"The fundamentals have not changed." I could have cashed out at the beginning of this year since 2014 but this has always been a long game for me. I will wait for the next halving in 2020. Plus, its only a matter of time before the first Crypto ETF gets approved and the flood gates open with massive FOMO like we saw last year. I thought the ICE Custody and Crypto Exchange is a game changer. This latest selloff could be dumb money capitulation and market manipulation by Whales. That news was game changer - NYSE Crypto Exchange. How does it get any better? We don't need any Institutions BTW but it would help speed up adoption. This is a $5-$10 Trillion market easy and the opportunity of a lifetime for the patient.

My crypto portfolio is down 70%, need to triple to break even...not an opportunity of a lifetime. I should have kept my money in stocks. the stock I sold to buy crypto is up 50% since then. it's fine for people who got in before mid-2017, but most people bought in after and got burned badly. I certainly won't be buying more crypto, it's one thing to be contrarian, but buying more of something that is massively down is not wise, more often than not there is a reason it's down and things that go that low have a much higher chance at staying low or going to zero than shooting after a miraculous recovery. I have alt coins down 97%....what a big scam crypto is.

It's true it depends on the moment you got into crypto. You have to do the opposite what most people are doing, the herd. Buy fear and sell greed. Then you can be successful with crypto.

indeed. That's how I have survived this game since 2013. Many ups and downs. Sometimes it was so bad I really thought I had lost my investment. Dollar cost averaging saved me. I'd be doing that again now but I need some funds to start a Crypto business I have been working on for years! Hopefully one day I can share about it on here!

So you are out of crypto completely atm?

Never out of Crypto always in. If this space keeps developing Crypto market valuations will be much much higher than today. The growth rates are around 150%-200% on average. Too many people get caught up in the short term and fail to look 5 to 10 years out as this industry matures. Crypto is still in early days w/ growth rate that nearly mimics early Internet.

I know what you are dealing with. The same happened to me in 2014 . DCA saved me. At one point I was down 90% on BTC. Back then that was the only coin. Things are much different today. Although the cycles seem to be repeating. If Metcafe's law play's out, today will be very cheap prices. I also had similar issue in December of 2016 when ETH crashed to six $6. Today people are saying the same today as back then. It turned out to be the perfect opportunity. The next bull cycle should propel the market to where investors dreamed back in January. I look at this longterm. Not days, months, not one or two but at least 5+ years.

Nice bingo with pocket holder, crazy about crypto

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"The whole market is down, not just us". I think it is my excuse.

I wish i had more fiat.

Use part of your income maybe?

Hello Randy!
I did a detailed analysis... and The Banana Run is already over ... We don't need to worry :-)
Big hug
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i wish i had more fiat hahah that's the only excuse left lol