EOSJacks: Top 5 App in less than 24 hours!

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Decentralized applications are notorious for not having users, but a newly launched gaming platform on EOS disproves the standard. Within hours of launching, EOSJacks had begun its ascent to the top and in just a couple days, it had the highest 24-hour EOS volume.

This is the first time a decentralized application has done so well in such a short period of time! The metrics are available at DappRadar.

The model of operations used by EOSJacks should serve as a good base for rising developers in this technology sector. It shows that tokens don’t necessarily have to hold back the platform and can instead enable the platform to be better than their non-tokenized competitors. EOSJacks managed to do so by making its JKR token feel like a reward for playing its main game.

Beyond that, the game remains primarily in the hands of the community while still having a very simple UI. Blockchain-enabled developments need to core around these factors.

How did EOSJacks Achieve this?

EOSJacks allows you to mine the JKR, the native token of EOSJacks. Game to mine means you win even when you lose because win or lose, you will get JKR just for playing. It gets consistently harder to get more JKR tokens so early players will be able to claim JKR tokens easily and at large amounts. Instead of an ICO, EOS is played to get tokens; so, if anyone wants a stake in the future success of EOSJacks, he/she has to actually play the game.

No game is fun if you don’t have other plays to play with and that’s why EOSJacks has been able to do so well in such a short period of time. The platform’s users have skyrocketed so quickly that gamers have plenty of competition around the clock.

They kept it simple, friendly to the average player, and mostly free.

The secret to their success is likely the fact that the platform brings together 3 of the most popular decentralized games into 1 page. There’s a dice game, a FOMO-like jackpot game, and an auction match. The interesting thing is that access to the jackpot and auction is free. It’s free because of how the token works, and this is where other developers need to take note.

Getting Started

There are no barriers to entry and this again is something others need to take note of. To get started, you need just a little bit of EOS; even a couple dollars’ worth is enough! The game is friendly to everyone so it’s fine if you don’t have a lot of EOS; just a bit is enough to get started.

Dice Game

The first game on EOSJacks is a standard dice game. You can spot the incredible volume being generated by other users on the lower half of the front page. Playing this game allows users to get tokens for free; tokens that actually give access to two other games.

You roll to mine.

Each time you roll the dice, you have to play with some EOS; it can be a very tiny amount. Here’s an example of user playing with just 0.5 EOS. By playing the dice game, this user was able to mine JKR tokens.

The Dice Game is straight-forward.

You pick your odds, place your stakes, and claim the reward if you win. Irrespective of whether you lost or win, you will get JKR tokens. So, instead of running an ICO, EOSJacks allows you to play the game to get its tokens; it’s the only way to get the tokens. So, if anyone thinks the platform is going to succeed in the future and became an established decentralized gaming application, then he/she has to play the game to get the JKR tokens.

There is no ICO; playing the dice game is the only way to use EOS to get tokens.

As more JKR gets mined, it gets exponentially harder to get JKR tokens. So, the supply output is going to constantly decrease at an accelerating reduction. Thus, early players are getting a great discount on their JKR as less EOS needs to be played to get the tokens.


Constantly, a small fraction, 12%, of the house edge will feed an auction pool of EOS. This auction pool constantly grows until it has been won; then the pool begins to be replenished once again.

The player who places the highest bid for the auctioned EOS wins ALL of the EOS in the auction.

JKR tokens are used to bid on the auctioned EOS. To win, a player must have more JKR than everyone else participating in the auction. Given that presently JKR tokens cannot be bought and have to be mined, the heaviest miners (via dicing) are the ones winning for now. If you lose the auction, the JKR you used in the bid is not returned.

While dicing is the main game and is done through EOS stakes, JKR tokens serve as they fuel for participating in auctions. Players who want to dice just for the sake of dicing, JKR tokens are just a free bonus on top of the fun they get from dicing. For such players, participation in the auction will feel free.


One of the most popular Ethereum dApps was FOMO 3D. EOSJacks has developed a new version of the game, one that should eventually end.

Some backdrop: Ethereum’s FOMO 3D has been concluded once by a brilliant individual who took advantage of Ethereum’s limited transaction capabilities.

EOS, however, can process magnitudes more TPS than Ethereum and so a FOMO 3D-style game would never end if placed on EOS. Thus, EOSJacks has tweaked the game such that each key costs more than the previous version.

Once again, JKR tokens are given a utility as they must be used to buy keys that give access to the jackpot. 12% of the house edge feeds the jackpot pool and currently the jackpot has built up to a whooping sum valued at over $100,000. For players who dice for fun, the JKR is a bonus that will provide free access to the jackpot.

