Bitcoin Hits New All-Time High Over $4,400 As It Catches Paypal In Total Market Cap

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One year ago today, bitcoin was trading at $570 USD.

Today it just hit a new all-time high over $4,400 and has a market capitalization of over $72 billion.

That now puts bitcoin on the same level as Paypal, which as of today, also has a market capitalization of $72 billion.

Likewise, bitcoin’s market cap is now greater than that of several major financial institutions including UBS and Prudential which stand at 65.72B and 48.41B respectively.

Bitcoin’s value of $4,400 does not include Bitcoin Cash, which was forked off of bitcoin just two weeks ago and is currently trading near $300.

Combined, for those who held bitcoin prior to August 1st and who haven’t sold their Bitcoin Cash, they now have a total value of $4,700.

This massive rise in bitcoin has caused another big spike in the market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies to a new all-time high over $142 billion

And bitcoin has regained a total dominance over all other cryptocurrencies by moving just slightly above 50% again.

To say that bitcoin has been doing unbelievably well would be an understatement!

We’ve been receiving a lot of happy comments from subscribers to the TDV newsletter (subscribe HERE) in our private Facebook group, like these:

We are so happy to have been a help to so many people and we’re not done yet. In many ways many of the things we talk about at The Dollar Vigilante haven’t even happened yet. So, we are just getting started!

Join us (click here for a special offer) today for a special price to celebrate all our gains to date.

I’m thrilled to see bitcoin surpassing Paypal and look forward to the day where Paypal no longer exists. Anyone who has ever had dealings with Paypal will understand that sentiment and likely be cheering along with me!

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I'm getting onboard this evolution. Got my bitpay wallet where I hold the keys, but are having a hard time being able to convert any fiat New Zealand dollars into Bitcoin so I can purchase a Bitpay Visa card. I fully intend to do tattoos for Bitcoin more and more as this evolution gains traction.


I personally would keep all these cryptos and not convert into fiat. I see the future in not spending in dollars (or any fiat) but spending my cryptos with a debit card like Monaco or TenX pay whatever is available.


I agree, do not convert into Fiat unless you really need the money, or else just keep it and watch your money grow.


I agree on many levels with you... However, I do think just as there was the .com crash we will see the same thing happing to crypto. I do also think that bitcoin will have a pull back and then next year Feb reach all times high's once more.

Bitcoin is an amazing opportunity. It can improve your financial situation quickly. However, the general public is still reluctant. People think that Bitcoin is too volatile, not safe and has no real value. That's what most reluctant people think. They don't realize that cryptocurrencies are more and more used in the economy. They're going to miss the train...


Totally agree.


The general public is always reluctant.

If the general public were ever ready to accept new technologies and ideas, then the world would have been much different.

If more people had invested in the Stocks way back when it was introduced then much more would have been like Warren Buffet if only people had accepted automated factories. But people are always reluctant, and this causes the economy to progress at a slower pace.


I think soon, in few week later, bitcoin will achieve the 5000$ barrier. It's a question of time.


It will take at least one more month to cross $5000 mark.

People who used to look at me funny when I talked about bitcoin are now asking me how to open a wallet:) there's a slight sense of satisfaction in that...

As Per the Recent News, Soon BitCoin will be Accessible Via Satellite. Which Says or Proves that It will be ahead of all the Existing Systems SOON !!! So, Only We can Say is "LONG LIVE BITCOIN"...

Thanks - @cWorldV99

Jeff it is great to see you back. I missed you for like a week or so. I love the Dog Walks too on the @jeffberwick channel. Love you Brother !


But the music video Jeff left week ago was so spot on

What are your thoughts on the correction that usually follows these massive price spikes ? Surly one is coming soon ?

Or has the world finally woken up?

FUCK paypal! Bitcoin to the moon! Awesome post, upvoted :)

P.S I have a SBD giveaway happening on my most recent post, check it out for some free SBD ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

That's so wild! Everyone has crypto regrets but trust me it's still early when we're talking about inbuilt exponential growth. We've all experienced inflation. Get you some STEEM/Bitcoin and enjoy deflation.

Its booming into the future! PayPal is a big name, so for Bitcoin to pass its MC is amazing, bringing more and more credibility to the crypto world everyday!

it seems like geting btc with pay pal is good. but would suck if pay pal stoped funding for btc

Bitcoin has had a good rally has of late. If bitcoin surpasses $12000 +/- $200, it will be the first mega cap bitcoin. To put that into perspective, only 15 NYSE stocks are mega caps.

I sold an item on ebay 2 weeks ago and paypal are still holding my money, I want to get it out so I can buy bitcoin, anyone know the best way to buy bitcoin with paypal so I can get away from them?

certainly amazing!, how much higher you think BTC will raise this year?, is it still good to buy?

Great video enjoying your work. Keep them coming.

PayPal is not your pal! There are so many onerous surprises, especially for recipients. They play God with your money. Again a single failure point, that governments can exacerbate.

I'm looking forward to the day when people say "PayWho?" or "there's a blast from the past."

Im starting to agree with some analyst that say we have a long way to go before Bitcoin becomes a bubble. 🖒 DollarVigilate

Exciting times to be alive! We are literately witnessing an old economy die and new one be born. Exciting times ahead!

