Is Peter Schiff Against Bitcoin Because He Is A Globalist Insider Shill?

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When mainstream media tries to drag bitcoin’s name through the mud, we get it. The mainstream media is owned by the same general group of people who own everything else including governments and central banks.

Of course, they are going to do everything they can to make bitcoin look as bad as possible. And they’ve done that, now declaring bitcoin dead 140 times. And that’s when they aren’t trying to associate bitcoin with things like the CIA’s drug running business or terrorist financing which Best Friends Forever (BFFs) Killary Clinton and Donald Trump do on a daily basis.

But when those not normally associated with the globalists try to say and do anything to demean bitcoin it makes you wonder whose team they are on.

We’ve highlighted the Health Ranger, Mike Adams, more often than even we would care to bother.

But, an even bigger name bitcoin hater needs to be scrutinized. Peter Schiff.

Many people who read The Dollar Vigilante (TDV) tend to think of Schiff as being one of the good guys. He’s been a gold bug forever… and TDV has also been promoting gold and silver since our inception.

Schiff was all over mainstream media using his knowledge of Austrian economics to warn of the financial crisis to come prior to 2008. That’s how he became a big name.

And, we are also massive proponents of Austrian economics and, in general, we agree with most of Peter’s prognostications of the markets and another coming crisis.

But, Schiff has been bitcoin’s biggest critic for years. And, not even with any reasonable analysis. He has actually compared bitcoin, the massively complex cryptographic largest supercomputer in the world to Beanie Babies!

And not back in 2013, when perhaps he could be forgiven for being so naive and ignorant. He said that this year!

Some claim that he bashes bitcoin because bitcoin competes with his gold related businesses. But, even if this is the case, it is hurting his business now, much more than it is helping it.

Here’s a recent Facebook post by Peter bashing bitcoin again… but take notice of all the comments.

These are his Facebook followers. They are following him because they are fans of his… and the great majority of them disagree with his negativity on bitcoin!

Schiff has even been losing employees and partners who cannot believe how naive or ignorant… or an outright globalist shill… he has been when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

And now it has come to light that Schiff has partnered with one of the most blatant and evil globalists in the world, George Soros.

At the very least, Schiff is making himself appear guilty by association for being involved in the monopolization of the Texas gold industry along with George Soros and friends into some administrative roles at the Texas Gold Depository and UTIMCO.

Josh Sigurdson did a great job highlighting this unofficial partnership between Soros and Schiff.

And, this makes us wonder, why is Peter Schiff on mainstream media so regularly? Usually, to be a regular you have to be an insider. I’ve been on CNBC and Fox Business, but just a few times until they realized they couldn’t make bitcoin look bad by interviewing me.

Certainly, at this point, given his mainstream media access, his dealings with George Soros and his neverending attacks on bitcoin, he has to be considered a possible globalist insider.

If so, it is sad. Peter Schiff’s father was essentially a valiant anarchist who was one of the most famous tax protesters in US history.

When Irwin Schiff passed away in 2015 we wrote a glowing acknowledgement of his service, “Freedom Fighter Irwin Schiff Passes Away In US Prison.”

Meanwhile, Erwin’s son, Peter, is a statist, does not openly fight the government and the tax system, works with globalists like Soros and bashes cryptocurrencies which offer some of the best hope for destroying governments and central banks.

It really makes you wonder about Peter.

Certainly, when it comes to bitcoin he is either completely and willfully ignorant about it or he is a globalist shill attempting to do anything he can to ensure people don’t wake up to the power of bitcoin to bring the power of money and banking back to the individual.

Sadly, Peter has been warning his followers against owning bitcoin for years.

The earliest mention we could find was on his radio show on June 20th, 2011, when bitcoin was trading at $17.36.

He was skeptical of it then and still remains highly skeptical.

But, if he had advised his followers to speculate in just $1,000 of bitcoin back then they’d have gained over 10,000%, and it’d be worth over $160,000 today. Meanwhile, many of them continued to hold gold which was trading at $1,600/ounce in June of 2011 and is currently trading at $1,250 for a loss of 21%.