Keeping it Decentralized

EOSJacks has built the platform in such a way that the profits roll within the community. While 24% of the house edge feed two of the games that can be accessed through JKR, 20% is held for referrals and 40% is distributed to JKR holders as dividends.

The platform only takes 16% of house edge on operating costs. This comes down to an average of 0.32% of volume being collected as an operating cost, which is quite legitimate.

The vast portion of the house edge is feeding dividends. EOSJacks is aligned with its goal of being a decentralized gaming platform for the community. The community mines JKR, they control the growth of the auction and jackpot through their mining, and then they then collectively claim the vast portion of the house edge as dividends.

Such a development is a leap forward in terms of blockchain-enabled platforms; EOSJacks is integrating complex code and mathematical problems but the UI remains extremely friendly, a challenge many projects fail to overcome.

On top of this, the platform keeps all the power in the hands of the community, they are incentivized to market the platform and to then share collectively share its earnings; they control the game’s growth as everything cores off the dice-based mining.

Essential Links

🌐 Website: https://eosjacks.com/

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Wow this is a huge bounty. Congrats.

Hi everyone!
EOSJacks is the first time I've written about any project (or anything) that relates to EOS. I was pleasantly surprised with how many users this app received in a tremendously short amount of time. I then learned that its daily user base is more than top 5 ETH apps combined; its daily volume is several-fold top 10 ETH apps combined.


Max winning votes will be given to the following:

  • I want to hear from you how decentralized applications can become more popular?
    This is the first time I have seen a dApp rise up so quickly and I hope more dApps are able to follow in EOSJacks' steps and take blockchain tech forward. Do you have any good examples that dApp developers should look at?

  • What do you think EOSJacks should do to sustain its growth and/or keep its users happy? Given the steep rise it has had, I'd love to communicate to its founders your ideas; maybe, just maybe, your idea could carry dApps to the next caliber of success.

Have been there, but still confused how to use it...must learn more :). Anyway, great posting..

I know, getting started is tough for anyone new to EOS.

You can follow this guide: https://medium.com/@eosjacks/how-to-create-an-eos-account-for-eosjacks-bcaba12a36f1

Thank buddy.....:)

esto si es bueno amigo


the sound is good

please pay the dollar. just a little ... when you need the problem ... help me ...😍😍😍😍😍😍

Well, this sure is a step-up from other similar "gambling sites" I've seen.
And the whole new concept of playing to mine JKR TOKENS is quite amazing. Every other thing is similar to other sites except the UI and the auction game of course.
The UI I must say is quite applaudable; even though I might e a sucker for black anyway so that might be getting the better side of me....lol.
The auction game on the other hand, I've never seen anything like it anywhere.
EOS jacks is truly not your regular kind of "game-gambling" site. It would have been better though if users could deposit EOS by other means not necessary SCatter.

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Spot on.
I do hope there comes an easier way to deposit the EOS. Even though I am no fan of green, they've managed to show the best way of using it.

This is the glitz that should come from a digital gaming platform.

This is awesome. I tried to login in but I got this message


I'll have to try on laptop

Yes, the game is really addictive haha.

You'll need to get Scatter; it's needed for most EOS dApps.
Here's a guide: https://medium.com/@eosjacks/how-to-create-an-eos-account-for-eosjacks-bcaba12a36f1

You'll be able to play most EOS dApps after going through this tutorial.

Great article about EOSJacks.
After I read your articel I signed up and played a few rounds of the dice game.
The DApp is quite is too use and doesn't have a complicated interface so it's to beginn playing.
I think part of the sucess of EosJacks is that everyone wants to get in as early as possible so can mine a lot of JKR at the beginning. If you look closer to the website everyone is just rolling for under 96 so they have a high chance for winning and get a lot of JKR for the EOS they use. I think even now it's already hard to earn muchJKR trough playing the game because a big part of the JKR are already earned by a few big players.

You make a valid point. Getting in early when the mining efficiency is high is a big advantage because it is easy to mine huge amounts of JKR.

The interesting thing is that this JKR can then instantly be used to win EOS at auctions.

I think I speak for every gamer, specially for those involved with "skins gambling", it got famous and sites were emerging everywhere, because it is so profitable!

This app based on EOS blockchain will succeed and the only question is how high will it go in this first months running.

Personally I'm already into it, and I only hope something similar can appear on the STEEM blockchain.

Glad you are enjoying it!

I feel STEEM is very media-centric so such a development on it seems a bit unlikely. But anything is possible.

