Ripple -the mass printed “banker coin” finishes with 36,000% return in 2017

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For all the talk of Bitcoin Bitcoin Bitcoin last year, you would clearly think that Bitcoin was # 1 in 2017....not even close.

Clearly, people like buying a “whole unit” of a coin as compared to “part of a higher value”. We won’t go into th differences of Bitcoin and decentralization vs a printed Ripple coin from a private company conversation. The purpose of this article is to simply show the returns of various cryptos over 2017.


The chart above is not 100% accurate since Monero coin was higher % return than bitcoin, but then that would leave off Bitcoin for comparisons sake on the chart.

The chart clearly shows when Ripple mania took over in Q4 and drove them to be the top performer for 2017.

2017 was Ripple’s year. 2018 will find a new % return winner that might not even be on the list above. Ripple won’t be #1 in 2018 for % gains just based on simple math. Ripple is over $2.50 today, even if it goes to $100.

Ripple going to $10 would equal a 400% return

Ripple going to $100 would equal a 4000% return

And boring Bitcoin — even when it goes to $100,000 — that is only a 600% return or 6 times your money. But who would not take a boring 50% to 600% return ? Wall Street shouts to the moon when you have a solid 10-15% annual return on your money.

4000% returns in crypto’s might make a top 20 performance for 2018. I am not suggesting Ripple goin to any price for 2018 — just showing mathematically the returns when a price is “low”. The same will happen for another coin and people will shift from Ripple and move to a $.10 coin. They will pay taxes on ALL those gains and then “bet” on that $.10 coin doing well —- that is a risky bet.

Not investment advice — I would feel more confident in Litecoin (an actual currency coin) doing a 4000% return going to $10,000 — then I would Ripple going to $100.

So in closing...will Ripple even “make a Ripple” in 2018...time will tell?

As always, do your own research and may your crypto travels be safe.


i never owned ripple because it's the banker's coin, didn't know it is the top coin of 2017. I prefer the boring bitcoin

It really surprised me as well....BTC safe and boring on the rebound :-)

Even if ripple goes to mars , I can never buy the coin I would simply be saying I now support the gorvement and the shity banks , it all about the revolution bro.

Totally agree my friend. We both agree Ripple is not what crypto’s are about for the unbanked people in this world and decades of banker rule over the populous. No ripple for me. Stellar on the hand does the same thing which banks can get free of charge, not centralized and was started by the guy who left Ripple and rewrote the code. I don’t see how Ripple even competes against Stellar with such a model. One is closed and invitation and fees...the other is the opposite. Either way, I just wanted to point out the FUD of the world calling Bitcoin a bubble when there are banker bubbles galore.

Ripple will not go to $100 that would give it a market valuation of over $3 trillion. And that's simply not in the cards. No, what's happening here is a pump and dump. The bankers are killing bitcoin with high fees (which will relegate it to reserve currency status) and are pumping their payment layer, Ripple, as the solution, while Lightning Network is rolled out on Bitcoin slowly, if at all.

Then after pumping Ripple to $10 to $20, they'll take down Ethereum with a badly-written ICO dAPP and the failure will be complete. Then I think they dump RIpple back to $2 or so and fleece all the crypto-noobs. Seriously, that's what it looks like to me at this point.

Our defenses against this are DEX's -- Bitshares, Komodo, WAVES. AriseBank's ICO looks interesting as well, supported by BitShares.

And that's where the investment money needs to flow. IBM is promoting Stellar Lumens and Hyperledger for the micro-payment world the banks could give two shits about, i.e. Africa and SE Asia, so that's an option as well.

Great insight and you have played out a compelling case. However, whenever I think there is “one way” that THIS is the way doesn’t happen. There are many others that could step if Bitcoin were brought down. Would Litecoin take over? Is there still a compelling case for cryptos? I am sure there is espionage all over the spectrum at this point —- but why wait this long for BTC to attack? Government could have shut it down 2-3 years ago. Seems like trying to get the toothpaste back in the tube. But , I like the way you have to realize what we are up against.


These are huge problems in cryptos.

On one hand, if you have 1 bitcoin, you will likely have a million dollars in a couple of years. But, $20,000 -> $1,000,000 is only 5000% for multiple years.

However, betting on some of the little coins is... it will be 0% for probably a year, then 1000% in a few days.

But, as you say, HODLing some of the better coins will make you percentages you will never see on wall street.

Very true....and I think that is what is “acceptable” on Wall Street from Hedge Funds. They like non-correlated vehicles that have potential upside when the market is flat to down.

I love posts where data is presented showing fantastic and surprising results! You could make a living out of posts like this.

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Thank you....or we can just have Bitcoin or Litecoin go to $100,000 and we won’t have to work as much :-)

you are right, 2017 was Ripple’s year. Let's see what happened in 2018.

It will be another coin’s year. My guess is Cardano, Stellar or EOS from a total return aspect.....but a year is such a long time.

No matter how much the return of Ripple or any other cryptocurrency, if it does not adhere to the values of decentralization, among others, it is doomed to failure, and we must take care that it does not drag the rest of the crypts with it.

Very seems truth or what is best may not be seen in the early going. There is soo much pumping going on can see it. I am staying away from all those that don’t have a product or “value” to society. It’s interesting learning of the various use cases. Interesting times my friend.

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