And he continues to warn people from owning bitcoin even as it skyrocketed more than $1,000 in the last four days!

And not so much of even an admission of being wrong? No apology for the billions of dollars his followers and clients have either lost or missed out on from his “advice”?

We’ve been recommending bitcoin since $3 in 2011, for a nearly 100,000% gain to date and mainstream media avoids mentioning us like the plague while having Peter on regularly to bash bitcoin.

I wonder why?

If you still don’t understand cryptocurrencies, don’t worry… and this includes you too, Peter. I’ve created a free four video webinar (click here to get immediate access) to explain why cryptocurrencies are a paradigm shift in money and banking. And if you accept our offer at the end I’ll even send you your first $50 in bitcoin directly from my personal bitcoin wallet.

I know you don’t need the $50 Peter, but really, you should look into bitcoin. It’s not going to feel good being the only one who doesn’t understand it when it breaks through $10,000.


Hey, @JeffBerwick we just became Platinum Subscribers to your Membership at @dollarvigilante we have been following your work for quite some time. It would be great if you could start following us @ADSactly and on Twitter

We have many of the same beliefs and ideas to bring more Free Market System and Platforms to the World.

By the way, this was great and thought-out post as always. We never really trusted Peter Schiff. We have a feeling he comes from the family of Jacob Schiff!

We think he jealous of ALL us Early Bitcoin Adopters and is a little butt hurt over the whole situation with the Precious Metals VS BITCOIN Scenario that is being played out as we speak.

We think he is also a Schill!

" We have a feeling he comes from the family of Jacob Schiff!"

Ha! I posted the same thing before I read your comment. I'm sure he is. It's classic fake opposition.

I agree with what you said but I also think that he isn't really into bitcoin being untraceable.

Schiff is not to be trusted. Check out the story on Schiff with Goldmoney. First Schiff wrote a series of articles lambasting Goldmoney which competed with one of his previous products. He made up a bunch of BS stories about Goldmoney almost to the point of libel. Then after Goldmoney cut him a deal as a partner, Schiff has nothing but great things to say about Goldmoney. He's a total opportunist that will do anything for a buck including defamation of his competitors and working closely with Soros and his ilk.

Yes.....we, we, we....little piggy.....we, we, we. I think that YOU should take some responsibility for your post. Just because you have followers (i.e., people interested in what you are saying) does not mean "we" agree with "us". Insert Orwellian reference.

When we say "WE" we are not referring to our Followers here on Steemit. We are talking about the whole ADSactly Community.

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Precious Metals up by 2% for gold and 3% for silver. But bitcoin is up for 40% this week and some alts like Stratis and NXT are up by 120% and 90% respectively:

He could just be one of many in that generation who thinks that anyone or anything that challenges their concept of what is real is a great affront to their whole sense of self.

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I have openly criticized him on his posts for some time for all his hatred of bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

That being said, he accepted and confirmed he will be speaking at the Nexus Conference this September in Aspen Colorado, which is about cryptocurrency technology.


So did the @dollarvigilante.

I would think a debate between you and Schiff, whether on stage, or in the sidelines, would make for some excellent video to say the least.

See you there!

For him :-)
I like most of what he has to say except when it comes to Bitcoin.

His father book "Kingdom of Moltz" was the book that taught me economics and inflation in early nineties as a young man.

I just think he needs to admit he is wrong.

He disagrees and thinks bitcoin doesn't have a future. I don't agree with him but he just thinks it won't stand the test of time. So now we attack people who don't agree with me S and n one technology not making it even though he has our principles? This is BS and Jeff is gonna loose a lot of followers. And he should

Great book, funny that the apple fell far from the tree.

For him! :)

Don't get Kiyosaki'd...........LUCY SITz !!!

I think healthy debate is good for the soul.


debate debate debate! :)

Would love to see this debate at the Nexus Conference :) It will be good either way with both Jeff and Peter being there. Can't wait.

It is going to be exciting. Goldbugs and Crypto-bugs (I am both) have a lot more in common than many realize and I think its time to bury the hatchet.

