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Sports services remain fragmented.

A pursuit for happiness is coded into human nature. Thus, most people dedicate their leisure time towards some form of entertainment. With the advent of technology, the means to be entertained have drastically increased. However, people's taste for one form of entertainment has not sustained: sports.

Technology has not affected people's love for sports; in fact, it has increased the way people can interact with it. To capitalize on this opportunity, many businesses of all sizes, across the world, offer some form of product or service in the massive sports industry. This has caused a heavy fragmentation of services within this one industry. Globalization has only further strained the fragmentation as now sports-centric services and products come from all over the world.

A Seamless Experience

A new blockchain-powered project, BitGoals, aims to create a single, umbrella platform for the sports industry.

BitGoals is creating a seamless experience in the sports industry by pulling both sports-related services and products into one platform, thus creating a category killer. The project capitalizes on the growing popularity of sports betting and provides a means to bet on your favorite supports with ease. However, online sports betting is a highly competitive corner.

BitGoals distinguishes its product offering from the rest by recognizing the fact that a vast portion of online sports bets are placed by sports fans who like to do more than just bet on sports. Understandably, this market also wants to buy merchandise and occasionally support their teams in person. As these services and products are currently provided by different, disengaged businesses, the costs remain high.

BitGoals aims to provide a large menu of sports-related services and products on one platform and this allows to benefit from economies of scale As a result, its average expenses are lower than those of the businesses providing a single service or product.

Wrap-Up: The business activities related to sports are highly fragmented. BitGoals incorporates multiple sports-related services and products into 1 platform in order to benefit from the scaling benefits.

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@hatu Sir,BitGoals will help to control illegal betting.,moreover it will save fund as many lost their funds in shadowy companies by providing a single platform for all sport related services.


Spot on with this observation!


First thing i do when I come on steemit is visiting your blog as i like your writing style, you are an inspiration for me.

wow such a nice explanation of intertenmaint and very nicly use picture and allcombination made a great post dear


Thank you :)


most welcome dear

Good explanation about entertainment

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there is very big scope in sports may be this gaming industry become trillion dollar