Thanks. Wallet numbers are growing about 2.5x per year to 13 millions of wallet. Conservative estimation our real users might be about 7-10 million users I guess. But it's better to put it low because there might be users who try it, leave and not return. All of this affects demand. If 1/2 of these users stays active in ecosystem, then it's still growth 70% per year which seems to me as realistic. It's not my goal to calculate precise number (IMHO it's not even possible), but rather to calculate some ranges in which all of this is moving and identify possible underpricing or bubble and to show whether there is still space to grow or not.

wow you messages of hope are INCREDIBLE yes i agree 100 percent thi is just teh beginning and steemit is geared to take on facebooks 2 billion userbase and we can even create a blockchain replacement for google !

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