Banksy Painting Self-Destructs After Being Sold At An Auction For A Little Over £1 Million

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Yesterday evening one of the most interesting art auctions of all time happened at a Sotheby house, in London. A famous painting by Briston-born artist Banksy (famous for his grafittis, but not only), just self-destructed shortly after the final price of the auction, a bit over 1 million pounds, was established. The painting literally started to go down through a shredder hidden in the frame. Still unclear how that happened, and some speculate that Banksy was in the room and activated the shredded with a remote control.

Shortly after this, Banksy posted this on his Instagram account:

Screen Shot 2018-10-06 at 2.27.36 PM.png

A Sotheby representative declared that they are still in talks with the buyer and no specific action have been yet taken.

The most hilarious comment I've seen about this story on all social media is this one:

It's unclear now if the shredding of the picture increases or decreases the value of the art object.

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Brilliant publicity stunt.

And of course the art piece will increase in value now - the buyer has a bargain. Do you think they bought it because they loved what the actual art looked like? That is Banksy's comment here, I'm sure.

He simply "finished off" the art in front of the whole art world. Genius.

Interesting i wonder how is will turn out

Proof that trolling is an art form :D

I thought this was brilliant. The art world is so out of touch. A lot of Banksy's works didn't pay him anything as they were removed from public places and sold. Those buying them should support new artists or spend their money on practical projects. It's just the rich playing games to impress each other.

I love love love Banksy and his authenticity and will to show the world what art is and how much he thinks big money stinks :') This is an epic stunt. The stunt itself is the ART by the way.

Banksy rocks any day

Might just has raised his popularity and valuation

LOL! You mess with the Banksy, you get the horns.

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i was thinking about the money that was spent hahah

OMG. That's hilarious @dragosroua. That's made my day.

Bansky's so brilliant! 😂

Sadly, since the painting was not totally destroyed and could still be displayed as it is, half in and half out of the frame, I think it will probably increase it's value. Such is the ludicrous nature of the art world. 😢


Such is the ludicrous nature of the art world.

My thoughts exactly.

Nevertheless, I find the whole thing brilliant.

Heads up - STEEM price pump on Binance.


Thanks, I just see it. Wonder if wallets are enabled?


Im wondering that too! Trier to google it but no success.


I just verified, Binance wallet is down.

That's hilarious! I'll bet that Banksy had a good laugh over the look on their faces.

I think that it would increase the value of the painting. It's art, and something like this would only make the painting more unique and notable.

Yeah its unclear , it isn't a fake one?:)

I hope that the buyer can get his money back.

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The frame is priceless

This is classic Banksy, just when you think you have him all figured out....