Bitcoin Hits $3,000 and a 100,000% Gain for TDV In Just Six Years - Free Bitcoin Giveaway In This Blog!

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Today is a special day at The Dollar Vigilante. We began recommending bitcoin at $3 in 2011 and today it hit $3,000 for a 100,000% gain.

During that time, the US dollar has nearly collapsed completely, compared to bitcoin, having fallen 99.999%.

It’s fun to look back at some of our articles in 2011, like this one, “A Wild Few Weeks for Bitcoin” where bitcoin actually hit $0.01 during some problems at Mt. Gox!

Oh, to be able to go back in time and put every penny we had into it!

Many people I know did though. Rick Falkvinge, the anarcho-capitalist creator of the Pirate Party, took all his savings and his entire line of credit and put it into bitcoin at $3 in 2011.

To say it has been a good few years for many of us is an understatement.

Here are our gains on the cryptocurrencies we’ve recommended to TDV subscribers (subscribe here so you don’t miss anymore giant gains).

  • Bitcoin 100,000% gain since 2011
  • Ethereum 14,104% gain since January 2016
  • Monero 2,382% since August 2016
  • Steem 1,400% since March 2017
  • Dash 1,045% since February 2017

There are still a few people who think that cryptocurrencies are the “mark of the beast” and are being brought in by the globalists to make a completely trackable currency that will be in the total control of the elites.

Here’s the thing though. Two of the cryptocurrencies we’ve listed above, Dash and Monero, have privacy built right into the currency. No one can track you, your transactions nor your balance.

And, bitcoin could easily integrate this capability at some point should the market desire that. But, even in the meantime, if you are computer savvy you can easily hide your transactions from some of the most rapacious and evil terrorist organizations in the world like the US government.

Of course, the naysayers will always point out that if the globalists shut off the power then cryptocurrencies will be worthless.

That is correct. And that is probably a good reason not to have a large amount of your assets in cryptocurrencies as that is a risk. But, really, if the globalists turn off the power worldwide we’ll all have much bigger problems to deal with than trying to access our Ethereum wallet.

Many of us will be too busy fending off the zombies from our organic gardens and cannabis grow ops with our machine guns to worry too much about our Dash balance.

But, let’s not focus on the worst case scenarios. There actually is nothing to fear but fear itself. Never worry about the future. Have faith.

Let’s enjoy the fact that cryptocurrencies are very quickly making central banking obsolete!

And, we’ll celebrate tomorrow, at 1pm Eastern, with a live tutorial and giveaway of both Bitcoin & Steem. Click on the Youtube video below and make sure to subscribe to our channel and click on "set reminder" to make sure you don't miss it.

Even if you are brand new to bitcoin, join us live tomorrow and I’ll walk you through the basics of opening a bitcoin wallet and then throughout the broadcast we’ll be giving away Bitcoin and Steem!

It was only five weeks ago that we had our last Bitcoin Party Livestream when bitcoin hit $1,500… it has doubled since then! So make sure to join us as things are moving very fast in the cryptospace!

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I remember watching the price of STEEM climb last time during your live feed! Perhaps you will move it upward once again tomorrow. I'll be watching!

I'm new here. I've gotten a ton of views on my first article, but only a few dollars.
( See, I'm not griping about it, I just don't understand how this works. Can someone please explain? Thanks much!

It's probably because it's a long post and not alot of people scrolled all the way down to upvote you. Just my first thoughts though (well written post btw )

Right, I guess that makes sense. Thanks much.

I think I was trying to ask though, it seems many posts have more upvotes than views--how can that happen? Thanks again...

It is truly crazy what is going on. I just got into Steemit last week and saw prices more than double of Steem. Very inspiring to see the demand for an uncensorable social media, we are surging and gaining so many users!!!

We're definitely the early adopters of something amazing! Btw, MAGA

Steem is definitely just getting started!

Let's hope :)



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Trusted 2014 - 2017


Hello, I m in Acapulco too now! Would love to get lunch sometime with you ;) Get in touch with me, @alexanarcho

Yes, free BTC for everybody :)

I have been watching your YouTube video since early 2016 and I am very interested in what you have said and so I bought some Bitcoins and Ethereum, and now I am trying Steemit with some of my friends in Hong Kong. Thank you!