Maybe if Jeff didn't attack him like this that could happen. If I was Peter I would not give Jeff the time of day. Do an article debating Peter not believing bitcoin will last. Not one calling him a a fucking shill for the globalists. Jeff showed his real self tonight. Clearly ly he doesn't believe in people having freedom of disagreeing

That is the beauty of it. Both will have the opportunity on stage (not debating but giving speeches) to speak their mind and share their ideas. This is perfect because it allows those ideas to be spread and the arguments they lay out will sway minds one way or another.

I for one like them both. I just disagree with Schiff and wish he would spend his time like he used to, shilling against the dollar :-)

I still think a gentlemen debate would be pretty awesome.

I think Peter is just a man set in his ways, but for him to partner with Soros...I've done business with people I didn't like questionable people in emergencies, but to partner with such a one strikes me as a degree of compromise of character. I don't know, and will probably give Peter the benefit of the doubt until I see worse.

Will be great to see both chatting and giving their arguments. It is something that MUST happen! Look forward for that conference!!

Schiff is a muppet,I used to watch his youtube videos and now he making more stupid comments on bitcoin.

@keithsmih - please get it on video! I've been a Peter Schiff fan in the past - I'm wondering, when is there going to be a cryptocurrency that IS physically gold backed? HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE?

Real shills are people who never mention zionism.

There is a big ? mark regarding the actions of Bob Wood history regarding the original Global Currency Reserve
(GCR on bittrex) crypto he launched a few years ago, which sheds a bad light on Nexus coins in the minds of some. If it's the same Nexus coins you're speaking of with this Nexus Conference then there's a lot of disgruntled folks for the GCR past not interested.

it's good for me & other

So true.

Great post Jeff!

I think so

How Anarcho-Capitalists Are Aborting Crypto

Or how the anarcho-capitalist community is shooting itself in the foot.

1. Ad hominem

Is Peter Schiff Against Bitcoin Because He Is A Globalist Insider Shill?

2. A little profit from doing good.

Or how to promote Anthem Vault

Josh Sigurdson did a great job highlighting this unofficial partnership between Soros and Schiff

Promoting Anthem Vault

World Alternative Media 2 months ago
For those wanting to move their gold:
~ Josh

3. Crypto is currency. Gold is money.

Goldmoney's Aurum system facilitates liquifying of gold: using gold as money.
If Goldmoney goes viral, it will enable anyone on the planet to be free of fiat or paper money while operating within national & regulatory frameworks. All Goldmoney gold is held under bailment for Goldmoney accounts at Loomis & Brinks, as applicable. You have an excellent da Vinci Code sequel. :)
Have a look.

4. Soros

Take a look of Soros' known investments in 2016.
Are they all conspiring with him?

Citizen of the world Jeff Berwick

The kettle calling the pot black:

Dollar Vigilante describes himself as:

He expatriated, long ago from his country of birth, Canada, and considers himself a citizen of the world.


That's right, so aren't you a Globalist Jeff, according to your own biography?

So, umm kinda awkward hearing a globalist who pushes flat earth, shemitah, and a bunch of other scam artist bullshit trying to call out anyone.

Who cares about Zionist Peter Schiff? He is obviously a puppet, that should have been clear to everyone a long time ago. I will note that you don't mention the Z word regarding Schiff anywhere in this which just goes to show your continued limited hangout approach to information.

Jeff, just go sit on your millions of dollars on some island somewhere and get the f out of the "truth community" you are doing more harm than good at this point. You call yourself a "sailor" but can't figure out ships sail over the Horizon, you advocate for people not to attend college (stay dumbed down), and spread bs clickbait. Just stop.

I take the bad with the good. I think @dollarvigilante is correct when it comes to cryptos (at least historically) but a nut when it comes to LOTS of other things. I still appreciate him...kinda like appreciating crazy aunt Sally...she's nutty, but we still love her.

