Max Keiser talks Steemit! I am falling in love with Costa Rica and I think the recent sell off of stocks is the start of the end of the USD kingship...I predict a 20-70% drop of US stock and bond prices within 2 years!

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The following love display (below picture) was taken in front of a mall Avenida Escazú I went to in San Jose Costa Rica:

While in Mexico Acapulco last week I took the following shot. Zoom in and you will find the reasons why Acapulco shops are half empty! You will see police standing in back of pick up trucks with machine guns and you will see navy troops walking by. You will also note no customers in the restaurant and for rent signs across the street. Should you be Mexican I would advise to vote out the government until this changes. There is no need for that kind of intimidation:

Talking about government stupidity the USA has a central banking system run by a private group of shareholders called the Federal Reserve and has not much to do with the government except the President can pick the chairman. Listen to this former insider Danielle DiMartino Booth speak in this short video clip. To quote her around 35:00 minute mark "The tools they have tried to use haven't worked, it's time for the fiscal authorities to do something and the reason we are in this soup we are in, is because Ben Bernanke tried so hard to offset what congress refused to do for so many years, that now central bank has boxed itself into a corner" "sometimes inefficient players have to go out of business in order to clear the playing field for the next generation of innovation to come alive" :

The below picture is in front of my hotel as I stay in San Jose before heading to the coast and rain forest. Zoom in and see the statue of a couple embraced in dance, maybe this attitude is what is making me fall in love with Costa Rica:

Great short video clip below about major global banks being bankrupt:

The best thing you can do to help this cause is to resteem the post or shop local if you understand the corporate capture discussions.

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One last short YouTube clip for those following bitcoin and steemit, here Max Keiser talks to Jeff Berwick in second half about steemit:


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Very beautiful pictures....enjoy travelling and explore the beautiful country costa rica...thanks for sharing ..and happy valentine's day

Yes... I am doing some research into Costa Rica and have found some really good properties for sale. I will share on my blog.


thanks for the excellent natural picture.

Bitcoin up 50 % from its recent low of $6,000 ... Litecoin up 35% just this morning ❤️ ❤️ ❤️



Nice to see so much Green on that Chart.

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Happy Valentine Day!


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US government is not doing great and its recession is still not in control , so it is behaving like this all non-sense. By the way, happy valentine's day.

Nice to see some pictures from Costa Rica. How did you find the people compared to in Mexico? And the most important question , where to next?


Hi. Much friendly here. I think lighter skin allows foreigners to blend in better. Way more women here too! Much more inshape people here but food not near as good as Mexico. I am looking to invest here. Next adventure is probably Canada to take VW camper to Seattle then off to Thailand.

Despite San Jose being a lovely and captivating place to visit,i feel the governments there are only turning the citizens into handicaps financially to suit their own greedy intrests and hence the things you mentioned here. This is why we encourage young steemians on this platform to break away from political slavery into financial freedom and independence.nice pictures of San Jose here.


Posts that attract friends with your incredible experience

Happy Valentine's Day sir, just sent you 1 steem to support your deeds, it's the season of love, I believe we can make the world a better place if we only try. Screenshot_20180214-055459.png


Thank you very much for following and donating. I should have more money shots by next week. Yes, Happy Valentines!


very generous I must say


I am first time used steemit platform
And I chack all I'd man but greenman I see you are great person in my eyes
Happy valentine day
Good luck
Positive thank is greater


I so much like every aspect of this post @greenman
I already resteemed this post, so it can have more viewer.
Thanks for sharing this with us.

Definitely greatest travel experience in Mexico. How about weather condition there sir @greenman? I guess all are ok. Thanks for the giving excellent photography and video shared.


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HAPPY VALENTINE's♥️ DAY Mr.Paul. I've never been to Costa Rica. Hope to visit Mexico soon.
Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures.

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Happy Valentines Day!!

@greenman - Sir happy Valentine Day...


I have heard from quite a few people that Costa Rica is beautiful and much freer in many ways than the United States. That scene with the police with machine guns is far too common in Mexico!

"HaPpY VeLenTaIs DaY"

In terms of bitcoin stocks could easily lose 70% of their value but in terms of dollars I think increased inflation will continue to push stocks higher.

costa rica is really an amazing place you mist be enjoying alot there keep it @greenman and have fun ... steemit is just on its way of success

Brilliant work @greenman, upvoted followed and resteemed, just came across you literally 10 mins ago and like your style.


