The best way to track your crypto-portfolio - Review 2.0

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The best way to track your crypto-portfolio !

All right all right. Happily I've had a lot of responses to the first post The best way to track your crypto-portfolio.

Unfortunately though, it became obsolete very quickly ! The crypto world has changed at an amazing pace in the last few months. Clearly our community needs more content curators to navigate through the myriads of options that we have out there.

Every crypto investor or enthusiast is surely facing a growing number of crypto coins, crypto tokens and cryptoeverythings. The one thing we have to do in order to keep profiting is to be organized. With this post, I aim to give the average person (who doesn’t have the time to go through all that) to find the right tool to keep their records. I received warm feedback from the last post and I hope to help the community further with this one.

For this list, I’ve ruled out all the platforms reviewed in the last post, except for the most functional and known tools, while including new ones. Due to an active community we've had a lot of responses with new alternatives and new features among our known alternatives. Gladly, a lot of community members have developed their own tools and made it publicly available. That surely requires a review to keep us up to date about the best products out there and to help us keep track of the growing number of cryptos, tokens and platforms out on the wild!

Fasten your seatbelt !

PS: I’ve separated them into Desktop and Mobile only apps

Desktop Apps


cointracking.png didn't change much, still the one to be beaten. I honestly can't say what they could do to improve other than getting cheaper, which they didn't. Although I’ve heard a few complaints about them not delivering their promises, I’ve never saw myself any of those shortcomings. Anyhow, here's what I wrote last time: is the perfect solution ! I knew at some point I would find something like that. They integrate with exchanges, they have API importers, all kinds of dashboards and charts and all you could want. Definitely the tool to get the job done. I mean they have IT ALL. More than I could figure from myself, like a dendrogram of currencies. They even help you get your taxes done.
Except that... well... for more than 200 trades it is not free AT ALL. It is quite expensive actually. A lifetime signature is half a BTC and a one year signature is 0.08 BTC (Currently approximately $200).
Well, not for me.

#2 CryptFolio

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 19.59.43.png

CryptFolio is a good looking well-designed website. They give some focus on data security. Even though most apps use read-only API keys, it is still nice to know that they won’t be tracking your portfolio and making market movements along with you. They have nice notification preferences possibilities. You can get notifications about price jumps, incoming and outgoing transfers. They claim to be still in beta version but are doing a fair job. They integrate with a lot of exchanges and claim to be always expanding, sounds good (Binance, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Bittrex, Coinbase, Cryptopia,, HitBTC and Kraken, for instance).

Their pages lack a bit of explanation of the platform, to my opinion. And it is not yet totally intuitive.

Overall I like their simplicity and extensive integration. Their price is about 14 USD/month.

#3 CoinTracker

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 20.00.37.png

CoinTracker aims to never make you manually import a trade again. So far they integrate with Binance, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Bittrex, Coinbase, Cryptopia, GDAX, Gemini, HitBTC, Kraken, Kucoin, Liqui and Poloniex. Also they let you input your wallet addresses (in case you want to track resources that are not on an exchange. Lastly, they let you manually input trades. They certainly succeed in their goal. They have limited visualization options and no pie charts, but they have tables with all your holdings and position sizes. Their tool looks extremely good and it is all for free.

Unfortunately I believe I have located a bug. I believe that they do not account for your lended assets. At least when using poloniex. So I’ve lended out all my BTC and it shows up as a 0 and a huge loss. This tool was developed and indicated by our friend and comenteer @chanfest22. Whenever they get this bug fixed I believe CoinTracker will be one of the top contenders, perhaps the one I’ll use for my own. If you don’t lend your coins you could get up and running straight away.


AltPocket hasn't changed much so far. It is still totally free, good looking and accepts Poloniex and Bittrex API Keys. Also, the data visualization tools are still to come. Unfortunately they lack strongly on exchanges support. It seems they’ve stopped with Poloniex and Bittrex while their competitors expanded their support a lot. Here’s what I had written about it before:

Altpocket is,so far, the best looking alternative I've seen. One of the best tools out there. Totally free, lets you input your Poloniex and Bittrex API keys (which are the exact ones I use) and get trades automatically. Also lets you add trades manually. Lets you change your pricing API to CoinMarketCap, Poloniex or Bittrex.
Moreover, it has a social network feeling. Lets you share your portfolio and performance and be followed by people. But you can, obviously, make your portfolio private.
Still, it has a lot to add in terms of data visualization. Cointracking beats it hands tied. It seems that they have updates going on all the time, so I expect a lot more to come.
Note: Be sure to create new API keys with read-only rights before submitting it to Altpocket or any other tool !