It's exactly what it is. The only difference between Jeff Berwick and Peter Schiff as far as opinions about teh financial markets is that Jeff Berwick considers bitcoin (and other cryptos) as a good alternative to owning dollars. I don't think there is anyone more anti-dollar than Peter Schiff though. It's his main investment theme >>> Sell gold and silver. With the dollar getting ready to begin what is likely going to be a strong rally as the stock market bubble collapses, it'll be interesting to see what Jeff Berwick is saying 1 year from now if bitcoin does not turn ou to be the "safe haven" he thinks it is. Will Jeff Berwick become the Peter Schiff of the crypto apocalypse? Going to be fun to watch. Schiff has not yet been humbled. I doubt it is even possible to humble this narcissist that is Jeff Berwick.

Peter Schiff is my favorite economist. I've sent Stockholm his writings and excoriated them for awarding krugman and not Schiff. He is eloquent, brilliant, Libertarian in politics and economics. His podcasts are fantastic. Check out ep 265 on yt, it is exceptional, one for the ages, and he can do those in his sleep. I almost cried when he lost to the WWF in Connecticut. All that being said, he's wrong on crypto. Still love him though....

His analysis is correct, is outlook is dated and rigid. There is no real hold in your hand value with crypto-but there is long term value and purchasing power available instantly (just about). Paradigm shifts are tricky. Doesn't make him bad, just in need of some gentle persuading. Send him some Doge already.

Ya, as I said, I like most of his work... he's in LaLa land on crypto though!

why because he doesnt agree with you? We cant discount everything he said he is a very smart and experienced guy with a lot of success behind him.
What I would say about Peter Schiff, he is a humble and friendly guy as well.

nice post

I am a true believer in gold and silver, but also like Crypto and the huge potential at a whole.
Nothing wrong to own both with the proper allocation to be decided individually.

Anyway, most of us can confirm the 7 Trill.$ gold market is rigged aka paper gold.
Aren't you guys afraid the same destiny will apply to Bitcoin & co?

I believe in a more diversified portfolio which include both precious metals and cryptos

I think bitcoin is precious then any other metal and it going to pe precious more cryptos are the future

Yes bitcoin is much better in transactions than gold. But gold has been around very long, so it's hard for some people to accept bitcoin. I have tried to explain bitcoin to friends and family, they just can't understand. But most understand gold, well that's better than holding dollar

relax it just beginning so most of people dont know about it but after it get late grab as much bitcoin as possiblee :)

He's been wrong for so long now I stopped following him many years ago.

It is not going to happaned $10,000
Bitcoin and the black chain technology it's very new and the Very promising future or Finance what I don't think that Bitcoin is money it's still do not store the value and it's still not medium of Exchange on mass scale the gold was money 5,000 years and was choosing by people and I do understand the argument this new technology will make a revolution in in financial system but new it doesn't mean we have to completely shut the door on what was money very long time

@dollarvigilante this is an quit informative post and let me tell you that i too had been following bitcoin for a long time now and the price of the bitcoin is soaring from right then and the current market value of the bitcoin is $2790 that much more than expected and still it is rosing more and more it shows that cryptocoin is the future market coin and everybody is having a special attentions towards the crypto market now that is too good for investers.

If Bitcoin doesn't have value what does have?!😀😀😀
Oh my god he made me laugh

I would go with BK 👍🏻

U can actually make a trade with gold ! Oh he needs to have a look at the market !!!!🤓

This is a fantastic article and we need more authors like yourself to write them. I upvoted it with my full slider voting power.

I myself did some research into why altcoins are likely to overtake Bitcoin and thereby diminish Bitcoin dominance.

I even postulate that it would be unfortunate for all crypto enthusiasts if this did not happen. What is your opinion on this?

Two types of people hate Bitcoin:

  • Mainstream People (Banks, Central Banks, some governments).


  • People who have not managed to get Bitcoin (or much of it) yet.

his own site allows you to buy his Gold with bitcoin. Walking hypocrite

I think his perspective is, "I don't think bitcoin will be valuable in the future, but if my customers want to pay in bitcoin, I'll accommodate."

Installing a cash register is not always a sign of ideological alignment.

rambogoham not the most considered statement you ever made.

Some people just refuse to jump on the Bitcoin train for whatever reason. I really think it's because Bitcoin is competing with his business and he's seen it rise all of these years and is mad that he's missed out and is trying to make it worse for everyone else. My philosophy is if you can't beat them, join them! He'll come around soon enough, but by that time it'll be too late.

