Win $50 in Crytpo (DeepOnion) *Update - Onions Paid to Winner. Stay Tuned for This Week's Giveway!

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*Edit, since I spent a decent amount of SBD's promoting this post, I'm going to link the new contest here as well:

So, we're gaining traction - this is day three of my attempt to give away free money (who would have thought it'd be so hard?) - but still haven't gotten enough participation to have a drawing. That being said, I'm bumping the pot up to 10 Onions which is currently about $50 USD. To participate, please:

  1. Upvote
  2. Comment - anything will do, just need a record of your username
  3. Re-Steem

Since I haven't been getting much response in a 24 hr window, I'm leaving this open until Friday, 2/9/18, 12 am EST. Your entry must be received before then.

Why giveaway money you may ask? Well, there are a few reasons - first and foremost is that I believe in this privacy coin and I want to help promote it. Beyond that, I've been lucky enough to do pretty well in the crypto-sphere and I'd like to give a little back.

If you're interested in learning about this coin that you could win, please check out the website at and check it out! The community is one of the strongest that I've come across for a coin.

I'm also interested in any feedback you have for the contest - if you'd like a daily drawing of 2 Onions, or a weekly drawing for 15. Please let me know in the comments and if you have an questions about DeepOnion, feel free to post them!

DO-Wallpaper by BOB - 5.jpg

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Seen and done!

Upvoted, commented and resteemed! Good luck everyone!

I am running my own contest as well. Want some games? Then just follow me, comment and upvote. Easy as that!

Upvoted, commented and resteemed!


Anyone that does the same for me I will return the favor. Lets see how far we can continue the line

Pls, what's deeponion all about?


In short, it's a privacy coin. Beyond that, it's much more. I highly recommend visiting the aforementioned website and checking out the forums and whitepaper.

I want very badly! I think this contest not only will help to promote this coin , but would attract new followers. Have a good day!

How does this coin provide privacy? Can't I simply examine the blockchain and see everything that has happened?

i'm sure i'm not gonna win!
Good luck anyone wins the contest! ✌ :)


Please try again next week- your entry was late this time.


Wish you luck on all your future endeavors.



Im in.. thanks for the give aways... Great info as well.

Its interesting ... I'm in.

I am vey excited, 10 onion! Nice contest dear.
Personaly i have 7 onion, i like onion.

Project is worthy and promising. Watching!

Pretty informative. It's interesting that we are all used to just endless contribution but steemit incentivizes less content that is more impactful.

Spamming degrades your value, but not posting enough does so as well. Where the happy medium is, is hard to find. And it can kind of suck when you feel you have to balance interaction with your account value/ability but I guess the end-goal may be worth it (curated, paid-out content)

Keep Up the hard work.. You will get there.

Very interesting. I'd like to participate, too.


@morice - Congratulations, you were selected as the winner! Please respond with your onion wallet address to collect your prize. If I don't get a response by Wednesday the 14th, your prize will be forfeited and added to the next week's drawing.


Wow I didn't think I would actually win.
Thank you so much :D
My address is: DWuDzX9WAB1CKaJ98U6EL1CKg2ibhZPNN2


@morice Thanks for playing! Just sent the onions. For those that would like, you can verify the TX ID to see the payout: 3d6e6b64b80e69c4030e6191a8ba8e553f934ae62e93498724f18e2a51720522


Got the Onions.
Thank you again.
I'll certainly HODL and maybe buy some more.

I like this project. Its whitepaper seems promising.

Thanks for the giveaway!!

How many entrants do you require before you'd hold the drawing?


We've got enough this time, my minimum requirement was 10. The drawing will be held 12pm EST on Saturday and entries must be received by midnight the day before.

I think a weekly giveaway with a larger pot would probably be better. More participation at the very least.

Will check out onions thanks

Cool!!! Going to check it out right now

Hey there!

Let's do this thing!


I can participate daily in DeepOnion giveaways! I like crypto)

Great giveaway.
I'm in


We've got enough participants to give away some crypto :) Keep those entries coming in and I'll do the drawing around 12pm EST on Saturday. As mentioned, please respond, upvote and resteem before midnight Friday EST to be eligible.

Stay tuned, this isn't a one time deal. More drawings/giveaways will be coming to promote the juggernaut that is DeepOnion!

If we can get to 50 entries, I'll bump the pot up from 10 Onions to 15, so please spread the word!

i did not receive my free 10 deep Onions.

Can I get my $50 in steem!!! 🤣🤣

The project is great I can join.

Heyy thanks! Been wanting to get into DeepOnion for a while. Amazing project!

does the deep onions make you cry harder?


Oh no! I think I missed it!


Afraid so, but please keep watching my blog, this isn't a one time contest.


Thank you. I made it for this next round.

Very interested in deeponion. I just downloaded the wallet! I'd love to be apart of any future contests!

Nice privacy coin

Show me the onions.


Sorry, the cutoff was prior to this post. Please check back for a new contest for next week.

Awesome post! I invite you to visit our blog and vote us back! And of course to enjoy our content :)

nice idea @ikilledcobain. Is this coin traded on any exchange yet?

I just entered my first contest on SteemIt. Yay, me!


Sorry, to be fair, this entry was late. I'll be posting a similar contest for a drawing next Saturday, please feel free to participate in that one.


I guess I should pay closer attention next time. My bad. Thanks.