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RE: How #Occupy Wall Street Echoed Bitcoin through "Proof of Voice" and "Decentralized Consensus"

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Hm, well I suppose I think that #occupy is more than a complete joke now. I had absolutely no respect for it while it was happening. It was so obviously doomed to fail. There were a lot of complaints and no solutions.

Blockchain provides the solution that #occupy was looking for. Back in those days it was much harder to see, but now the evolutionary path is much more clear. Unfortunately, I think a lot of those #occupy people don't have crypto holdings even though it mimics the whole movement.

From the video at 7:14

And I believe that, even if we aren't at the right place now, that using the process of consensus will bring us to the right place in the future.

... the parallels are almost creepy.


I 100% agree, the occupy movement was a complete and utter joke. Most of todays social movements are I haven't read this article or watched the video yet, but since you agree with me about #OccupyWallSt @edicted and still like it enough to resteem then ill give it a shot. reply coming after I shower

When you look at the similarities between blockchain and #occupy it's almost like Bitcoin had a mind of it's own. Like it was trying to force itself into the world as a form of government long before its time. One can only hope that actual blockchain technology doesn't get slapped down as easily as #occupy did.

lightning network has already destroyed it.

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