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I was shocked when I saw the clip this morning... Unfortunately not her on steemit but it came on my YouTube feed... This is hilarious and made me laugh since most of the time all the crypto videos are very serious... Great to loosen up sometimes, especially now when everyone can breath for a while.... Great job and keep bringing good news from Acapulco:)...


Best song on the web :) Good job, Jeff!

Jeff, do you have an email where I can contact you?


freedom (at)
I saw this on the video of mantis beats (the original all the way up) today.


Do you know if he responds to every email? I have some interesting shit he would definitely be interested in.

R.I.P Peter


u mean Peter "sniff" ? LOL ...XDDDDDD


I died laughing when I heard that LOL


Me too

I am usually not so much into rap-music, but this is the best rap song I have ever seen, especially because of the people in it and the messages.

Great work.

Great song, love it

I love this so very much.


Yeah, so do I

Jeff is the man.
A lot of learning In here.
Good post blog as always!!!


Sure lots of them are very good and entertaining, which is why i follow him too. Wouldn't say this one has a lot of learning here though. Did you watch the video?


I should say a lot of thinking. I go deep in the words that was saying.
Keep on steemit !

Track was fire 🔥🔥🔥. I got beats let's work!

Those are some amazing bars you are spitting @dollarvigilante
Absolute Lyrical Genius!
'Straight to the moon bitcoin all the way up'
It keeps playing on repeat in my mind now.
How long did it take to make this?
'fuck you Ben Bernanke!' haha

This is just hilarious. All the up ... straight to the moon ;)
hope jay-z and fat joe like it, too^^

Jammin to this song like

Had to watch it twice. Great song!

wow @dollarvigilante AKA @jeffberwick I never knew that you can rap tight like a brother. Let the bitcoin haters see this and take a jump!!!! Bitcoin and Steem will rule the world.
I also exposed Dan secret plan in my blog post : Exposed: @Dan Hidden Plan To Take Over The World feel free to see it there as it relates to crypto haters. More success to you and keep up the great work.

F*cking Awesome!

That reminds me; I need to check in on @mrviquez's blog and see if he's made the shitcoins song in the studio yet. :-D

"switz bank account in their pockets" haha nice music video mr.$ vigilante

@dollarvigilante I signed up for the TDV newsletter website and was supposed to get the equivalent of $50 of Bitcoin within 3 to 14 days. Today is day 14 and I still have not received anything...are you guys waiting so that Bitcoin will go up further so that you give me the least amount of Bitcoin?

Epic video I loved it.

I saw this last night "All the Way Up" and I Noticed LUCY in the young mans arms at the Beginning of the JAM !!! Love It..............

I'm glad to see that bitcoin has humbled you...

good stuff


It's all the way up for Bitcoin...Dope video..thank you for sharing :)

I love what i just saw

Very true and entertaining. Made me smile.
Are the Obomber quotes real?

Eff you Ben Bernanke! haha! And that's right Obama.. you cannot touch our Swiss bank accounts! The guy at 2:00 is a pretty good rapper. Great job guys.

Nice one brother! Enjoyed that very much. Nice beach.

This is going to the moon!!!

Bitcoin seams to have no celling soon will have more value than the biggest stocks.

Bitcoin never fail to surprise us :D

Great post, I like your post, I will follow every post you

trump would have been better instead of obama:)

Thought I'd crash the party with some follow-up on the mounting Bitfinex disaster.

Here's a good write-up about why Tether and BFX is turning into a digital "QE" --

If you have any funds on BFX I strongly suggest you put them elsewhere. This is looking like the next Mt. Gox.

Be safe, be prepared.

Hey wait a minute... where are the Lambos? It's nice to see the silly and fun side of Jeff. See you all at the moon.

one love man!i subscribe to your youtube channel.this is cool .all the way danceing to the music.for real?are you the one raping?


You might want to add an extra 'p' in there somewhere... :)

I hope Bitcoin lowers in price 😂


Exactly! I'm not stupid enough to buy on a rise. A Bitcoin drop forecast would be appreciated Jeff.


