ZOIN (ZOI) – New Dev Team, Zerocoin Protocol, Low Supply, Masternodes - No ICO

in #bitcoin7 years ago

ZOIN got my attention a while back because it is based on the Zerocoin protocol (anonymous), the max supply is relatively low (21 million), and the market cap is still low with a tremendous upside for growth. After the original developer abandoned the project a few months ago and left everyone hanging, the price plummeted. Needless to say, I didn't invest in ZOIN at that time but something about ZOI called out to me, a gut feeling...

Late last night I was informed by Dr. Zoinberg that there is an entirely new development team promoting ZOIN so after a little bit of research I jumped on board. Check out the new dev team on their website. There is an active roadmap that includes wallet creation and being re-listed on Bittrex in the near future, along with masternodes. Yes, masternotes for 25,000 ZOIN, the biggest craze in crypto right now. More good news, ZOI was not Pre-mined and Is NOT an ICO.

I pretty much like everything about ZOI, especially the current price. With only a little over a $500,000 market cap, $1 per ZOI seems like a guarantee, if the devs continue working on the project and the marketing team pushes forward. It’s really about exposure at this point because not many people know about ZOIN yet.

However, the ZOI Announcement on Bitcointalk is quickly expanding so many crypto investors clearly have their eye on it.

Long story short, I loaded up my bags so I can get a few masternodes. With my remaining holdings, I am looking at an exit price of around $1, $3, and $5 a piece. At $1 a ZOI, the market cap would only be about $20 million, chump change for a crypto project.

ZOI is being traded on Cryptopia right now with plans to be re-listed on Bittrex.


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