You Know Who Else Was On Bitcoin's Genesis Block? BANKSY, Of Course...

in bitcoin •  2 months ago

The first block of the Bitcoin blockchain - also known as the "genesis block" - holds a somehow cryptic phrase, which led, over the years, to a lot of speculation. In case you didn't know that phrase until now, here it is:

The Times 02/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks

Seems the phrase is referencing the measures taken by governments to "solve" the famous Lehman Brothers crisis, by giving banks bailouts after bailouts. The whole Bitcoin movement is taking their libertarian stance from this sentence as well, and position itself as an alternative to the crooked systems that almost destroyed our world, 10 years ago.

But the genesis block contained also another piece of information, one that was completely oblivious until now. Looks like Banksy, the famous artist which just got (again) famous by making one of his pictures to self-destroy after an art auction, was also on that block. Or at least we can infer that by looking at the logs:

Screen Shot 2018-10-06 at 9.24.34 PM.png

Of course, this is just a coincidence.

But a funny one.

I think Banksy would feel somehow proud, if he ever finds out about it.

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Maybe Banksy is Satoshi!

Posted using Partiko iOS

this guy is either a trolling genius or just incredibly lucky

Bansky is Satoshi, oh my God, it all makes sense now...

rants on about Illuminati/Deep State/Alien Conspiricy

haha you spot cool things always in codes ;D

Come to think of it, banksy, BANKsy, that choice of pseudonym might be onto something here

Lol has to be the most valuable artist in the World right now after that stunt

Systems are one of the greatest forms of art known to mankind!

You know how it feels when your name is timestamped💥

Let's keep our eyes on this Bansky fellow! What if he makes the blockchain disappear like his picture? :)

Posted byu/Majoby on Reddit
7 months ago
Banksy Bitcoin graffiti spotted in Paris: R.I.P. Fiat.
(btw the whole thread is about the fact that this street art is probably not Banksy lol)

Although I like to believe in the potential of DECENTRALIZATION for almost everything I don't think the crook old bankers will ever allow such financial freedom and privacy that some cryptocurrency have to offer. Bankers will somehow make it happen to control and record everything in the crypto world also. Just hope they don't, but sometimes this whole thing with decentralization simply seems too good to be true.

The batikon is a very strong currency behind which the world's largest country stands
Backed by the world's largest
Really electronic currencies are very hidden coins

Won't surprise me if banks created bitcoin. They always figure out a way to monetize currency.

Thank you very much for providing information.

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