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RE: Are you reading about Bitcoin, iCO's and cryptocurrency???

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I tend to agree with your analysis. Lots of FUD, lots of misinformation, and lots of grey space surrounding crypto. I do believe that the technology behind it is the future, but no-one knows exactly how it will all come together.


exactly, to me it seems we are now moving away from the criminals, anarchists and techno junkies toward more traditional traders.

More conservative investors who just refuse to jump into wild rides . . .

I am hoping an open market space without the rourtes of insider trading and bullship marketing will convince a lot of these vermin they should never have slithered out from under their rocks LoL :)

/ Hugz ;)

i truly hope they bleed the way they have made others bleed when they knowingly destroyed kids college funds and hard working people pension accounts etc ...

the only honest stock brokers i know are in argentina ! ! !