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RE: IRS has been tracking Bitcoin usage since 2015 & List of Coins that Can Save You from Spies.

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If you are a US citizen, or resident for tax purposes, then you must report any and all foreign financial accounts, such as bank accounts, brokerages, or anything 'financial' under the dreaded FATCA. It is still legal, at least for now, for US citizens to have foreign financial accounts, but make sure you fill out the appropriate FATCA forms every tax year---the penalties are outrageous for not doing so.


Or just don't and get out of the U.S. :) That works too.

They have to keep scaring people into voluntarily screwing themselves over because they are incredibly outnumbered by the populace they hope to keep under complete control and enslavement.

I've written a post on the late, great Chuck Berry's music. It's pretty musical. :)

Works well for me :) I'll check out your Chuck Berry post.

Haha, thanks for checking that out!