The crypto world is def an exciting place to be right now!

Let celebrate ♨️

Looking forward to the live stream!

Resteemed too! BTC value going crazy right now. GL all BTC fans+Great post.

another great vid



I maintain there are still some other currencies that could go 1000x. It sounded far-fetched a few months ago, but I believe that if you put together a basket of five of them and invest 1000 of them will make you a millionaire.

That, of course, would mean that BTC would have to go to 3M per. But it's not out of the realm...

I second that. Already made huge gains on $DGB & $BTS $SC. Buy low, sell high, buy back in at the dips. There are several out there with great tech, $BTS & $STEEM of course, but also $STRAT, etc. Just do a little research and check the charts back to late March when the current boom started. Beware of coins that are just saying they can do fast transactions and generalizations. You should look at coins that are disrupting already lucrative businesses.

Ab. So. Lutely!

Yeah, Strat is one I've got my eye on now...Insane growth in less than a year.

They will likely all fall until Jeff berwick gives the same buy signal he did over Memorial Day weekend. remember, he was popping the champage cork on teh Wed before the Th and Fri drop. On Sat he was out injecting caffeine up his rectum and Bitcoin traded to the low for the selloff Jeff "single-handedly" created with his "celebration" spew. Rinse and repeat. Bitcoin now down $500 as a result of Jeff's spew about Jim Cramer at Utube. Wait for the enema! Wait for the enema! Then buy!

Clif High states that Bitcoin will be at the leading edge of hyperinflation on a longterm percentage "longterm" he means Feb 2018.

I don't want any of your money. All I want you to do is apologize to your subscribers for pushing the bullshit "Shemitah" crap. Also explain to them how you can be such a moron that you actually believe the world is flat when it clearly is not?

Many of us will be too busy fending off the zombies from our organic gardens and cannabis grow ops with our machine guns to worry too much about our Dash balance.

Damn right... 8)

But wait, Mark Cuban says Bitcoin is in a bubble, no, wait, he says it's good.

OK, if Mark Cuban thinks it's OK, then I'll go along with it.

Asset is in a bubble, when is largely held(like a house) and when average person is not able to afford it. So Bitcoin has still room for raise imo

No, asset is in a bubble when easy credit distort market forces, artificial inflate the pricing causes.

There is no limit with Bitcoin as it's keep growing and no body can stop it at all.

Congratulations @dollarvigilante!
Your post was mentioned in my hit parade in the following category:

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Im going to pay my rent with steem!.. eventually @dollarvigilante


100,000% gain YESSS! Maybe change your name into The Million Dollar Vigilante?

And later into The Billion Dollar Vigilante! :D

Damn, on average you tripled (*3,162278...) your money for 6 straight years! I guess my pesionfund hasn't figured this out yet...

Awesome! 3'000 down, million here we come! ☺

I see, when I report the SAME thing on SteemIt, nobody shivs a git, but Jeff? Hell ya. This is why SteemIt will fail.

Thank you for the info I will sure be joining!

Good Stuff Jeff!

I remember when Bitcoin hit $600 and some people swore it could never go higher than that! What a journey....

You're not joking, I bought sub-optimal mining equipment for a fair few years; thinking 0.01 of a bitcoin would be worth $10 in the future, and I'd therefore make a profit. As it turns out, I've very comfortably gotten back all of the outlay on that front :)

<3 Jeff Berwick and the TDV!!

you forgot about dogecoin +1300% in last 3 months

You are my fucking hero!

Free btc you say


hope it will cross $5000 at the end of the 2017. The powerful currency of the world is -------------BITCOIN. ♥♥♥

I learned about bitcoin currency in November 2013 and been following it here and there. Since I joined Steemit community, it has peeked my interest a lot. There has been lots of chatter about bitcoin gain in the market. I'll be keeping my eye on it. Good to know. Great information. Thanks for sharing

I miss the Magic The Gathering Online eXchange =(

Not really.

I had a friend who actually traded Magic cards on that exchange back in the day...

Did he get them all? ;)

I'll be there!

Bitcoin fall again from 3000$

You started recommending when it was only $3?
You probably put a smile on many people's faces.

I am watching you regularly on youtube :) upvote + follow you ;)

The future is Bright For Cryptos. Don't forget Gold Silver , Especially silver is Dirt Cheap.

