Getting started with mining Electroneum using a GPU (nvidia)

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A couple of hours ago the blockchain for Electroneum was released and during this time everybody was going crazy in the various Telegram groups.

In these Telegram groups a lot of new people came along asking questions about how to start mining Electroneum. In this post I will try to explain the initial basics of mining Electroneum with a GPU based on my own experience these last couple of hours.

Looking for CPU mining? go to:

Looking for AMD GPU mining? go to:

Let's start!

GPU Mining

For more savvy miners GPU mining will be the thing to look for when starting with a new coin and fortunately the guys at Electroneum kicked off with their pool right from the start (or within an hour or so ;)). GPU mining is more effective than CPU mining in the case of coins like Ethereum but for coins like Electroneum, which are on the Cryptonight Algorithm, it's a little less effective if you compare it to CPU mining.

Nonetheless most savvy miners currently have a one or more GPU rigs stacked up in their basement so it's obvious they would like to put these GPU's to the test.

Electroneum doesn't have a GPU miner available on the page but I have been able to use XMR Stak Nvidia miner.

XMR Stak Nvidia miner for mining Electroneum with one or more GPU's (nvidia)

Just follow these steps in order to get mining with the XMR Stak Nvidia

1. Grab a copy of XMR Stak Nvidia Miner at (windows only as far as I have seen):

  • Windows:

2. Unzip the archive to a location of your liking

The unpacked archive should contain the following files:

3. Configure the miner

In order to configure the XMR-Stak miner, open up config.txt

In the config.txt locate the parameter "pool_address" and enter one of the following pools:

Because we're dealing with GPU's I have setup the high-end CPU port for the pools.

An example configuration could look like this where:

"pool_address" : is the pool address
"wallet_address" : your wallet address (more on this below).
"pool_password" : is your password, not necessary but could be "x" in most cases.

 * pool_address   - Pool address should be in the form "". Only stratum pools are supported.
 * wallet_address - Your wallet, or pool login.
 * pool_password  - Can be empty in most cases or "x".
"pool_address" : "",
"wallet_address" : "etnk8srAoGfZ53MgCeogKF2nuLM91wS66HvRH6KKJwChDu8vPFAdiN1fP1TAxhtRZ2AViXVaQohmWDpRRV5qZZsZ1Yisg7BWQE",
"pool_password" : "x",

Optionally: Let's format the address correctly

When copying your address from your paper wallet you probably end up getting something like this:

etnk8srAoGfZ53MgCeogKF2nuLM91wS66 HvRH6KKJwChDu8vPFAdiN1fP1TAxhtRZ2 AViXVaQohmWDpRRV5qZZsZ1Yisg7BWQE

In this wallet address, it's important to note that there are white spaces in between the wallet address. In order to get the correct public address. You have to remove these spaces and get your wallet address like this:


4. Fire up the miner

Now that you've configured the XMR-Stak nvidia miner, it's ready to fire it up. You can do this by running "xmr-stak-nvidia.exe" which will open a command-prompt in which the XMR-Stak nvidia miner will note that you will have to populate the parameter "gpu_threads_conf". For this tutorial you can use the suggested values given by the application (not my suggestion).

You can copy the information by right-clicking on the title bar of the command-prompt > edit > select all. Use CTRL+C to copy the text so you can paste it in an editor. Copy the settings for "gpu_threads_conf" to your config:

Note: I'm not settings tls/security as I have no information on whether this is already supported.

5. Fire up the miner (again)

Let's run "xmr-stak-nvidia.exe" again and you should see the mining process starting:

As a next step you can play around with the "gpu_threads_conf" to tweak performance but other than that you're ready to start mining with the XMR Stak Nvidia miner!

Proof of hashrate:

You should be all set!


It's been a bumpy road these last couple of hours but things seem to get a little bit more stable for Electroneum. I hope this helps a bunch of people with getting their existing mining rig working on Electroneum!

Feel free to donate anything when it's possible: etnk8srAoGfZ53MgCeogKF2nuLM91wS66HvRH6KKJwChDu8vPFAdiN1fP1TAxhtRZ2AViXVaQohmWDpRRV5qZZsZ1Yisg7BWQE

Over and out,
Stefan / Draiden


I hope to start my mining from Electroneum. Thanks a lot for your post.

Thanks for the great i fo...what woukd work best...a 16 thread CPU or a Geforce GTC 1060?.


nice block. if anyone is interested in a detailed guide on how to setup afterburner check out my latest article ;)

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