Lovely pictures of costa Rica as usual...I am happy to hear about the stock market result in which US is loosing the kinship of stock and bond...I hope now we developing countries don't have to be dominated by US economy as it always influence others economic in negative way..
This is the time US will notice that they have don't enough and the market and world is not going to favour them anymore..
I hope this will gives others countries to go ahead than US...
Thanks for sharing good and useful points @greenman


Yes, it will be time for third world countries to boom as their debts will be lower as their currencies increase while the money on the sidelines will be deployed in the emerging countries.

A very good day for Bitcoin... and most Crypto currencies. Great videos and photos. Yes there are only a small number of people that control 99% of the wealth. Crypto is changing that.

Local news agency Yonhap reports that South Korean government has announced Monday, Jan. 22 that it will be collecting a 22 percent corporate tax and a 2.2 percent local income tax from the country’s cryptocurrency exchanges.

The tax announcement comes right after the conclusion of an unprecedented anti-money laundering probe into six major South Korean banks that showed a 36 times increase in commissions from virtual accounts linked to crypto exchanges, from 61 mln won ($57,340) in 2016 to 2.2 bln won ($2 mln) in 2017.

Yonhap reports that South Korean exchange Bithumb made 317.6 bln won ($295,368,000) last year in total, so is expected to pay about 60 mln won in taxes, according to the tax percentages announced Monday.

The announced tax percentages are in line with the South Korean tax code for all corporations that make a yearly income of over 20 bln won ($18.7 mln).

Bithumb, which is the largest exchange globally at $2.85 bln daily trading volume as of press time, was hacked in February 2017, losing about $7 mln in mostly Bitcoin and Ether. This security breach, along with several other breaches of South Korean exchanges, has recently been more definitively linked to North Korean hackers.

The South Korean government has recently been stepping up enforcement of cryptocurrency regulation within the country. Besides ordering the financial probe, the government has banned the use of anonymous virtual accounts, frozen the opening of new virtual accounts, and forbid underage and foreign users from trading on exchanges.

The South Korean public has fought back with a petition to stop the recent government regulations. After reaching the necessary 200,000 signatures, the petition is currently awaiting an official response from the government.i fond it on cointelegraph

great post sir..
thanks for sharingU5dtjWtM6EJuKqWd7T8Jm6mTUBgy3yL.gif

Wow amazing shots friend and i really like that statue of a couple, it looks so cool and attractive, the written love sign is also so unique, you always share informative video's with us and i will watch embedded video's one by one, thank you very much for helping poor peoples around the world and wish you all the best in all of your future endeavors! Stay blessed


Really I also fall in love of San Jose . Actually it has happened in your description , You have shown that dissimilarity between Costa Rica and USA . You also have shown banking system difference between two countries and said about Costa Rica Police. And natural and attractive photography of San Jose watching that really I am impressed . So really I fall in love of Costa Rica.
This post Upvoted and resteemed by @jareen61 . I also followed you to get your next post . Thank you very much for sharing this post with us.

It has been a very good move up on Bitcoin over the past 7 days ... Will be nice to see it back above $17,000 again.

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 4.25.28 PM.png

You are great Boos...119ECDD1-4BEE-460F-8281-0272E4AD1F67.gif

I'm jealous! I hope you're enjoying. much love (:

Your writing is really a beautiful and clean mind telling you, your mind is like a great mountain and sea as a liberal.
Man's love for the people you spell cost whether you may be long live.

Hello Sir @greenman, You have said that , "Should you be Mexican I would advise to vote out the government until this changes. There is no need for that kind of intimidation"
YES SIR you are right and I'm agree with you.
Good writting ...
Thanks for the share.
God bless youDQmZBV43FJMpvuNKKVXR4HdzZVkfLwaWdCuGrdEzYj2Azmd_1680x8400.jpg

Wow What a amazing photography ( Love ) sir :)

Thanks for sharing with us your felling sir just impressive sir @greenma

@upvote // @Resteem Done

i seen a post from @quinneaker yesterday where he climbed on top of that same love monument . big things are happaning spread the love 😍✌💖

great post

nice work

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Happy VeLentine Day @greenman

@greenman Just want to say keep DONATING. This is how the whole world comes to a balanced position.
giphy (2).gif

Max Keizer speaks and looks convincingly most likely his predictions come true.

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That's fantastic post @greenman. I really excited after see your blog post.

Happy valentine day to you>>>

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I just moved from South Africa. Same deal, security and guns everywhere - very scary! Although with the crime wave thats going on there you do feel "safer"

@greenman wow great article & nice photography thank you
happy Valentine's Day sir,

Costa Rica is a beautiful place.

I love your photography, how you catches essence of raw elements and face expressions is fabulous.

I love your last painting as well. I think you have used an app for that effect. Am I right Paul?


The last picture the one of me was done by one of my followers. I don't remember which one as people are coping other users work and re-posting.

