Are you reading about Bitcoin, iCO's and cryptocurrency???

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people advise you to do your own research, your own due diligence . . .

the trouble is simply this , you cannot do that in any meaningful way ...

for example, everyone has a very good reason for lying, developers want research money, the hype'rs possibly already own the token or coin and thus seek to inflate the price to sell off some and develop cash flow or to cash out entirely.

the FuD'ers cast fear, uncertainty and doubt to drive down the price to buy in . . .

The worst of all are the reporters and journalists who seem to just make up a copy story and post it based on history.

They are gifted at writing science fiction and seem to prefer writing piecemeal work instead of trying to actually get a sci-fi novel written and published...

White papers are often a blend of unknown / unknowable technical promises blended with previous plagiarized white papers.

anyone saying you can reliably and accurately predict crypto with TA or FA is either completely lying or have no clue of how cryptocurrency works within its marketspace.

just trying to point out that cryptocurrency are a totally new and unpredictable asset class that will soon become a daily payments system , and no one can predict where blockchain will take the next few years / decades for society ! ! !

/ Hugz ;)

trade smart and never bet more than you can lose and remember 95 % of iCO's are scams :( :)

at least steemit is actually linked to something that truly exists :)


I held my nose and jumped, just happened to pay off so far.

good then maybe grab some profits and cash some out nd then just " play " with the casino's ' monopoly money :)

just a suggestion, always remember iCO spells scam simply by using 3 letters instead of 4 letters , thus it is faster and easier to type !!!

good luck and make sure to come once in a while to breathe, long live crypto and ded toward all banks :)

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I tend to agree with your analysis. Lots of FUD, lots of misinformation, and lots of grey space surrounding crypto. I do believe that the technology behind it is the future, but no-one knows exactly how it will all come together.

exactly, to me it seems we are now moving away from the criminals, anarchists and techno junkies toward more traditional traders.

More conservative investors who just refuse to jump into wild rides . . .

I am hoping an open market space without the rourtes of insider trading and bullship marketing will convince a lot of these vermin they should never have slithered out from under their rocks LoL :)

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i truly hope they bleed the way they have made others bleed when they knowingly destroyed kids college funds and hard working people pension accounts etc ...

the only honest stock brokers i know are in argentina ! ! !

very true i agree with you :)

crypto is so new and unusual and unfathomable , since it is " a perfect storm " others just get caught out. a perfect storm is where three or more massive events coincide in time and space.

like a ocean weather storm travelling north west. the location where this active severe weather system meets another is often a severe danger to ships etc. but where three such weather systems collide obviously the risk of sinking is greatly magnified . . .

cryptocurrency is unknown secure internet type programs, but whereas the internet focuses on communications ; crypto focuses on MONEY then you add in the final ingredient such as massive profits and busy, distracted people are ripe for falling for scams ! ! !

remember if it sounds to good to be true then it is most likely not true :) always keep safe and consult different sources , that is what i like about steemit ; multiple independent sources . . .

remember you have an agenda, to have a fun interest / diversion and to make a bit of money or whatever your aims and goals are. and everyone in crypto has their own agenda , all you got to do is work out what their motivators are ! ! !

keep those private keys safe and trust no one . . .

/ Hugz ;) u R followed ...

Such great advise :D Thank you for your thoughtful reply. Yes very important to keep those private keys safe a lot of scams out there for sure

as a total side note , i am installing jaxx wallet and coinomi as nice portable wallets . . . probably a good idea to limit the amount of money you store in each ...

have fun in crypto :)

/ Hugz ;)