CheapAir, Online Travel Booking Site, is Switching Bitcoin Payment Processors!

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CheapAir, an online based travel company, announced on Friday that they will switch bitcoin payment processors due to a service change by crypto currency trade platform Coinbase.


Earlier, CheapAir revealed in a blogpost that Coinbase informed them that they will no longer provide services to CheapAir by removing numerous tools and solutions previously used by shoppers. CheapAir is looking forward to accept bitcoin payments through Bitpay even though the changes regarding Coinbase will occur within next couple of weeks.

According to CheapAir, the integration with Bitpay has already been completed but they fear that their service might not be as smooth and precise as it used to be. This concern arises because Bitpay doesn’t support non-payment protocol wallets and users have to get a compatible wallet if they wish to buy through Bitpay.

CheapAir also stated in their post that as a part of the change, they are preparing themselves to accept other crypto currencies like dash, litecoin and bitcoin cash as other potential options. However, they are already accepting litecoin and dogecoin through another crypto currency trading processor, GoCoin.


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