TDV is awesome!!!! Keep up the great work!!!!!

I post the latest in the meme war and articles about markets economy goldsilver and what not. Follow me !!!!!!!

Amazing growth in such short period of time. I knew about Bitcoin when it was $3 too and I could not have imagined back then it being this valuable right now. I will still keeping buying all of these cryptos every single week. Good luck to everyone during the giveaway tomorrow.

Been watching all day, Let The Good Times Roll!

Love this community. Keep it moving!

I've been following you on your intermittent fasting

I've been doing it a year now and feel great

I just got started with bitcoin yesterday. I like to gamble, so I'm excited about the prospects of making money!

Awesome! I'm still a noob here, but I've seen some of your YouTube vids and they are not only well produced, but informative and interesting too. I'll be tuning in to the livestream tomorrow, looking forward to it! Best, Bob

@dollarvigilante Let' s party, Crypto Rocks!

cool bro.. iv been following you since late 2014..

Exciting times we live in for sure and this is just the beginning for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. I love the sound of my miners in the sounds like victory! Decentralize all the things!

$3000.00 today going to $5000.00 according to an investment letter. Good things are going to happen if this is true. Soon Etherum should easily hit the $500.00 mark by the end of the Summer. Some corrections are going to happen along the way but hold on to your current holdings. You don't want to miss any opportunity's to make some decent money when corrections occur.

Hi @dollarvigilante, looking forward to participate in your YT livestream

so interested to join the party

Very good post...I like it :)

We made it, now onto the next level!!!! Been following you a lot sir Jeff, you keep up the great work, keep us informed and keep true to that fighting spirit against the system of corruption. Tons of respect for you and everyone who follows you and the movement

It is good to remember that Bitcoin had a start in the single digits.

Congrats everyone!

I've set the reminder on youtube to notify me. Still a noob when it comes to crypto currency but for once the little guy has a chance to make some $

You can't live in fear... spreading the word about new economy is the way to inform which eliminates fear. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Looking forward to the celebration!

Btc is the most amazing cryptocurrency that ever existed... It has no substitute at the moment guyz.

det är mycket intresant thanks

I know its bad to post your link on fellow steemian post but as this about free give away of bitcoin to be some help so i though why not to get support of this wonderful community.Thanks for your coming support!!!!

Excelente bnoticia!!! Gracias por la info. Voto y te sigo!!

A great time to be in the crypto space. Many people think we are crazy for investing in crypto. But we're laughing all the way to the bank.

Some crazy risks outlined! I love it.

It will be really interesting to follow the progress and swings over the next five years. So many predictions out there that bitcoin will hit this and that. I think it could hit 10k by end of year and if it does, I might just retire.

With regards to shutting off the the crypto? Likelihood of this happening?

Congrats Jeff! Great day


I wish i had come across this in 2011! I would be in a very different situation right now.
I have a rare auto immune disorder and am unable to work, so now find myself at the mercy of others. I will be watching tonight, hoping to learn more so that i can better some type of a future for myself.

New to the crypto world but hopefully will learn how to setup an account and start investing soon... 💵

Another cool post, will try and make the livestream tomorrow, keep up the good work, resteemed, voted, peace and love @alinix

It is a bit amusing and don't be offended, please if you otherwise would. Jeff, ya remind me a lot of Craig Hemke (aka Turd Ferguson). Dopplegangers. Anyway, I think you are all great folks. As a woman, I have perhaps two female friends and fellow mamas who even scarcely want to lose our minds down the rabbit hole of economics and crypto and such. I'm trying to educate other moms. But now the Blockchain is causing everything to move so fast. I must keep learning. It's the world our kids will grow up in! 32. I remember being 12 and how all of this was so sci-fi - that was about the time I caught on to Coast to Coast. Long stories. Keep up the good work. Loving the material. If you feel like just giving away BTC, SBD, any MOPS (takes money to reach a million moms for Jesus) group gets 10 percent of the proceeds from the Steemit account I created. Our fam has other crypto settings. It's such a good thing!

Dollar Virgil fancies himself as "the Jim Cramer of bitcoin."