Crypto Portfolio Tracker

Crypto Portfolio Tracker was suggested by @sagadotworld on my last post. It has neat integration properties with some of the most known exchanges (BitFinex, Binance, Bittrex, GDAX, Kraken and Poloniex). The free version shows you unrealized gains/losses on your position, and the paid version basically lets you convert all positions to the same price quote (such as BTC., USD and ETH). It doesn't add much to Cointracking but it’s way cheaper (~ USD 25 / month)

Track A Coin

Track A Coin is a good looking tool. It lets you import CSVs from Binance, Bittrex, Cryptopia, GDAX, HitBTC and Poloniex (no API integration though). It has some nice visualization tools such as a Heatmap and prices alerts. Free to use and requires no personal data to sign up.

Crypto Compare

Crypto Compare hasn't shown any particular advances. As before:

Crypto Compare is probably the most notable cryptocurrency prices feeder of all. In terms of coins and prices it is basically unbeatable. The portfolio tracking app is web-based which is cool but not as mobile friendly as one would expect.
Also I disliked the fact that it won't allow you to upload an excel with trades for example or look at your historic performance in a format other than a table with unrealized profits and losses


#1 Cryptorai

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 20.01.07.png

Cryptorai is perhaps the most advanced mobile platform there is. With the clear advantage of API imports (Binance, Bittrex, Coinbase and Poloniex) and a few data visualization tools, Cryptorai could be a killer, if only they expanded their API integration options to at least include Bitfinex. They’ll let you backup your data to Google Drive instantly, set up price alerts for any pairs, and support 2000+ coins. Best option to date, to my view, even though the limited exchange options.

We hope to hear from our friends at @cryptorai about new exchanges supported. PS: As a dev I’d be willing to cooperate if that’s what it takes.

#2 Delta

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 20.01.53.png

Delta is a mobile-only application. Easy and beautiful to use. As far as I’m concerned, it could easily occupy Blockfolio’s space in the market. It was developed by our friend @nicolasmask, and we’re hoping they expand it with a desktop application as soon as possible.



Cryptonaut is just as good as Delta and has the same features. Hopefully will be experiencing some increase in its users soon enough. Developed by our friends from


Vertfolio Simple, functional and easy to use.


Bitsnapp is an android-only sleek app. Great look and several visualization tools.


Blockfolio hasn't changed. It's still a very handy mobile app to check prices, although it is still very complicated to input a lot of trades. They had promised a desktop app by the time I wrote the last post, but so fat it isn't out. As said before:

Blockfolio has the prominent advantage of being mobile. And it has the massive drawback of being mobile-only. I loved Blockfolio for quite a while, the app is sleek, they have live prices for virtually all mainstream tickers and exchanges and it worked just great to keep track of my handful of coins and weekly trades.
But then when the trades started to get more frequent than weekly it became such a mission to input all those trades using this tiny button on my phone that I had to quit it.
They said a desktop version is soon to be released, but so far it hasn't.


eFolio is a lean application. Very simple functionality and good looking design. Recommended for people that do little trading, looking for a nice visualization for their manual inputs. It is surely a contender to both Blockfolio and TabTrader although it lacks a mobile application. No exchange/API integration.


TabTrader was suggested by @j4c0b1 in my last post. It is a fair contender to Blockfolio, with the same limitations: Manual input of trades and mobile-only platform.


Trackr was built by a company that ICO*-ed * a few months ago and suggested to me by @rephill. It looks promising but yet very incomplete. They aim not only to be a tracker but also a signal generator, allowing the user to run models on historical data. So far they lack the import feature, which is a deal breaker for me. So far every feature is free, but there will be a price tag attached to them at any point. Worth keeping an eye open.

Done !

Hope it helps all the cryptotraders out there. Hope to hear all your feedback, opinions and new alternatives. Also let me know whether you disagree with any of the above stated.

Cheers !


bituniverse is also a good one!

Great selection here, I've been meaning to move off of Blockfolio and onto Delta as everyone raves about it, maybe I'll find some time at the weekend!

Thanks for pointing us to these solutions!

I have been using CoinTracking for the past two years and all I can say are good things. One of the smartest customer support I've ever experienced. I've used about 4 other portfolio tracking, and none come close to what CoinTracking offers, usability and design is great.

The companion app is amazing as well. Now I can quickly see a snapshot of all my investments, regardless of where they are located, in one easy to use app.

