My Thoughts About Bitcoin And Steemit Today

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How I missed Bitcoin so Much!

There's nothing more exciting for me than to see the price of Bitcoin going up everyday. Well, that was few months ago. I can't help but to wonder what will be next.

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I thought the future of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is so bright and I still believe in that even until today. Yes the price is not as high as before and I'm pretty sure many investors are upset at the moment but it's also a good time now to buy more while the price is cheap. That is if you believe firmly that the future of Cryptocurrency is still aiming to be on the top of the list.

There were a lot of debate whether this new "money system" is good or not, or whether it's sustainable or not. Well, only future can tell. At the moment,what I could do is to believe in it and wait for the right time to buy and sell. Of course, I would love to follow the golden rule of investing or trading which is "Buy low and sell high". Now that the price of steem and other crypto is down, I think it's time to "Buy Low".


If I refer to the graph of Bitcoin above, I would say it's been consistently down. I'm not sure what the reason of this but maybe the black propaganda and bad news affected it during the start of 2018. I guess the mainstream media doesn't really know what they're trying to put down.

There's a saying that old things must be changed with something new. I think this is true in all things in this world. Even happy memories that you treasure are meant to be replaced with a new one. We should realize this now and don't miss the opportunity while it lasts.

Steemit is Still Doing Good . . . For Now

Since I believe that old things must change into something new, steem and steemit will likely be different from what we see now after few years. I hope though that it would be a lot better than a lot worse.

I think many people are having some issues with Steemit trending page at the moment because it seems that even a single photo can reach the trending page with just the help of some finances and bid bots of course. I don't see anything bad about using bid bots and I don't think using your finances for bidding high is not bad either. I might do the same if only I'm born rich but I'm not. Well, we all have different circumstances and fate to accept.

The good thing is I'm seeing some posts reaching potential rewards of more than $1000 ( steem dollars ) again which could be a good thing. The days that the Bitcoin price was so high was the days that the trending and hot page is full of thousands of $$$ in terms of potential rewards. That would be good for the platform I guess as it gets more attention from different kinds of users.

How I wish Steem would go to the Moon!

"Let's go to the moon! How I missed that expression too so much whenever we talk about cryptocurrencies. I hope the motivation is still there and roadmaps will be followed.

I can't say I'm disappointed with the price of Bitcoin now. I still think it's a great opportunity to buy because I still firmly believe that Crypto will be the lead to new technologies in the future and of course money system will have to be updated anyway. We know what update means. Sooner or later, the money system will not need of paper money anymore. By that time, those who have digital assets will be the Kings and those without will be the Pawns.

I prefer to be somewhat way above a Pawn. How about you?

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