thank you very much @haejin! this has been an eye opener by any means!

Wow! Great video. If this is true, it turns much of medical thought on its head. I want to learn more! Thanks Haejin!


I would like to learn more about this.

This video is powerful. This is amazing. I

This awoke a memory where I tried sun gazing several years ago. I didn't have the discipline to follow through the routine as described here: . I may attempt it again though after watching this video. I believe!

Decided today to try to stay off of Steemit as much as possible, to reduce the negativity. Part of that decision was also to use the time to read and watch all of your training pieces at the end of each post.

Really glad to have done this! Enjoyed the above video very much, and am currently in the market for blue-blocking glasses!

If you know where to get them, I'd appreciate a pointer. Currently following links from

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