Getting started with mining Electroneum using a CPU

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A couple of hours ago the blockchain for Electroneum was released and during this time everybody was going crazy in the various Telegram groups.

In these Telegram groups a lot of new people came along asking questions about how to start mining Electroneum. In this post I will try to explain the initial basics of mining Electroneum with a CPU based on my own experience these last couple of hours.

Looking for AMD GPU mining? go to:

Looking for Nvidia GPU mining? go to:

Let's start!

CPU Mining

For most newcomers CPU mining will be the one-stop-shop when getting started with mining. CPU mining makes use of your Central Processing Unit in your pc which in most cases will be an Intel or AMD processor.

While mining with the CPU your PC will be slower because your CPU will be put to work when mining your first Electroneum coins.

The team of Electroneum released their own homegrown miner which you can easily use to start mining, however, this miner seems to have some startup issues. Because of these startup issues I used Sumo Easy Miner as it's not tied to any coin and you can configure a bit more information yourself.

Sumo Easy Miner for mining Electroneum with the CPU

Just follow these steps in order to get mining with the Sumo Easy Miner

1. Grab a copy of Sumo Easy Miner at:

2. Launch the downloaded executable

Walk through this process in order to install Sumo Easy Miner.

3. Installation is completed

4. Fire up the Sumo Easy Miner and you should see something like this as your starting screen.

5. Click "Add Ppool" in the upper right corner. The following screen should popup.

6. Now you can enter the pool information

Hashing Algo

Keep this on Cryptonight. This is the algorithm Electroneum uses which is similar to coins like Monero.

Pool name

Your own descriptive name of the pool. You could name this "electroneum"/"etn" or whatever you like.


This is the address of the pool you're going to mine on. Depending on your region you could use the following details:

With all of these pools you can use three port numbers based on CPU intensity: 3333 (for low-end CPU's), 5555 (for mid-end CPU's) and 7777 (for high-end CPU's). You can test around with these port numbers to find your right match.

Enter the pool URL and port in the URL/Port field like this:

Wallet address

This is the wallet address public key you generated with downloading/generating the offline wallet. NEVER share your private spend or view key with anyone

If you've not already generated a offline paper wallet: Go to to download the offline paper wallet generator or download it here:

Let's format the address correctly

When copying your address you probably end up getting something like this:

etnk8srAoGfZ53MgCeogKF2nuLM91wS66 HvRH6KKJwChDu8vPFAdiN1fP1TAxhtRZ2 AViXVaQohmWDpRRV5qZZsZ1Yisg7BWQE

In this wallet address, it's important to note that there are white spaces in between the wallet address. In order to get the correct public address. You have to remove these spaces and get your wallet address like this:


Now you're ready to copy your public address in the Wallet address field.


Not necessary.

Now you should a configuration that looks similar to:

7. Fire up the miner

When clicking "Ok" in the Add/Edit Pool you will fire up your miner and see something like this:

In this image you will also see number of threads (or cores) that the miner will use to mine coins. In order to determine how many cores you have for your CPU you can go to the task manager on Windows (right clicking the task bar -> task manager) and going to the "Performance" tab. Here you can determine the number of logical processors which resembles your number of threads/cores.

In the case of this image, I would have 8 threads at my disposal.


It's been a bumpy road these last couple of hours but things seem to get a little bit more stable for Electroneum. I hope this helps a bunch of people with their first steps in mining :)

Feel free to donate anything when it's possible: etnk8srAoGfZ53MgCeogKF2nuLM91wS66HvRH6KKJwChDu8vPFAdiN1fP1TAxhtRZ2AViXVaQohmWDpRRV5qZZsZ1Yisg7BWQE

Over and out,
Stefan / Draiden

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Nice...started using it.

Will your electroneum coins enter your wallet directly ?

I have the same question

So I got everything setup and its mining. But how long till i see my ETN tokens in my electroneum wallet. Been mining for a couple of days and says about 5000 shares of electroneum on sumo miner program. But when I log into electroneum website i see a 0 balance.

and yes i added the paper wallet with no spaces into the wallet address as you supposed to do. and yes its the public key. So whats the time frame of when i actually get paid the tokens ?

Whatever you do may seem insignificant to you, but it is most important that you do it.

- Mahatma Gandhi

Great post! Thank you I will be following this guide.

I am trying to mine Electroneum and I keep getting an error with clicking gui start - "Network Error! Reconnecting...

am thinking it doesnt work anymore

Hello! I was waiting for my steemit account to be approved so I can upvote your tutorial which helped me a lot. Thank you :D