New Bitcoin ATM/CTM Launched in Panama by @CryptoBuyer

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Bitcoin CTM's are Popping Up All Over Panama Thanks to CryptoBuyer.

The company is planning to roll out Bitcoin CTM's across Panama, Chile and Costa Rica.

Find a Bitcoin ATM in Your Area with

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Panama is Truly Becoming a Center for Blockchain Technology.


I tested mine out the other day in the States...Worked like a charm!!! High fees though.

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#Bitcoin ATM/CTM Launched in #Panama by @CryptoBuyer at Albrook Mall! #PTY #Criptomonedas… /

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That is super encouraging. I just started trading crypto. I know very little about it. I have a feeling that steem is going changed the game for crypto eventually. We are going to have a flood of new people getting involved and investing.

Yes, Steem is a Gateway Crypto that will bring many new users to the Crypto Currency world.

Yes, I agree on this statement.

Very good. Excellent for cryptobuyer!!

Missed you at the Guld meetup last night.

Hi @hilarski. Yes, I wanted to go but my son got sick and I was very difficult. I hope I'm not late with Guld.

By the way, I have developed a new tool for Steemit!! Try it out. Regards.

I didnt even know that they have this in my country too. Nice information.

This is amazing!
I'm so glad that more BTC ATM are popping up.
I hope more come to the UK.
Do you know what the fees are for these ATMs?

cryptocurrencies are expanding so rapidly. it seems like every other day a new atm is opened or a new business is accepting.

Of course. The world is realizing that fiat money isn't worth the paper it's not even printed on anymore.

I booked my Panama FINTECH tickets! Thanks for the heads up! Man, PTY you gotta be my second home, I misssssseesss yoU!!!

Really nice!
You are lucky to have this ATM in your Country. @hilarski

Just another reason for me to retire in panama.

Thats great news not only for Panama but for all. The more they are, the more they will spread! Thanks for keeping us informed:)

That is fantastic for Panama and Cryptobuyer. It is nice to see the world getting on board with crpto currency. Great post son.

@hilarski: So finally it's one more step to the bright future.

Bro @hilarski ... I may have to visit Panama for a few days in the future 😂🙌🏼

That's really convenient that there is now an ATM in the Albrook mall. I will go look for it next time I'm at the bus terminal.

Exciting time's ahead in CRYPTO world

Great news! Maybe one day this service will be available in my country :)


you are my news channel. thank you, sir.

That is great!

All good news about BTC are great! Thanks for sharing man.
I hope there won't be much trouble for people from the authorities while using them.

This is very good news 🙂

Now that is amazing thing i have seen today :D

Now this is a great step !!

Super! They should come to Amsterdam. We have hardly any BTC ATM in our city, well even the country is not well equipped :(

i Hope that this will bring some major difference and revolution !!

I love to see bitcoin being adopted and used widely. Thank you for sharing with us.

This is just the beginning... Now we will see allover the world.

In the future I see crypto-currancy used beside normal currancy.
I see things like the possibility to ask to paid from your company in crypto and withdraw them at the cash machine in any street.
There are no borders for it!

@hilarski Thanks for follow me I'll do the same

I hope that ATMs for crypto currency will soon appear in Latvia too!

Wow, Great news. these positive news makes the digital world for better and safest place in the future, cheers

thanks for sharing :)

I wonder what it costs to set one of these things up and how profitable they are.

Great news not the common people will be able to use bitcoins easily and this will give bitcoin a boom. I hope in India we get it soon.