here, but fret not!He saw the light and converted! Oh look he lost his license! But he is a choir boy tho! I really like him! Buy his course! He got rich off crypto... @investing

Most awaited rally and bull run has just been seen and hopefully in the start of September when Bitcoin ETF will be approved til September 21st, and if bitcoin stays stable and then alt coins will go up and follow the bitcoin! The same situation is builting like it was built in the last bull run.

Wow 40000 es un poco exagerado.

Nice information shares you in 90 minute presentation. Thanks sir.

Good to see you back ;) I think you were watiing for this bull run.

Crypto time started now. Btc start increasing

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crypto's are future, thanks for this information.

Yeah wow, that first bit of the interview where he is talking about ownership of your currency!

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great your post

crypto's is a great part of our life,,,,nothing can stop it's revolution

So glad to see you again i hope you can start a telegram channel.

Well this is very positive to read about and pretty amazing too bull run here we come :)

Goodd 😊👏

Bitcoin alyws is high demanded so nce post

Connor kenny @investing is always on top of the manipulation of all investments...............

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