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Akropolis is building a transparent platform that allows consumers to seek pension plan support directly from fund managers. This decentralizes the management of funds while also making the proper handling of money verifiable by the consumers.

Read on to learn about the strengths of this project.

Akropolis SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis sheds light on the potential of a project.

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The recent rise if cryptocurrencies has shown that people actively seek an alternate investment channel. While most people are able to fulfill the task of managing small personal portfolios, their day to day tasks do not allow the time required to actively manage and diversify a large portfolio.

Akropolis's main strength is that it accurately fulfills the market demands of its time. Akropolis provides individuals with an alternate means of securing their long-term financial security by providing an alternate means of pension fund management.

Additionally, Akropolis has a technological advantage over all pension fund entities. Akropolis will be the first to offer a technology solution leveraging the most important technology of today: blockchain.


The larger percent of pension fund participants fall into the aged demographic. Yet the most accepting demographic to blockchain technology is the youth, which happens to also be less interested in pension plans.

Akropolis, despite offering the best solution to the problems faced by the pensions, has to wait its time as much of the market is still uneducated about blockchain technology. However, mass media has begun to discuss blockchain technology and as a result the public is getting to learn about it at an accelerated pace. Until this awareness process plays its course, Akropolis will have to capitalize on a limited market size. Thus, this project's ICO is primarily aimed at long-term investors.


Pensions make up perhaps the largest asset management class. There are trillions of dollars being managed by pension funds in many countries. Akropolis is aiming to disrupt perhaps the largest industry out of all blockchain products.

Given the sheer volume of money involved with pensions, Akropolis can become an extremely successful blockchain product even if it capture a only a fraction of its target market.


Akropolis is developing a financial product and most organic benefits of blockchain technology are tailored towards the financial industry. As a result, most financial products powered by the blockchain face imitations and that can be a hazard for any start-up.

However, Akropolis has come quite far as not only is its team in place, the company is also on the verge of running its ICO. Given the high degree of differentiation attached to this product--the first to target pensions--no imitators have surfaced yet. This gives Akropolis such a wide headstart over any potential future imitation as the threat from those imitations would be negligible. By the time those products could even surface, Akropolis would have already settled a functioning product with at least some degree of valuable market share.

Wrap-Up: Akropolis is utilizing blockchain technology to offer a highly differentiated product that decentralizes the pension market. This gives Akropolis the opportunity to target the massive amount of opportunity in the pension market.

Essential Akropolis ICO Links

🌐 Website: https://akropolis.io/
💡 Whitepaper: https://link.akropolis.io/whitepaper
👨 ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3416631.0
💻 Telegram: https://akropolis.io/

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Your writting skills and article is good and it is useful information about crypto/bitcoin/etn related


Thank you @pranto!
I try my best :)

I think the idea behind Akropolis is truley revalutionary, their making pension sceames longer so people will barley get to retire and their making peoples pensions less availible, it is horrendous.
I believe this will put a stop to that, great share @hatu!


Very true; it seems you are well aware of the dire situation of the current pensions systems. This should give a better opportunity to the future generations.


Yes I am, even though I'm barely 22 years of age I am always conscious of making a better life for myself when I am older. It is good to have opportunities that are not through the government!


Haha our ages are the same.
The younger generation is aware of what changes are necessary.

Wow, there will be a crypto token for everything soon.


The key here is that there will be an effective blockchain-powered solution for everything; the tokens just serve as the currency ;)

good post


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