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I wanted to share a more higher resolution Elliott Wave count of BitShares (BTS) as well as a forward discernment of a probable chart pattern. The below chart shows white circled sub waves of blue wave 1, red a,b,c sub waves for blue wave 2 and I've extrapolated the blue subwaves of 3 (i,ii,iii,iv,v). The target for blue wave 3 is $0.70 and this means for those who laddered in at $0.05 or less will be very profitable.


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Is the timeframe for $0.70 November 2017 or March 2018?

Would make a lot more sense if March2018, as 15x in a month seems unrealistic...

(Though then again, perhaps not totally impossible)

Looks like I'm buying some more bitshares

Buying some at openledger!!!! Let's go to the moon!!!

Just a correction, target for this wave 3 is $0.07.
Much higher later on, however. Anyway, keep up the good work.

I asked Haejin....he said he did in fact mean 70 cents, not 7.

are you sure about this? @haejin, can you confirm? Sure looks like .07 in this video and not .70. I know you are hugely bullish on this long term but this video doesn't appear to show an ascent to 70 cents. Am I missing something?

yeah.. hopefully he didn't mean $4.20 as well... not that I would mind. As a trillion dollar mc for bitshares is almost laughable.. at least presently.

The target on the chart appears to be 0.07, so I’m also confused...

I believe we might be seeing the fall.....Im out of all coins, except BTS, buying more this moment.

I was in my garden enjoying the Autumn sun when watching your previous video on the potential of BTS. Just as you gave your bullish prediction a magpie swooped down, not 15ft away from me, looked me straight in the eye and flew off again. Although single magpies can be seen as bad omens in my country, I read that in your homelands they are seen as lucky...

Superstitious nonsense? Perhaps. Irrelevant to sound TA? Absolutely. Either way, I looked on it as Carl Jung might have done when he pondered synchronicity in life and decided to add to my BTS holdings!

Let me just say this, and I believe it to the fullest.....Haejin might agree....there are no accidents.

that's awesome

Thanks for another great post. Upvoted and resteemed. Any chance of looking at EOS . My complete inexperience, means I can not even start to work out the count on it. Many thanks

A possible move like this is worth $100 as a lottery ticket if for no other reason then the potential payback.

But $100 worth than do you due diligence...add more if you like what you uncover.

Thank you!

Deliciouse! I am cannot get them from bittrex or bitfinex. where can I buy bitshares? and any other openledger exchange, on you can open an account with no downloads, just SAVE YOUR INFO!!!! it saves it to the browser when you do that, write it down though in case your browser clears or something


Can I use BTC to buy BTS on

You can use options outside of the BTS options on - It is very beneficial to learn about bitshares before jumping in. It can be a bit confusing if you have't worked with openledger or the bit system. Blocktrades is pretty self explanatory. One thing to keep in mind is that BTC is very expensive to make transactions. I would suggest you trade to a less costly coin to make transactions and move money around. STEEM is not a terrible cost to do the business, and blocktrades supports that trade. If you go to their site, it will let you know if they option you select is available for swapping or not. Read up on OpenLedger and Bitbtc to learn more about the coin exchange in Bitshares.



Hi, I am unable to connect to bitshares server (see below). Did I do anything wrong? Any help is appreciated!


Sync your clock

Thank you so much!

Hi @hippo is how you correct that. Assuming you're using a windows OS, go to your Change Date and Time Settings, then Internet Time, then change settings, and sync your computer clock with the internet server time clock. Restart Bitshares.....if it doesn't do it the first time, repeat a couple times, and it will sync up. Same thing is required if you have ever had issues running your own node for a blockchain.

Will try. Thank you so much!

How would you do this on Mac?

Have not worked on a Mac in a while, simple search for clock sync for mac should provide the process!

Bitshare exchange is the best spot

Any one know when new bitshares UI will come out?

i thought it already did

It is out, just visit the site and download the new package.

What is a good place to get BTS?

Shapshift doesnt have them.

Hi Haejin, your charting above was zoomed in on the hour, so was at the $0.07 mark not $0.70. Possibly this is a micro pattern to the bigger macro pattern to come? If so, it has fractionally occurred right in the centre of the bigger cup and handle.

Same question. Haejin, how are you justifying that $0.70 target?

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 7.41.09 pm.png

That is fantastic work @foobarme !

Amazing! Microcosm of the Macrocosm
Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 7.44.47 pm.png