What is Your Favorite Altcoin During this Tumultuous Time in Bitcoin?

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Bitcoin is Going Through Some Growing Pains.

We are all watching history be made. The teams of Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Unlimited are spreading FUD across the Bitcoin and Crypto Currency sphere. If this caught you off guard you must of had your head in the sand. This post is not about what direction I think Bitcoin should go in. I don't have a public opinion about the matter. I will stick to being a neutral party in the debate.

The Beneficiaries of This Instability in Bitcoin is Altcoins.

Currently BItcoin dominance is down to around 73% of total money in Crypto Currency. This is a great sign for those of us who own other crypto currencies besides Bitcoin. I personally own Steem and PIVX. I will soon add other alternative crypto currencies to my portfolio. When Bitcoin had its huge run up shortly before Christmas I sold all of my altcoins. As many veteran traders know the money tends to flow in cycles. Right now we are in an altcoin friendly environment. If you have a favorite please let me know why.

2017-03-18 16_04_29-Global Charts _ CryptoCurrency Market Capitalizations.png

I Will Be Watching to See What Happens with Bitcoin.

I know the popular FUD is saying Bitcoin is done but history tells me that it will come back stronger than ever. Just be prepared.

What is Your Favorite Altcoin During This Period of Uncertainty?

Steem has treated me great over the last few days but I know it can be volatile as well. Did you listen to me when I said to watch for Steem? Is a Steem Moonshot Imminent? I wrote this on Tuesday 03/14.

I chose PIVX because it is similar to Dash which has seen explosive growth over the last few months. The nice thing about PIVX is that it does not have all the issues that Dash has in its history. PIVX is not a client, I just like their altcoin. I will not be setting up a masternode until I see that the platform is scaling.


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What is Your Favorite #CryptoCurrency During this Tumultuous Time in #Bitcoin?
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I still have a soft spot for Doge.

It's friendly and has the best mainstream recognition after bitcoin. And it confirms quick and the fees are low.


Definitely good branding!

my top 5 coins are still the same, but I'm still all in on dash at the moment.

DASH... Without any doubt! POS coins will not succeed.


Darkcoin was the second alt I ever owned. They do a great job.

Dash ZCash Steem


today was a good day for those 3

DASH. Bought just before the price went up. Luckily. Don't know about PIVX. Will look into it. I also bought some Ethereum for the first time and got a confirmation over 24 hours ago but it still hasn't hit my wallet. Is that normal for Ethereum?


No that is really odd. I am not an Ethereum guy. I have only done a few transactions over the years with it.


I tried emailing them with link to the transaction showing the block number and other info but no response.

Right now I have Maidsafe, Steem and Dash.


I keep seeing Maidsafe come up. I might have to check that one out again.


I don't actually know anything about it. I bought it on a whim a couple of weeks ago.

I like Maidsafe because the coin will be anonymous and cheap data storage will be easily available. Lot's of people have spare hard drive space so why not earn money from spare capacity. Bitcache from Mega 2.0 sounds good too, hoping to jump in when it's available.


I am pumped about that as well!

ETH for sure, but honestly more for the future of the DAO and Dapps. Favorite Dapp is currently Ethereia.

StartCoin woo hoo.!!

I have been in DASH for awhile. Bought in well before the price move. I also am dabbling in Monero, but not sure about staying with them for the long haul. I am new to STEEM, but I have converted some BTC to STEEM. Then I sent some STEEM to my granddaughter to get her started. I have not looked at PIVX yet, but glad it is now on my radar.

Thanks for the post. I'm following you now. It sounds like you are a trader and can provide some good insights.

I bought PIVX last week after first reading about here on Steemit. That has worked out well so far.

There are two more Altcoins that I like and haven't been mentioned yet. They are still very cheap. They are Antshares (which is the only crypto that passes the rules for crypto's in China) and Lykke (LKK) (which is a blockchain that will provide a trading platform (a variety of different instruments). The token for Lykke are like shares in the company. Antshares is good since Bitcoin has been blocked in China and some Chinese are looking for ways to take money out of the country.


Thanks for the follow, I followed back. Bitcoin is fine in China, people can't trade with leverage or withdraw from exchanges at this current time but Local Bitcoin is booming there currently. I had never heard of either of those. I will check them out.


Yes local Bitcoin is the way around the government restrictions. Venezuela also shut down their Bitcoin services so they have to use local Bitcoin. It's not as convenient but works.

BURST & STEEM 0f course ;)
Do you and your wife hold any Burst?


Nope, no Burst at this time. Just Steem, Bitcoin and Pivx.


Better get on that Burst! What are you two waiting for ;)

What is Your Favorite Altcoin During this Tumultuous Time in Bitcoin?

Everyone who doesn't answer SBD should be downvoted )


Thanks for sharing information.

My favourite alts are Decred and Komodo and XMR (Monero).
Not a big fan of Dash, I like their marketing and governance ideas, but I think there are much better projects and its current price is just an insane bubble. Time will tell.


I have heard of Komodo and it sounds interesting. Dash keeps defying the odds. That is why I like Pivx, for those of us late to the party and it has less baggage.

Steem and Ethereum :d

I am watching Monero closely. I think it might do a 'dash' for the top anytime soon.
Other Altcoins which have rekindled my interest are Ether & Zcash!