I got into BTC and ETH because of you and in the last year I've done amazing. I convinced some of my friends and my brother to get into them too and they're all doing great and think I'm a guru but the credit goes to you bro. Peace

Soon Bitcoin will be mainstream and we will really see the price go to the moon. And all the people who were nay sayers will be in awe of our lambos while they struggle to afford bread and basic staples for their families after the fiat collapse that is to come. And then we will say "But we told you about this remember?"

Wow this is awesome news and yes I am totally in agreement with you re PayPal !!
Just started following you as you obviously have your finger on the pulse so to speak.
Have a beautiful day!

You take a good long hard look at that chart! It says volcanic eruption bubble incoming and the correction is not going to be pretty! Wait for the correction and buy at the bottom, not at the top!

Buy at the top and you will be burned, mark my words!

As always I upvote/follow/resteem those that do the same for me. Just don't spam my feed or will unfollow/mute.

If you see it and focus only in one part of a big picture the crypto gain is high but see it as a whole, its in balance. In fact there are some crypto who is now lossing and some are dying. @dollarvigilante, whatever you say sir, you are absolutely right!

Bitcoin about to hit the $5000 jackpot
off to the moon 🙌🙌

Be careful about Bitfinex, one of the exchanges that have been discussed here. They are using Tether to finance their day-to-day operations, which will result in trouble down the line.


This PSA is only because I know Jeff has mentioned BFX without this particular footnote, and I want new investors to be aware of the potential risks.

bye bye paypal
Now hello bitcoin

Bitcoin is what PayPal wanted to be...amazing, but yeah, it is true that this obviously will be a bubble like movement. Maybe people still remember DotCom boom and won't go totally nuts.

Bitcoin has been doing very well. When need a little cheer up after a bad trade or about maybe dealing with some negative talk about crypto, I just look at the 1yr graph of BTC... thats all that peaks me back in !!

do you guys think its better just to hold BTC or trade it like I do on Bittrex?

Amazing! And F PayPal! That is all.

I feel like we're still on pace for more gains.

So... when is bitcoin going to crash to sub-$1000?

Bitcoin just keep breaking the record

Solid blog. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The fluctuating market will result in the greatest price swings any market has ever seen. An interesting website I found: They give great insights in the team, the product, advisors, community, the business and the business model and other techincal insights. Go to: For a complete Bitcoin Analysis.

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Hi Jeff, I am a member
Paypal sucks shit along with Facebook.

With you here on Steemit, Can you Please get a Dollar Vigilante Steemit Group on the site instead of Fuckbook

Bitcoin and other Altcoins are just simply the future there is no denying it

Super poste, mais je pense que nous ne pouvons pas faire une comparaison entre deux actifs de 2 industries différentes

A question friend how much do you expect the correction of bitcoin to sell? I would like your opinion

It is all so exciting and really hoping for the best here!

📌What is investment?

⭕️Usain Bolt has won 9 gold medals in last 3 Olympics and he has run less than 2 mins on the track. That's economy of effort.

⭕️Usain Bolt ran for less than 115 secs in total in his 3 Olympics and made $119 million dollars! That's more than $1 million for each second he ran!
But for those 2 mins he trained for 20+ years ! That's investment.

💢Think long term. Patience pays ❗️ THINK BITCOIN

@dollarvigilante ,
I liked your post very much.
I have been investigating about Bitcoin for 2 days. Your post helped to learn more about bitcoins.

It will probably be over 50000$ with in 2020, I think.
Upvoting and resteeming .. I will follow you from now on.

Thanks for your hard work. :)

Future is here. Im glad that finally its time.

You never know, by end of next year its possible Ether/Ethereum will be at the same value!

Bitcoin Cash mining has reached parity with Bitcoin. Final Warning: If you have Bitcoin and not Bitcoin Cash, you could be left with nothing if Bitcoin goes into Chain Death Spiral.

Will it crash again? Or am I the unlucky dude that had the knowledge but could not acquire the funds (even though people had to me pay quite a bit..... in theory 5000 euro.... so much missed but I don't feel bad :) It is only mannon playing tricks on the minds of humans (this is not real work; this is fantasy world; but could lead to a land free of usury in the minds of some; or I dunno.... I say grab the pitchfork and chase urury away :P).



it could had been my way to give 15k euro to the government just so that I may start my own political party....

When the BCC fork was introduced, many people thought that BTC would lose its value and would go back to what it was a year ago. But somehow BTC isn’t ready to call it quits, and each and every day it reaches a new all-time high.

The best thing about BTC is that everyone can have a piece of its pie no matter how big or small your investments.

March 2011 - Will always be one of the "Always Remember" dates for me. I spent just under $9 more or less as a gag... Hopefully by 2021 im retired...

Wow, I've got some money in crypto, but not much therefore I'm still playing it very safe, don't know why. I guess I'm not meant to be investor because I'm just too much scared of eventually losing money though I really doubt BTC is going to crash anytime soon as it's even getting officially accepted in Japan.

And they say less than 1% uses Bitcoin.. Imagine once it gets widely used!