Words from Satoshi: Episode 5

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Today’s quote has to do with two major themes found in this cryptocurrency space: decentralization and disruption.

We are living in a time when trust in governments is disappearing.

A time where anonymous groups are infiltrating secured systems and releasing sensitive information in an effort to bring transparency and reality to the forefront of our attention.

And a time where these governments are desperate to find faults in systems that threaten their status quo.

If you take the time to think about it, we’re witnessing an age of information liberation.
Those who have always been skeptical of their government’s honesty and integrity are being affirmed each time that hacker group Anonymous releases documents that prove the obscenely intrusive practices of government agencies.
Those who have blindly fallen for the propaganda are now having to face these truths much like having a bucket of ice water dumped on their heads.


Here are today’s Words from Satoshi:

“Wikileaks has kicked the hornest’s nest, and the swarm is headed towards us.”

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are disrupting a lot of systems that feed the machine that is big government.

Blockchain technology can certainly have the potential to introduce self governance to the masses, which would render this rigged game of politics obsolete.
These bear heavy implications.
To think that this transition will be easy is to be willfully ignorant.
I had a great conversation with the Crypto Lark earlier today in which we spoke about things like self-governance and the importance of transparency in elections along with the need of cryptocurrencies in places that are struggling due to the mismanagement thanks to their government.
It’s a sad conclusion to come to but I can’t help thinking that cryptocurrencies will continue to be a speculative investment until things really go south and the masses realize they need a better system.

The person or people who are responsible for creating this disruption is remaining anonymous.

I can understand the reasoning behind this. It’s one of the main reasons why Bitcoin is the most decentralized network we have to date. There is no CEO, there is no one person to take down.

The more decentralized a network is, the more difficult it is to infiltrate it, to manipulate it, to destroy it. When looking at competing cryptocurrencies in this space I want to encourage you to remember this, because there might come a day when these CEOs or talking heads of cryptocurrency projects will have to take the fall.
What will happen to those projects?
Who would want to take their place?

There’s a reason why decentralization is such a buzzword in this space, don’t disregard it.


Trust is incredibly important, yet typically easy to undermine. Blockchains offers a new aspect to enhance trust in technology.

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If you're from Venezuela, this part could make you laugh: " We are living in a time when trust in governments is disappearing"...We had this feeling so many years ago...

I feel for you guys in Venezuela. Perfect example of why government MUST NOT be given unchecked power.

Always New tunes :D

Are you actually perpetually travelling or will your World Trip end soon?

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