Not Enough Crypto To Buy A Lambo? Well, Maybe A Bugatti Will Do It...

in bitcoin •  6 months ago

Luxury cars are still a symbol of status and success and, in the crypto world, the Lambo (Lamborghini) is the most ubiquitous icon of wealth. I don't know how many Lambos can be bought directly with crypto, though.

Well, that may not be a problem anymore, since wealthy crypto hodlers have now another option: a Bugatti. Or a Rolls, or a Bentley.

A dealer of all these car brands decided it's time to open its vault for crypto, so they announced they will start to receive your Bitcoin, if you want a nice, luxury and horrendously expensive car from their stock. Apparently, the dealer, called Post Oak Motor Cars, is the first luxury car brand dealer in the US who's doing that.

Given the current bear market, I don't know if you would get enough bang for your buck, though.

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You could get a Lambo for 300k's even cheaper than Bentleys .etc.. But I am lucky enough to have 2 cars in my name at least even if I can't afford it..Lol! real maiden name is
Mercedes Gallardo. 2 birds in one shot.

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That was fun :))

If someone would be a real crypto hodler and also a real art collector, they should invest in buying Trabant and Dacia cars :-))

That's the real deal @dragosroua

I believe it is more a marketing strategy from the dealer trying to capture media attention. But in any case, it is good to see a new company (this one in the luxury sector) accepting crypto as a payment method.

Not a Bugatti a MotorCycle will do for me

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The lambo dreams are still on the hunt ;)

I’m holding out for buying a Tesla with Steem.

That's really smart of the dealer. It's offering to accept your depressed assets that are likely to increase in value in exchange for their overpriced cars. They get the sale, and if they hold onto the Bitcoin, they'll get the increase in value as well. Since it seems like we've been riding the bottom, it's likely not a bad move!

...The drop does hurt.

Before I could get 3 bottles of beer a day - now, I'm down to one...
...I'll think about the bentley at some other time in the future...

HODL until its a Lambo AND a Bugatti :)

This is hodling time. It is a good step but they should not expect long transaction history in their wallet.

It is another plus to crypto adoption.

Big fan of both
Let the crypto money roll in

I will not by a Lambo nor Bugatti, just a Toyota SUV will be fine.


Haha, think B I G.

Very funny and surprised, I thought the slogan is only common here, never knew it's a worldwide slogan, we use to say that here too, the lambo thing.. Can't stop laughing.
No one dares buys a lambo with bitcoin now that the price is down, he'll just ends up making more money for the company when the price hit a bull runs.

Hopefully this positive news will put positive effect on the market.

Ah but can you afford a lambo? Find out on the site with the url most often confused with @dragosroua's own url... :)

When Lambo? Steem/sbd calc and dead follower/following tools too!

Given the current bear market, I don't know if you would get enough bang for your buck, though.

I would advice anyone who would want to jump on this to take a chill pill at the moment and hold a lil bit more. This blood Bath is just something else.

wow! That's a great news. But i don't have enough crypto. YOu know Buggati is my favorite car :/

That is a great news .. This is very great opportunity but i have no enough crypto . Thanks for sharing @dragosroua

Its very good news,and happy news,hopefully market going up soon as soon,

What is lambo

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A lamborghini sports car, lots of us/uk english speakers just call them Lambo for short.