Even though he has denied it, I think it is very likely that Peter is a descendant of Globalist bankster Jacob Schiff.

Peter is not bad guy, he's just too deep into gold and he cannot see anything else. His view to Bitcoin is unfortunately pretty ignorant, but it doesn't mean he is a globalist.

I'm pretty sure bitmain prices their LTC miners @ 40 LTC. Not the greatest example (LTC as opposed to BTC) but Peter did ask for a merchant pricing items in BTC.

I think Peter saw bitcoin as a threat years ago and rather than embrace it at that time, he decided to try and dissuade his followers from touching it and at that time probably succeeded. Now that bitcoin has proved him wrong, he is reluctant to admit he was wrong and lose face, so he has to continue with the negativity etc! It looks like nothing will sway him.

...sold the lie and doesn't want to admit to a faulty product...

That's the case in a lot of things. Once you take a position on something, you're more likely to accept evidence in favor of your position, and reject evidence that opposes it. We don't realize we're doing this, but we do.

Especially when you have stated the same position again and again in public and that position reinforces your business interests. I'm sure he wont change his position now, even if bitcoin was adopted as the world reserve currency, accepted by all nations and worth $1m per coin!!

who has a lot of fiat will be agains crypto simple

McAfee is all in:

I used to have so much respect for Peter but as time goes by i see that cognitive dissonance really has a hold on him as it pertains to Bitcoin.

PS - His father was an OG for going up against the government the way he did. RIP!

Agreed. What happened to Irwin Schiff was a sad thing.

yes indeed...smh

SMH Talk about this in my latest video.. It truly is a case of Cognitive Dissonance for Peter and Chris Duane.

The criminality of the cabal is far worse than most have yet learned. I suggest checking out my whistleblower series, such as this CIA agent who testifies to the Clinton/bush crime families being involved in massive cocaine smuggling and murder and this Dutch lady testifying to witnessing George Soros participating along with Dutch politicians in child ritual murder... Might sound crazy if you don't take the time to do your due diligence research.
Peter Shifty is the least of our concerns!

Dang people stuck in the stock market area of bubbles and BS. The only way bitcoin and other cryptos have is up. It might take weeks months or years but its continued trend will be up for the foreseeable future.

Bitcoin was the first and a newer Crypto will likley take the lead. None is of know for sure which will last the test of time but bitcoin is likley not the leader in a couple years. Too many issuies. But either way it doesn't make sense to do what Jeff did tonight which was lie about peter in general on non crytp related stuff. It's just stupid

I don't think he's a Shill. His dad died in prison. I understand why people can be scared of bitcoin. I imagine he hasn't looked into it too deeply.

I agree, he is no globalist and he doesn´t know how to handle bitcoin. He is very confused about bitcoin, although he accepts bitcoin at his company. he doesn´t really support anything but gold and silver

Maybe we should create Schiffcoin... Slogans for it are easy... Schiff Happens... the tipbot could be named 'Give a Schiff'

Create your own Schiffcoin here:

Or you know...

Maybe a Limerick:

There was a man called Schiff
He always seemed to sniff
He tried real hard
Until he received your credit card
But his bum still ended up all stiff

That'd be funny, to create a crypto about someone who hates crypto. :D

very true and to the point, they are terrified of crypto

Now We Are Talking! This is the kind of article I live for! I never understood how all of Peter Schiff's videos and blogs always had so many likes. In every video, he made terrible predictions claiming the stock market crash was imminent, over and over again. Each time being more wrong and more wrong. But, for some reason his like to dislike ratio made no sense. Why would so many fans actually like Schiff when he is so consistently wrong? The only answer is he has a team of shills to fool the public into thinking he has good info. I remember when he first started bashing bitcoin. That was when his dislike ratio went from 1% to 10%, which I loved seeing. But still, after being wrong for so many years over and over again, why only 10%? This still seems low. The thing about Schiff is he likes to cause delirium because he has a good financial vocabulary, so he is able to manipulate his viewers into thinking he actually knows what he is talking about. LoL, I feel sorry for all of the rookies that took his advice. Then again, he has been talking the same Bearshit (not bullshit) that every other Youtube lying fake financial analyst has been promoting over the last 8 years! It cost me a lot before I realized the truth. Thanks for helping bring his fraudulence to the light. It means a lot to me.

