Decentralizing Energy, Power Ledger (POWR) Part 3

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Recently I’ve been writing about Power Ledger, the decentralized, trustless energy platform.

Part 1 did an overview of the project while Part 2 went over some of the project they’ve already worked on.

Part 3 goes over the platform and its tokens, POWR and Sparkz.

The platform is an ecosystem that enables interoperability between diverse market management and price mechanisms and units of electricity (kWh) by way of pre-purchased tokens.

The market flexibility of the Ecosystem is facilitated by deployment of a dual token Ecosystem (POWR and Sparkz) operating throughout its two blockchain layers.

POWR tokens are the frictionless blockchain tokens that allow Application Hosts (such as a utility) and Participants access to and use of the Platform.

Sparkz tokens are issued against escrowed POWR tokens, via a Smart Bond, and used by the Application Host to onboard its customers.

Off the shelf and third-party applications can be used in the Ecosystem. An example is Power Ledger’s FuseBox, an application that manages and on-boards customers to the Platform.

Sparkz are specifically limited to representing the tokenized value of a unit of electricity in varying markets around the world. Sparkz and POWR tokens are exchangeable, connecting the functions of the Ecosystem.

Sparkz maintain a steady exchange rate between local market electricity prices and the exchange priced POWR tokens. See the picture below for a graphical of how it all intertwines.

The POWR token serves as the fuel of the Power Ledger Ecosystem.

POWR tokens provide governance and consumer protection through Smart Bond technology, facilitate access to use the Platform, provide loyalty rewards to Participants, connect with renewable energy charities and organizations, and provides access priority to Asset Germination Events.

The Smart Bond technology is interesting because the more POWR tokens that are escrowed for Sparkz, the more organic demand is created for the POWR tokens.

That means if POWR is successfully adopted the price of the token should rise substantially.

What do you think of Power Ledger?

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Woop woop I'm from perth WA! Iv been in power ledger since it's ICO. This coin is going to be HUGE!! Energy is so over priced here in Australia. Also, power ledger is supported by western power (the only company allowed to sell power in WA). Give this one around 2 years. My prediction will be $16 by the end of next year :p

Well hello form down under! It looks to me the combo of DERs and POWR can cut out utilities if need be but I think they'll join in out of necessity. Should take massive costs out of the system and lower energy prices.

well wriiten...
the power of bitcoin is being higher gradually.......


really nice & mind touch blog..

Thanks for your another post @g-dubs

very well written bro...though a hard concept to understand

Yea there's a lot to Power Ledger. But I like what I see, looks promising.

i m more into monero....i think its lower market capacity and high popularity will make it rise in top 3 currencies pretty soon so i preffer monero for long term investment and right now i think ethereum looks very gud i think it will get a boost next few days

I like POWR and own some.. I believe it has great potential. I also wrote a short post about it ,about 3 weeks ago.

You went into much better detail here. A couple weeks ago it was hinted that POWR might be PBG pick for November,but it wasn't. That's why I had initially bought some, but over the past month or so I have really learned about POWR and will be accumulating as many as I can.

awesome g dubs. been in power since binance listing!

Nice... I like BNB too... they just broke $1b daily today... but the website is wonky now :(

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