Bitcoin Could Hit $100K In The Next Move

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The crypto bear market has many investors licking their wounds and crying tears of loss, but that can be the sign of a bottom. I propose that we are in a "double bubble" like 2013 and 2014.

In 2013 the Bitcoin price ran from$2 to $260, then punished investors relentlessly for a period of 6 months. The price of BTC then surged again from the $70 area to a high of $1250 in a second bubble move.

Could this same pattern be on the horizon as institutional investors gear up to enter this budding market?

Japan is planning for a big boom in the crypto markets, as they believe the "lost decade " could be nearing an end. The technological nation is booming with blockchain.


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hopefully btc can do it

2009 - $ 0
2011 - $ 10
2013 - $ 100
2015 - $ 1000
2017 - $ 10,000
2019 - $ 100000
2021 - $ 1000000

hold is probably the right answer for BTC

HODL rather :D


amazing analysis @investing and yes this time bitcoin is playing like it was playing in 2013 and 2014, and we can hope for a rally, some are talking it will bounce to 6800, But the good news we are getting, i can easily say it will cross 10k, Facebook also removed the ban on crypto ads, and that's really a good news, I'm here with you to see bitcoin reach 100k :p

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Can market will pump 50% in this week?

You definately caught Steem at very nice price. I have been shopping in the recent weeks as well. It nicely lowered my average since I started buying bitcoin at 12k. That was nice move from $2.00 to $200.00 and than from $200.00 to $20k in the past. I believe the next move tends to go even higher. But being very conservative, the next high could reach 110k easily. Can’t wait for this to happen. It might take another few years, but it’s worth the wait. I would be very happy if we get to around 375 billion as a starting point. That would really make me believe the bottom is in. So far we had nice few crypto days.

@investing Bitmex CEO already predicted that bitcoin will reach $50000 by 2018. This blog says $100000. I hope it will be between these two figures by year end. :) Thank you for the prediction though.

hahaha, yeah it will also great if it will lie between these two figures @lets-steemit, what you say about it @investing?

I'm not giving a time frame by year end, just the next bump. Hopefully it starts to head towards the all time highs by year end

Hope your words become true soon and I will come back to this thread again to congratulate you. :)

Good morning @investing, a wonder, finally good news, I have investments in bitcoin, we hope that everything keeps going up, and investments continue to progress.
Happy day:)

Hi dear Connor, the market is making its first step for a new bull run but i don't know the how will be the holding position of big whales because they with just earn a 15% it's enough but at the same time they can make good shorts and long that can introduce the market to new highs. Regards

Comparing the start of downtrend in 2011 really looks similar to today’s market. At the end you might have been right about the crypto market bottom. Today we actually have a beautiful bounce, kind of higher high after recent up move. Looks like a good news such as from Japan is finally becoming positive sign for crypto markets. There was a positive news from Coinbase involved billions of dollars coming soon from institutional investors as well. We will eventually get to at least $100,000.00. But not everyone will get there, only the patient once. I’ll do everything possible to be one of them. My biggest weapon is I didn’t invest what I couldn’t afford to lose and I didn’t buy at the top.

if we see stability crypto gain in last two or three days ,we can easily predict now we are very close to rally, I also like your analysis of 2013-2014, if will acts the same, we are going to go to all time high soon, hopefully it will 100k $

oh dear its so great news for bitcoin @investing
in next if it will Hit $100K thats be great ,,,
i remain same with your prediction dear ,,,
thanks for your video of crypto analysis ..
the statistic of recent year said that it will
rais greatly in future ,,

Some big institutional money coming in the new updates from all over looking good thanks for giving us your insights :)

@investing no doubt with bitcoin anything is possible, even the CEO ofBitMEX, sir Hayes expect to see bitcoin at 50k by december, however 100k might not come anytime soon, from my point of view on the crypto market.
Still it would be a blessing if it happens

I may cash out if it reaches 50k. 100 seems crazy but I may also cash out early. Only time will tell.

Your prediction will be future but i'm happy for today market and @investing what you think how much pump in this week

I know this is going to sound a little fanatical, but Bitcoin will see hundred thousand and then go down and we will probably be aiming for a million after a few years.
That sad truth is that even as the west twiddled it thumbs, the East has taken the crypto ball and they are running with it. They are running hard and it seems that if they keep up the pace, they might even be set for leadership. Mind you this competition could be a very good thing for existing leaders in the area.

As usual @investing you rock for these giveaways and even more so for your great crypto opinions.
Congrats to @aamirijaz 😊. Crypto Money and Roy Keijsers – sorry about that 😉

Wow! I can see this happening. Thanks for the information and followed you.

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Great information. Thanks for share information about Bitcoin. Keep it up and share more information.

This is really great news sir,thanks a lot for sharing.

100k seems like a bit overoptimistic if you ask me. When you analyse bitcoin with fibonacci the next target should be 42k.

for me i think we will go back to 5890 and in the ned of this month bitcoin will go down for last time to 4450 and then we can talk about 12k and more

I am still convinced next peak will occur in late 2021 after halfing.

This could be true. And the crypto boom would inevitably decently affect STEEM 😊

Crytocurrencies are the future…

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Bitcoin is very powerful…its have the power to change our life

Well I do really hope you are indeed right and lets hope it goes uptrend from here !

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Thank you for this informative post. you always have a very creative idea, the spirit of smart work will be a good example for us.

Yes i think Bitcoin must go above 10000 dollars. And i also thing after crossing 10k$ price it may be drop. By the way enjou

100k btc eo2019

Very interesting, a lot of cryptocurrencies experts agrees that Bitcoin will hit again big numbers by the end of the year.

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

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