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RE: The best way to track your crypto-portfolio

in #bitcoin5 years ago

I have explored a couple of them and Cointracking seems to the best when compared to others. I created an account to on Altpocket and it doesn't seem to be as great as Cointracking. Any particular reason you ranked it above Cointracking?


Cointracking would be the best, (if it worked, and if they delivered on their promises - which they don't)

Exactly my experience. It doesn't do what it claims to do.

What are some of the shortcomings or promised features that arent being delivered?

It might've changed from when I wrote to now. I'm considering making a review soon !

Have to agree at the moment, CoinTracking is the most comprehensive portfolio monitoring solution (esp. for users who trade across multiple platforms).

Thanks for sharing.

so expensive though. outrageously so...!

Hello @gokulnk , finally had the time to make a new Portfolio Tracker Review since this one is a bit old nowadays. I’d appreciate your input on that !

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