Why the Bitcoin goes down ?. We have to fear?

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What do we do now that the bitcoin goes down? We jump from the boat or do we stay with the boat ?.

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After the fall of this Monday, August 6, 2018, among the turmoil among investors because of the fluctuating cryptocurrency, Negative comments were not lacking this Monday.


BTC was about $ 6,598 this Monday at the close of this edition, falling 5.29 percent on the last day and reaching a new weekly minimum. This decline comes after today's news that the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States SEC its decision on the quotation and trade of a Bitcoin-traded fund (ETF) until the end of September.


Do be have to be scared?.

As in any global currency market either dollar, yen, or cryptocurrency will always fluctuate depending on millions of factors and the aforementioned SEC, so far this year have been attacks on cryptocurrency houses that exceed the 600 million dollars, with these cryptocurrency thefts some houses have had to declare bankruptcy and has created a distrust among investors, there are many people who want to change their bitcoin to other younger currencies or even dollars, it has really been a scrambled by what generated that on Monday in the low of the cryptocurrency will close coinbase and GDAX that same Monday so it left the annoying investors who wanted to take advantage of the low to invest.


A CCN commentator said yesterday "frightened money does not make money." Investors who lost money during the great recession were those who charged during the panic in the market, not those who clung to their investments and trusted in a future market recovery. In fact, those who bought the dive made incredible short-term profits. The same has been true of bitcoin investors who have chosen to ride the dives instead of buying expensive and selling low. Now, as then, investors should avoid making hasty, emotional decisions and proceed calmly and rationally.


PH Madore wrote yesterday:

Historical graphs show that it is more likely that things will recover than not, so maybe have some comfort in that. Or simply go back out until you feel comfortable with your hodlings again, therefore losing the subsequent gains. Beauty is part, it's all up to you. So chin up. Everyone is still standing, everyone is still their whole.


I have a personal analogy to share with you, in a boat sinking through a small hole all the frightened people jump into the water before the shock of drowning, the intelligent cover the gap and are saved. But now tell me what happened to those who jumped into the water to not drown?.

In crisis is when we have to be smart and take studied decisions do not let yourself be driven by your impulses thinking that the ship is sinking !, the rise of bitcoin is imminent !. Maybe is not as easy as reaching $ 20,000 as it was in December! But you have to investigate more before investing or before you get rid of those bitcoins or satoshis that you have. It's time to be smart

This is a reflective post from my opinion of the day, during the day while I was preparing this post the bitcoin went up to reach 6320.01 that is at this time.

A pleasure my friends from steemit, hope you like it

Gabriel Araujo


Nice post. Doesn't look like you are getting the votes you deserve though. You should check out steemengine.

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