The Monetary Paradox: Inside The World Of South Korea's "Bitcoin Zombies" & Why "Money Cannot Buy Happiness"

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The immutable problem with money -- and materialism -- as a whole is that everything starts with/in the Mind... the Principle Of Mentalism, which makes value subjective, hence the impossibility to have a stable  currency...  the bigger the mania, the bigger the bust... cryptomarkets have fallen prey to  a mania, like many others, regardless of the complexity  of blockchain in this case. 

Because of the fluctuation of value, materialistic pursuits cannot bring about happiness but exactly the opposite. What is deemed "valuable" changes over time and depends on social trends. Once upon a time, plastic was deemed a very valuable material, which today is polluting the entire planet. We have even managed to pollute space. Incredible?  Will space junk end our modern way of life?  It works the same way with so many other material speculations on Human Lives and Nature. 


We only have 2 choices: understanding the illusion of value and accept that money cannot be speculated on, zero-economic sum game (nobody can hoard  money)... or going currency-free , with passion for what one does and  voluntaryism  become the only currency... which one is the simplest?  Why Is Thinking Not Recognized As The 6th Sense?

A Stunning Look Inside The World Of South Korea's "Bitcoin Zombies" | zerohedge |  The country's crypto-trading craze is so pervasive that the country has developed the term “bitcoin zombie”  referring to people who check the cryptocurrency’s price around the  clock. Even the country’s prime minister Lee Nak-yeon expressed concerns  over Korea’s bitcoin craze, warning  that “young people and students are rushing into virtual currency trading to  earn huge profits in just a short period of time,” and that “it is time  for the government to take action as it could lead to serious pathological phenomena if left unchecked" forcing young people into  illegal activities like drug dealing.....  As an example, as Reuters details  in  its just released deep dive in South Korea's crypto-community, on a  recent weeknight at Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul, more than a dozen students crammed into a classroom not to study, but to share tips on investing in so-called cryptocurrencies, which have driven tales of fantastic returns for savvy investors.... But  some in South Korea’s financial establishment say those hopes may be  unfounded. Kim Yong-beom, vice chairman of the Financial Services  Commission, said Monday that the only reason prices were going up was  because each investor expected the next buyer down the line to pay a  higher price. “That really is a Ponzi scheme,” he said. (MORE AT THE LINK)


 Our day of reckoning isn't that far ahead anymore. There is no "if" but "when". All great spiritualists have warned populations against materialism in their own words.  The Earth Custodians endorse them all. 

The Fascinating Scientific Reason Why "Money Doesn't Buy Happiness"  | | According to the research, in modern America the average income required  to be happy day-to-day, to experience “emotional well being” is about  $75,000 a year. According to the researchers, past that point adding  more to your income “does nothing for happiness, enjoyment, sadness, or  stress.” A person who makes, on average, $250,000 a year has no greater  emotional well-being, no extra day-to-day happiness, than a person  making $75,000 a year. In Mississippi it is a bit less, in Chicago a bit  more, but the point is there is evidence for the existence of a  financiohappiness ceiling. The super-wealthy may believe they are  happier, and you may agree, but you both share a delusion. (MORE AT THE LINK)
Money Spent On Life Experiences, Not Material Things, Brings Happiness |  |  In the pursuit of happiness, life experiences matter more than the acquisition of material objects. Scientists living in one of America’s most expensive cities  — San Francisco — have come to the conclusion that money can’t buy  happiness.But most people already know that. They just  refuse to believe it. Rather than investing more to enjoy life  experiences, many spend time and money to acquire material objects they  believe to be tangible indicators of happiness, though always fleeting.......  "There were just huge underestimates in how much value people expected  to get from their purchase," Howell said. "It's almost like people feel  they will get no economic value from their life experiences and  therefore they feel this tension in spending money on them." (MORE AT THE LINK)


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The metaphysics of the Earth Custodians Movement is The Spiritual Science Of Vibration. It is a Movement for people willing to protect Life on Earth. More  than ever, a movement for Humans who want to remain Humans  -- and in control of their own thoughts  -- has come. A paradigm  shift  is on the  horizon. Become familiar with the Earth  Custodians'  axioms: Join  the EC forum to discuss this extremely important topic and prepare    for mindset transitioning and a currency-free society! No-sugar    coated  realities! The EC blog always  strikes at the root and  it is  not always pleasant to read how  bad it  is out there. But it is  necessary so that  Humans can come back  to their  senses. Thank you in advance for following, upvoting, resteeming, help spread the aims  of  the Earth Custodians and don't forget to continue your own  research!  

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lol, I love that a "money free" advocate is on this money based platform begging for money. Its like she is admitting that money is a pretty damn good tool to use to reach your goals.

"Voluntaryism" falls apart because it cannot work with bad actors. It assumes everyone is good. This is obviously not true. It is also extremely inefficient, it seems to be no better than barter. And we all see barter economies dominating the world. /s

Earthcustodians tries to set up a false dicotomy, either an evil zero sum money society, or wonderful sparkly sky money free society. Money is not evil, it is a tool to be used for good or evil, same as every other tool man has created. The free market is also not a zero sum game. Every trade freely made benefits both parties.

A money free society cannot work at scale. The communists tried to implement money free and failed miserably. The real world is more than just black or white, and black or white solutions will fail.

The free market pricing system is the best system we have to efficiently use our limited resources.