Ur buddy Jeff makes the same predictions about the stock u attack Peter for making

I disagree. The only Jeff I know tried to bet people 8 years ago that AAPL would hit $100. I know that Greg Hunter, Gerald Celente, x22, Zerohedge, BusinessInsider, and many other bloggers are as wrong as Peter. I put all these loser bears in the same basket. BTW, that basket has a large decay due to massive contango. They are the bad news Bears! Terrible losers!

Peter Schiff is a gold salesmen. What do you expect? Pay him enough money and he will be a bitcoin salesmen and change his view.

He is a mistaker :)

Blockchain is the future!

that news clip made me legit lol

still don’t understand cryptocurrencies, don’t worry

comeone bro, we know Schiff is all about gold, he is not a Globalist Insider Shill. his dad died in jail for not paying taxes. im not sure if your trying to do a hit piece because he disagrees with you on the crypto stance of if your just trying to get some attention by using his name.
I hold Schiff up there with ron paul and gerelad celante. sorry I botched the names.
please don't take the path of Gregory maranino. I been watching you all about the same time, 5 years or more and the change a lot hae taken it supperising to me. now I know im just some no body but bro I have been a supporter for a long time, even through the bullshit and I stil cant say a no way on your shemita ordeal but to smach Schiff blos my mind.
it comes down to gold imo. yeah I ave a shitty opinion so whatere right?
gold is a hard asset even silver. I like crypto don't get me wrong but in ong term you cant deniy gold will only go up. we can mine and mine new crypto but there is only that 1-2 swimming pools full of gold on this earth.
sorry for the blah, I just seen this post ad was like wow. I thought u and Schiff were on the same page with the world ecoomy.
ill re read ur post and look into it after my blooddrive marathon.
maybe ill come out on your side on this idk yet.
I do know Schiff is not a Globalist Insider Shill. think about his rants on his daddying in jail over tax money let alone the book his dad wrote. his dad was on the right page and im sure anyone that has looked into it would agree.
cheers and sorry I didn't buff your ego and say omg so great I do whatever u say cause ur god and whatever the others say.
:D still luv ya thought.
god damn I swear my next buy with steemit money will be a new wireless keyboard as this comment makes me look drunk as fuck with the missed letters.

Agreed. Schill does not like Soros Rothschild money.

On the other hand he would probably say something like "I don't touch that dirty money. I just spend it." :D

Yeah, he is all about gold.
The whole money vs. currency thing.

Peoples should understand Blockchain technology and then will be more trust in BTC.

Nice post - great Goldbugs and Crypto-bugs

Peter needs to just wake up to the crypto potential like we all did.

Why ? Why does it matter to u if he doesn't buy into it ? The bottom line is Jeff lies in this to attack peter. That's not ok and we all should call Jeff out for it.

Jeff literally makes it beyond personal he even brings peters dad into it. Jeff lost my respect after this and I am a lady my time subscriber. It's one thing to state the fact maybe peters wrong on cryto. It's another to be ok with flat out false attacks along with that

Illuminati confirmed!

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are the future.

Listening to Peter Schiffs advice has cost me a lot of money! Money that I can't get back. I really do my own research and look into things from now on. Credibility needs to earn't , it's just shameful that he is such a sell out.

These guys seem like their jealous that they did not get in on bitcoin back in 2006-2009 when it was like dirt cheap. Jealousy is an ugly color..

Just seems like Peter doesn't believe in bitcoin. U guys are the ones acting like it's ok Jeff made up false attacks that had nothing to do with debating Peter on cryto.

South Korea has officially legalized Bitcoin as a remittance method, allowing fintech companies to process up to $20,000 worth of South Korean won in bitcoin for users.

BTC is the Leader and it works even better every day
to make financial transactions because more
and more countries will accept it as payment value.
The only way Cryptos and BTC the mother of all
can be eliminated is to shut off the internet !!!