Usability is the main thing that's going to make dApps more popular. ETH has the high price problem and thats solved(ish) by STEEM and EOS, plus our chains aren't clogged up. As a user, I want to be able to easily get into the game without having to jump through thousands of hoops(reason why I don't have cryptokitties). Lets take a look at STEEMMONSTERS and EOSJACKS.

Steemmonsters is very easy to get into. All you need is $10, and a steem account(so no more than $13 at current prices if you PAY for your account). Transactions to broadcast are freemium(limited per day, but at higher SP levels its pretty much unrestircted).

It was a similar process with EOSJACKS for me. Get account, get scatter, get in. Theres only the bet cotst and thats just the nature of the game. They too have the freemium model with CPU.

But cryptokitties costs me ETH to do anything and I just can't stand that. No, I don't wanna pay that fee to do a simple thing in the game. Plus it's a pain to set up.

To keep its users happy, get some better visuals, help their users reduce costs somehow and give a better guide to EOS newbies. Steemmonsters does this pretty well, site is clean, they explain how to log in with posting key(or steemkeychain) and if you have $5 worth of STEEM. Both sites can explain the "staking' process to newbies better though. I still have no idea how to do it(and I come from STEEM so I know more than someone who's never touched crypto before). Basically what I'm saying is that they need to simplify things to target people who've never done anything EOS related before. If I don't know why I can't broadcast a transaction on either platform, I'll just give up. Steemmonsters has good error messages, but EOSJACKS just gives the raw message, which is offputting and makes me wanna get out of it. It's too designed for those who have experience with blockchain and development. Make it for the average dumb joe who's never touched EOS in his life. And include a "pro" mode to give raw error messages and all if users want.

Great suggestions.
I too feel that projects should aim for video tutorials as it becomes easy to visualize the basics. And, as you brought up, the average Joe is a lot more likely to grasp a visual tutorial than a textual one.

The app is new so I expect the raw error messages to slowly be swapped with friendlier visuals. I'll be sure to pass over your take-aways to them.

I agree with you that simplifying entry barriers is the key to taking dApps to the next tier of adoption.

Definitely. They certainly are better than the raw chain itself, but still have some work to do before they can reach the level of mass adoption. It's all about making things easy for the guy who's never been on a blockchain before.

They've been up for about week. Improvements would definitely roll in with time. As for accessing the app, I feel like that's a barrier due to the underlying blockchain.

Blockchain technology has ways to go before becoming hyper-friendly to average consumers.

There is a lot of competition between dApps, and I think the two more important things dApps (and any other cryptocurrency) must do correctly to become popular are being innovative and make a succesful marketing campaign.

The original airdrop of EOSJacks is probably what allowed this cryptocurrency to get so much volume. To sustain its grow it is important to keep focusing at marketing, develop new games to the platform and convince other gambling sites to accept EOSJacks currency.

I also noticed from other comments that it is not very user-friendly for users that haven´t used EOS before, and that is a problem that should be fixed as soon as possible to attract more users.

They cannot change how EOS works, sadly.
There are limits to how great a UX can be with any dApp.

Thanks for the heads up.
I just visited the site (and rolled the dice and lost, lol).
I think calling it a game-site is not really appropriate. It's pure gambling that is going on. Most people like gambling (look at the success of all other gambling sites), so I think it's not so unusual that the site attracted so many players so fast...

I think it's beyond that.
Even when a person loses, he/she gets new JKR tokens. These can give access to new games, keys, or dividends. So, it merely begins at the dice game.

I called it a gaming site because that's what this market is referred to as; I too was surprised at first.

Of course a gambling app will be one of the first popular dApps of a cryptocurrency.

Haven't heard much from EOS lately, I wonder how the rest of its dev ecosystem is doing, haha


Certainly is :)

Blockchain based games are few and far between and in these times when the market is flat a skill or effort based reward system is something people are going to take note of and try their hand at. Thats getting them in the door but keeping them there is another story. EOSjacks as you mentioned is a win win game so its naturally going to encourage users to keep playing. I'm keen to see how this develops in the coming months

I feel as ICOs are cooling down, it's a good time for developed dApps to shine. JKR is not tradeable yet but should be soon enough.

Looks great! Thanks for the heads up!!

You're welcome.
Easy to get started and have fun :)

Hey @hatu thanks for the share I have resteemed this post for you mate! How much have you won the games? The dice looks good I want to try that one!!! Also thanks a lot for the @steembounty.

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Hey Mark,
The win odds depend on your choice. You can choose what you need to roll under to win.

@hatu let me get this straight...you are getting paid to mind when you win or participate?

EOS is staked in Dice game. Win or lose, you get JKR tokens for the EOS you stake; it's a play2mine model.

