Introduction to mining zclassic

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as some of you might already know, there is an upcoming fork of bitcoin and zclassic. This will give you one Bitcoin Private for each zclassic or bitcoin you are holding at the time of the snapshot. The current date is set to be the 28'th of February.

more information can be found here: Official BTCP Website

But how to I get some zclassic?

Well, either you can buy some on an exchange like cryptopia or you can mine it yourself.

The easiest way is to:

  • install a zclassic wallet which supports the fork.
  • generate a new receiving address
  • get an account at
  • download bminer, which is currently the fastest equihash miner
  • point the miner to your miningpoolhub address
  • configure miningpoolhub to cash out into your wallet

Now some more detail

Download the electrum wallet from the BTCP github

Unless you know better just generate a adress with a new seed. Write this seed down on a pice of paper and store it away savely. Then you have to generate a new recieving adress:

Generate a new sending adress.

OK! The first stepp is done and you can give yourself a small pad on the back. Next we have to create an account at miningpoolhub

So head over to the site and register an account. Verry important is to remember your pin because you will need this in the next step.

For this yopu head over to the Zclassic Wallet Page

  • enter the address from your wallet into the "PAYMENT ADDRESS" field.
  • enter your pin into the pin field
  • set an "AUTOMATIC PAYOUT THRESHOLD" amount ( i took 0.1 )

Almost done

the last thing we have to do is to run the actual miner. I suggest Bminer. it gives me the best hash rates. Once installed you have to adapt the start.bat file.

@echo OFF
REM Change the following address to your Zcash taddr.
SET ADDRESS=account-name.bminer
SET SCHEME=stratum
bminer.exe -uri %SCHEME%://%USERNAME%@%POOL% -api 
timeout 10
goto :while1


change your "SET ADDRESS" to be your actual account name.

And that should be it. Start start.bat file and after some minutes you should see something happen on the zclassic Dashboard

At this time i also want to link to another post on the site wich explains how to even get 1.25 BTCP per ZCL by supporting the developers.

Please consider upvoting in case you liked it or it even helped you out ;)


I didn't understand when you say

change your "SET ADDRESS" to be your actual account name.

Do you mean username? In that case what to put in SET USERNAME

SImilarly how to customize bminer.exe -uri %SCHEME%://%USERNAME%@%POOL% -api

Best way to explain can you please paste your file exactly the way you would run?

Thank you.


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