I think he will "out-Cramer" Jim Cramer personally. The last timehe broke out the champagne and cigars bitcoin was trading at $2700+ on teh Wed before Memorial day. It then moved to a low of just under $1900 on the Sat of Memorial day weekend. He just issued his second "chanpagne and cigar" sell signal in a couple of weeks. This clueless idiot spew you are replying to. Can Jeffey boi generate 2 consecutive 30%+ selloffs in bitcoin in a matter of weeks? Jim Cramer never did that. Should prove to be an "exciting"end to the week for the bitcoin lemmings. Enjoy!

High Jeff,
Mikael from Sweden here. New on Steemit however I have been following you for some time on Youtube. I will round up some more followers for you. Regardless. A question? Did not catch what time to tune in tomorrow? Time zones and stuff...

Sincerely Mikael.

Crypto's are going to bring down these central bank mafia's and i am going to use every bit of my profits to break these banks!!! buy silver and pay off their phony ass debt!!

The percent gains are unreallllll

waiting for £1, 000, 000

Let the haters and uneducated choke on our dust. Also kiss our asses !!

have watched your videos for awhile. Thank you for the info you bring to us!

Awesome for bitcoin

Awesome great work you guys are doing and keeping all of us informed. Go Steemit and Go Bitcoin!

Jeff, thank you so much for your videos and getting me into steemit and crypto currencies.

great post ! thanks for your infos!

Good eye on investments and technology that helps us be freer <3

Count me in! Hopefully I don't get stuck at work and miss this but if I do miss it, please make it so it will be available to view later.

That is a great idea, I work all day and usually have to do personal work in the evening. It would nice if those who miss out can view it latter



4000$ next month!

I'm looking forward to the live feed! Thank you.

The insane price of bitcoin, keep on increasing. I'm glad to hear from you @dollarvigilante

@dollarvigilante i cant find your live video! , send a link, or some Steem ;)

Bitcoin is going crazy! Over 0.05 cents! I could imagine the excitement back then. It has come so far since then.

So may people regret not getting in earlier. I say don't regret! Instead plan and study on how to get in to it now, cryptocurrencies are still a young market and we can still benefit greatly from it!

Thanks for the update Jeff. Definitely looking forward to your live feed tomorrow.

Great Article! You are forgetting #navcoin and their gains in 2016! Anon, but a different beast since it's PoS, Forked from BTC makes it easy to adapt, SegWit activated and working in a project to create Anon Dapps inside their secondary blockchain. Look here:

Exciting times, and it's only going to grow!

Hi sir i watch all your videos on you tube and i have been doing this since 2015 i got in trading stock, heard about bitcoin for the first time i bought bitcoins when it was $1200 thanks to you. You have inspired me in many ways thank you your are a good human being, and i hope good things happen to you and one last thing i heard about steemit from you and hear i am. Thanks a lot.

let's celebrate.....up...up....bitcoin


Thanks for the advise wishes for the future ....🤙🏼

Awesome.... Followed friend....

Im only new to this but love its possibilities... Thanks for your blog, it definitely gives hope to a revolution of the world we live in. keep putting in that work pal

I'll be joining you tomorrow!

Man, can you donate me 0.5 steem dollar?
As I wanted to invest in steem currency because I know it will definitely will rise in value.However, my dad was not allowing me to do that. Can you let to prove to my father that i am right? Thank you.

Hello @wallsnow

I will flag you if you do not stop this spam.
You will have to say I am sorry or ask why not if you do not want to be downvoted.

It is an exciting time we live in now with the anarchy on the rise (hopefully that will explode soon into a wonderful free world), the opportunities to make a living without the government breathing down your neck, and dump the lottery, Bitcoin is among the best investment you can do for yourself.
It's like Jeff says, if the internet is taken down with complete power outage, who will then care about finance?... so there is no risk! Buy Bitcoin, do it... now, c'mon do it! DO IT!!! Or you will regret it forever!

This is awesome, congrats! It's an inspiring milestone! :)

The roof... the roof.... THE ROOF IS ON FIRE!

Should be an "exciting" day for you today, Jeffey boi. I am confident you will "out-Cramer" Jim Cramer so hang in there buddy. I don't think Cramer EVER generated two consecutive 30%+ drops in any individual stock ticker within a 30 day time period. You have teh chance to do just that so I am rooting for ya, buddy! :-)