SteemOn Rock on BTC :))

Bitcoin has lost half its market cap this year in the cryto space: the convo shouldn't be bitcoin it should be cryto and Blockchain. Bitcoin will be the MySpace to another Cryptos Facebook

maybe, we will see after time !

BTC. Use it. Live it. Love it. Fast. Cheap. Borderless. Bail out free. Bail in free. ben shalom bernanke free. janet yellen free. anonymous. voluntary. government free. decentralized. inflation free. eternally capped at 21,000,000. uncounterfeitable. no storage or security overhead. It is perfect in every way. Bitcoin. Use it. Live it. Love it. It is superior to the dollar is every way.

Lots of very smart people are just as resistant to change as the average Joe.
As for his motives I have no idea, but it's a interesting thought. Maybe he got a "talk" that if he wants to keep doing interviews with the "business" clans on tv anymore that bitcoin is a bridge too far. He might be holding sick btc wallets too!

Or maybe he just doesn't believe bitcoin will last. U guys should be calling Jeff out here. He didn't call Peter out on bitcoin here he did that plus he made up random personal attacks.

And not so much of even an admission of being wrong? No apology for the billions of dollars his followers and clients have either lost or missed out on from his “advice”?

We’ve been recommending bitcoin since $3 in 2011, for a nearly 100,000% gain to date and mainstream media avoids mentioning us like the plague while having Peter on regularly to bash bitcoin.

Bitcoin is the most craziest coin have ever seen... in less than a week i made over %200 ROI.. I love bitcoin

Strange how people you sould consider "a good guy" in the financial world could come out as a big skeptic and naysayer about bitcoin.
Cheers for highlighting this for us!

BTW, I was watching your channel on YOUTUBE and up pops a video of you being interviewed by Stefan Molyneux! I believe it was from 2011, good to watch though and reinforces your stance on bitcoin! Great!

I've been an advocate for Schiff over the the last few years. I even have an account at Europac which I'll be closing soon. Schiff remains willfully ignorant about crypto-currencies, mostly, I suspect, because his business doesn't benefit by it. He wants people to buy precious metals and stocks from him. I'm disappointed that he doesn't appear to try to understand Bitcoin.

That's fine to not agree with him. My problem is the lies Jeff told about him in this post that have nothing to do with bitcoin.

What lies? Do tell. I didn't hear any but am open minded to it. Jeff backed up his thoughts with facts and didn't bash him, he just respectfully disagrees IMO

overbridge - that's what I figured. He doesn't earn commission selling crypto currency. So no interest.

Congratulaition trending post.

I think this is an unwarranted attack on Peter. He has stood public ridicule defending the Austrian way. His father died captive in a cage for his beliefs. Some of us are cavemen and want a bird in the hand. I have crypto, but see the need to have most of my assists close to home. Here in the USSA, they can pillage at will. The Government mafia will use any means necessary to rob it's plebs. Bitcoin is a real threat to that. Banksters no like threats to their racket.

Peter just can't see what makes gold great money also makes bitcoin great money ie portable, durable, divisible, fungible and sufficiently rare. There are few things more all intents and purposes Bitcoin = Gold

Maybe "they" got to him.....I am not ruling out that he may be playing the puppet out of fear. In the past, Peter has been a huge dissenter to the economic powers that be. Why act so ignorant? Surely Peter is too intelligent to actually believe the ignorant rhetoric he is spewing. Even a fool can see the practical value-equivalence between gold and Bitcoin. Now, I only mention PRACTICAL value.... Neither one will clothe, feed, or shelter me if the SHTF.

A lot of the gold bugs seem ignorant and skeptical of cryptos. But even Doug Casey, a self made multimillionaire is now looking seriously at them and he is the ultimate curmudgeon. But I value his ideas and am a lifetime subscriber to Casey Research, a great investment advisory service. Cryptos are just breaking into the mainstream much as the internet did with the advent of Netscape and AOL. This is just the beginning, folks. It will be an interesting and hopefully very prosperous ride. Upvoted.