Greeting from Morocco , thank you for this great video , very informative and comprehensive in its content.resteemed and shared in the steemit

Mexico draws this type of picture automatically in mind, people carrying guns, police man carrying its common in a place like Mexico, but costa Rica is a place one should visit once in his life.

Thank you for this @greenman

Should you want to see 1,000 peso go to hard working poor people please just transfer any amount of steem to my wallet above and it will be 100% transparent for you to see your money in the hands of good causes via posted pictures of the cash money transfer. For more on the steemit blockchain 100% transparent first kind in the world charity click here.

Beautiful post as always, nice discussion about BTC.

Great panel and i love Keiser the most.

@greenman i notice your upvoting system,it's now down.but why ??? giphy-downsized (10).gif


I sold around 70% of my steem, I have also been trigger happy voting up lots of people and the price of steem went down.


I, for one genuinely appreciat your Upvoted; I feel they have made me the “man” I am today!!!



you are an investor ,if you sold you steem & don't upvote where we go..?we are all try to you stay here.are you buy more steem in future???Please come on! @greenman

wow, travel very interesting, upvote and resteem @greenman.

WHat dId we do before we had Filters!!!!
I think you are right.. this is FinAlly the beginning of the End!!
and a New start!

Steem on @Greenman!!

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happy valentine day

Great sharing @greenman. Thank you! Have followed, liked and resteemed. 🚀

Happy Valentine's Day to my loving friend @greenman

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Happy Valentine's Day my friends.
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Costa Ricans are not satisfied with the goverment, or the social status. We think we deserve better, thou many of us are very aware that we are a blessed country. But, I must say that costa ricans are very sure of one thing: the road to well being is more related to frienship, nature, education and good health, rather than money. Strong social binds, contact with family and friends, a not so obsessed-with- money (or things) life, a lot of music, nature, culture and organic fruits and meat , and an easier way to aproach failures are the keys of the pura vida way of life.
Goverments comes and goes, just like the jobs. But there are things that hold you even against the strongest winds: your personal beliefs, the love you share, the body you inhabbit, and the place you call home. Take care of those aspects, and happines will show up.


Beautiful pictures with beautiful people..I love costa rica's peoples and their sweetness of language...
Thats sad US is loosing stock market which lowest in last 2 years...but its good for them to realise the policy which they make just for their selfishness..@greenman

great post sir......
& resteem done


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Wow excellent photography and great post
Thanks @greenman
Have a great day

Sir very amazing post very interesting :):) And Nice photography sir thanks for sharing with us :):):):)

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Wow, very beautiful photography indeed brilliant post sharing @greenman.
You've nice travel experience in Costa Rica. Awesome country there. San jose is beautiful city indeed coast and forest as you told. Very Informative video about banking system.
Thanks for sharing to us. Just upvoted.


hallo @greenman Stock Market set to fall again today... meanwhile Bitcoin up 50 % from its recent low of $6,000 ... Litecoin up 35% just this morning ❤️ ❤️ ❤️images(12).jpg

You are excellent greenman

Resteemed :)

Nice post

Tourists who have visited Costa Rica, call this country almost the most beautiful in the world: mountain ranges, numerous national parks, volcanoes, beaches with black sand - in Costa Rica there is something to see lovers of wildlife. While many countries, whose economy depends on the tourism industry, are adopting more and more liberal visa regulations, trying to increase the flow of tourists, Costa Rica, on the contrary, has tightened these rules. Since 2008, to enter Costa Rica, my country needs a visa that can be issued at the consular department of the Costa Rican Embassy which is very problematic. You are lucky to see the beauty of nature.
upvote / resteem

Very nice pictures....enjoy traveling the most beautiful country Costa Rica.Thank you so much for sharing.IMG_3436.GIF

We love Our Mather language Day a lot
Photographer by Rasel khan..CD207FAF-20A1-43F5-822A-2028D917309E.jpeg0A82A2CD-10EB-4039-BE63-E05714A13E11.jpegB9220E71-BE74-4A15-90BA-AC6110E962A1.jpeg


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Beautiful picture


We are happy to share our first lunch program at @greene101. We were planning to arrange the lunch program for couple of weeks as we want our children get more benefits from the school. We provide education, we provide food, we provide better future for these slum children . The school is a big hope for the little ones.

this is so beautyfull. thanks for sharing.


wow very nice

nice informative post @greenman

art work with your photo @greenman.

i start donate as like you

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great post @greenman

it's always good to see you sir.sorry for the late post,i was busy with someones funeral .@resteem your post.


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Thanks for sharing this video Sir.Happy Valentine's Day sir.Screenshot_7.png

very good work my dear friend @greenman