Although the free version is good, import each CSV file from each exchange is time consuming, with the PRO version all your transactions are up to date with one time setup.

You can use my affiliate link which gives you 10% discount.

Hope this helps!

Awesome post (and sorry about the issue around lending!). We'll work on updating this and let you know as soon as we have a resolution for

Bitsnapp developer here, thanks for featuring my app! Great post!

Cheers ! thanks for the good work

Great work, I will give Coin Tracker a try. It doesn't take long playing around in crypto before you have coins/tokens spread out among so many wallets and exchanges. I would like to find a product that works with Crypto-Bridge.

Hi Pedro,
Nice overview!
Did you know Delta recently released their new version's beta (...) supporting exchange API connections?
Currently only for PRO members...but soon to be expected for the free version too (limited to two exchanges).
Download links:
Here you can find how it works:

Awesome info ! thanks for adding

Literally the only Desktop OS based tool out there that is free and has BTC price notification.. Good lord talk about a God send from heaven.

Nice selection and reviews @pedrombraz ! Thanks for this great overview, and especially for also including a list of mobile apps.

I like how this post separates the mobile from desktop.. seems most people gravitate towards one or the other. I think most desktop apps (like TrackACoin) also work on mobile, but not necessarily the other way around.

which one of them is supporting kraken?

Coinstream (on iOS) supports Kraken (syncing both your balance and your trade history)

Bitsnapp does

KryptoGraphe - supports Kraken

Thank you for including Cryptorai!

We have some exciting features coming soon, including a web version next week. We will keep adding more exchanges API/CSV import integration and plan to cover most of the major exchanges in coming releases.

Thanks for the update. I used to use cointracking but have switched to cryptocompare as I like it better and don't need all the extra options.

Great list! I've built Coinstream for iOS, which syncs your balance and your trade history automatically via API for Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Kraken, Kucoin, GDAX, Coinbase, Gemini, Cryptopia, Coinspot, Coincheck, Yobit,, HitBTC, Liqui, Poloniex and BitMEX.

It can also automatically track the balance of a public blockchain address.

The app uses your trade history to calculate your unrealised gain/loss and realised gain/loss for each coin, similar to what Cointracking is doing, but for a fraction of the price :)


It's a wonderful desktop apps.

Hi @pedrombraz
Did you also check ?
Would love to hear your feedback.


Thank you for showing up ! I'll take a look at it. Keep up with the good work. Cheers !

Hey Pedro,

Thanks for this great overview!

Me and my friend recently started working on a super simple web-based cryptocurrency portfolio tracker called Coincall.

We put all our effort in making Coincall extremely simple - it's even possible to set up a portfolio without signing up.

Would love to know your thoughts on it, tnx!

Hi @pedrombraz,

I would love if you checked out my site and hear your thoughts! PortCrypto Much appreciated and love your articles.

Thanks for the efolio shout out. One clarification -- we do have exchange integration with our Shapeshift integration. Also, you don't have to manually enter your positions -- you can sync with the Ethereum blockchain for ERC20 tokens. Also, we have Trezor integration so you can sync with your Trezor to get your positions.

Hi @pedrombraz,

We have recently launched a Free smartphone app (Android & iOS) which offers an efficient way to track crypto portfolios. The details are available on

Would love to hear your feedback!!


Hi @pedrombraz,

We have added a lot of new features to our crypto portfolio tracker, KryptoGraphe - We'd be happy to hear your feedback.

Set automated alerts
P&L report
Tax basis report
GDPR compliant!
& many more


Cryptoview for android to track your coins through exchanges api, btc wallet and eth wallet + erc20 tokens

Thanks for this review @pedrombraz !

We have just launched Cryptio ( : an Accounting & Portfolio management solution (webapp).

We are connected (with API and csv) to My Ether Wallet and 8 exchanges (Coinbase, GDAX, Bittrex, Binance, Bitstamp, Kraken, Poloniex and Bitfinex) and we are constantly working on adding more exchanges and wallets.

With Cryptio, you can :

  1. Consolidate all your transactions and have a clear view on your gains and losses in EUR and USD
  2. Get a tax report (capital gains oriented with FIFO algorithm)
  3. Monitor your coins in real time
  4. Analyze your portfolio (allocation, evolution of gains and losses across time, details by exchange..)

We would love to have your feedbacks on the product !

I want to talk about #Nexty project. I believe my investment is secured with no greedy team or devs.
With outstanding features : Instant transfer , Zero transfer fees , Price stablisation system .

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