The JKR tokens allow you access to 2 other games: auction and jackpot.

i never see this kind of project! thats cool

Me neither.
I am new to EOS, but this game is oddly addictive while utilizing an effective token model that I have not seen before: play2mine.

Am no veteran in the EOS's but one thing am sure is, for any new service to be able to maintain a good growth initiated by it's first-time goodies appearance, we have to feel that we are wanted. By this I means the amount to be withheld must be relevant and not to make us feel as we are only being made for a kill.

EOSJacks taking 16% and an assurance hereby given that's for operational costs involved make sit open and available for certain amounts of trust.

Totally acerdo with what you pose @hatu in terms of trust and honesty in the games, there will always be room for the manipulation of results when the human factor is what defines the facts.
With the advent of the chain of blocks, these problems can be easily solved. It gives everything, there is no area where it can not be used to make processes more clear and efficient.
Giving more confidence to those who want to participate, because in addition to all the transparency is in sight.

I did not know about the existence of these app, thanks for presenting them.

Hey man firstly great article with good info.
I find decentralized apps are less popular due to less advertisements. In a centralized platform there is a team which works outs it's job of advertising in various crypto related websites and apps. The lack of ads makes it less popular because a user will never come to know more about it unless redirected.
Also the threat the EOS gambling websites are facing from hacks makes it quite dangerous to use. I am sure as blockchain improves over time the EOS platform will undergo huge changes.
Personally I don't and will not play such games because gambling is gambling!!!
I think they should work on their advertising!
Second question what should EOS jacks do to remain in popularity.
The answer according to me is continue incentives scheme but reduce it over time and then finally remove it. This period should take at a very gradual pace so that people may not lose interest suddenly and leave but get them addicted and slowly reduce and then eventually remove the rewards systems.

I appreciate you dropping in with suggestions.
Marketing dApps is tough due to the limits placed by major media companies.

But yes, blockchain developments get creative with their marketing as has this project.

it's a good EOSJacks system, from where I can use those applications, telephone or computer, that new project looks interesting

You'll need to download scatter to play the games.
Here's a guide on how to get Scatter: https://medium.com/@eosjacks/how-to-create-an-eos-account-for-eosjacks-bcaba12a36f1

i added scatter but still getting an error trying to log in

woow i can see live status in website . people wining there!

Haha yes, there's a mesmerizing pace of transactions going on.

EOSJacks has become one of the top 5 applications due to its regular work, I think it will improve in the future thanks you

True, the updates are quite frequent.

Brilliant photos, very good!

Haha yeh, thise GIFs took a lot of time!

@hatu sir, good to see that Daps doing good & hoping more apps like eosjacks & crptokitties develop ahead.

I think CryptoKitties is way behind these days.

Amazing Post. Thanks For Sharing

You're welcome :)

Great news! EOS has a solid future ahead.

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I've heard that a lot.
If the dApps on it keep performing like this, then certainly.

Hi @hatu I'm a bot, and wanted you to know that I've upvoted and re-steemed your post to help you with your promotion efforts! -exp

Thank you; I always appreciate resteems!

You're welcome sir!

Hi hatu
wow nice

Good introduction,
I clicked into EOSJacks.
But still really don't understand,
Especially, I don’t know English.
I was confused after the translation.
I have to slowly explore EOSJacks.

Knowledgeable article about EOSJacks. Very helpful this all EOS holders. Thanks.

I tried to keep it as straight forward as possible :)

Theres like no activity on it now. Betdice for the win.

Estoy pensando en utilizar una de estas practicas. Un excelente e ilustrativo post. Thank you Hatu! Esta es una información muy util..

well done friend I congratulate you

Thanks for the support!

Good post thanks

You're welcome!

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Well, I think the modern EOSjeck has already started to serve as a rising base for modern developers. Nice one.

They do set a good stance as how a development should kick off.

That is nice. The developers did a well thorough research and assignment befor bringing up this project.

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excelente e nteresante post

I see first time this kind of project. Nice idea and good post about EOSJacks

Thank you :)

Awesome post for earning some amount of crypto.

Very good of dice game

Looks great! Thanks for the heads up!!

Very interesting read.

What did you find interesting about it?????

Glad you like it.

How do you do to get so many rewards?

i played eos jacks, i like the dividends. i claimed already a lot of eos with just a few jacks staked. Thanks for posting.

Very interesting. Call me attention always the first uses built are games, mainly dice games. Perhaps they are useful and at the same time accessible and easy to do. Eventually these games lose strength. With more sophisticated application development. Anyway, thanks for the info.

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