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The Push For A One World Digital Currency

in bitcoin •  7 months ago 

Selling or buying for cryptocurrency people by and large play the lottery, as these coins can be very expensive or very small tomorrow. Given the business world are buying and selling in the mass is stupid and unnecessary. I am a supporter of classic purchases and transactions, and everything else is very risky. I can't even imagine when I would buy a car or a hamburger for Google shares... for me, the cryptocurrency is a bit similar to shares and purchases for the crypt are absurd for me.

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Everyone comes to crypto for a different reason and in different ways. If I were to purchase Bitcoin to speculate on its price rising in the future, then buying things with it would be absurd indeed. But when one earns their crypto through working it is a different story. In that scenario, cashing some out for covering your monthly expenses makes no difference what the price is. The price only affects the balance that remains.