Is there ever a bad time to buy bitcoin?

It is a great video! I don't like rap, so that is saying something.

Ooooh this thing is gonna break the internet.... I can feel it.... Anything Canada's second best rapper touches turns to gold! Or Bitcoin actually !

That video is outstanding! Bitcoin and other cryptos set to increase "all the way" up as traditional markets panic due to threat of nuclear war in Asia and other unsettling global events.


If there's nuclear war do you think the computers could survive the EMPs? After nuclear apocalypse if you can't eat gold, how much worse with Bitcoin?


If there's a nuclear war do you think the humans could survive the fallout?

This is excellent! :) Keep it up!

@dollarvigilante Thanks for the great work you are doing spreading the grood news about cryptocurrency.
The Rap is also damn nice .....You have rap talent too hahahaha....
Nothing can stop Us(Steemit)...All the way up.

What is ur prediction about bitcoin in 2018

@dollarvigilante this is such a cool video. I commented on it on a post. That is such an awesome video

NEO is booming... such a happy camper

Great Video. I hate the central bank monopoly on money. Money is supposed to be something that a seller is willing to except as payment in trade. It doesn't a government decree to decide what money is. The free market is fully capable of deciding what money is. So as @dollarvigilante said, fuck yellen.

Flashback of the 80's Jeffy boy!!!! making a come back :)

Makes me want to break-dance again.

hahaah that super cool video go bitcoin!!!

All the way up up up.

wish I was playing with some #crypto not so long ago but .. better late than never .. :D

This was actually better than I expected ! :D

That was fucking stellar bro.

This is the greatest thing I have ever seen.

Regretful we only have one upvote to cast.

C'est domage qu'on ne peut voter qu'une seule fois.

That was fucking epic, Jeff!!!

The rest of the world will eventually be like:


Actually there's a lot of zombies buying Bitcoin now that the mainstream media are flaunting the profit potential of Bitcoin.

Ohh my god

I love this meh, its crazy to watch you do something totally different today and i hope we could do something like this for steem in the future when the price is going all the way up

This... This is the whitest thing I've ever seen in my entire life.

Lol just as I was watching this on Youtube for like the 5th time, I come back here on Steemit and see it again :D All the way up :)

Fuck you ben bernanke! :D :D

Jeff I don't buy on a rise, how about a forecast for the next drop?

ayeeeeeeeeee! DJ jeffy jeff lol

This is fucking awesome, be following @dollarvigilante for a long time on Youtube. Keep up the great work. This is awesome.

The new report is out as well!!

Very entertaining. What do do think of these info. Watch "BREAKING: BANKERS' NEW SDR CRYPTO BLOCKCHAIN WILL ENSLAVE HUMANITY - Lynette Zang" on YouTube

@dollarvigilante i have sent u some free steem 😂😂😂😂

FOLLOW me and get some free every week.

More countries like Japan, South Korea will embrace the currency, this trend should continue to send BTC up!

great post keep the good work

That's hype! Let all the fudders fud but this shit is the realz yo! BRRRAP

Bitcoin and crypto currency is a significant happening in history and we are a part of it!!

All the way up! Yes man and I'm on that ride because of you brother! I stumbled across your videos over on Youtube and got into Bitcoin shortly after I started watching. Then I followed you over here on Steemit! Thanks Jeff @dollarvigilante for your work and for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us all. I appreciate it!

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Obama is a worthless bitch

well he did say he was in Mexico living like a rapper lol

made my night, haha thanks!

I'm just gonna back away slowly, and we'll pretend this never happened. Ok?

Hahahaha I wont lie.. you need a bit of work on your flow Jeff! But I love it and it's interesting how things all seem to happen around the same time for a reason.. I'm about to drop my new song #rapcrypto that was inspired by yourself and @keiserreport and BTW.. I'm hoping to make it to Anarchapulco in Feb and I'm using this song to fund my trip, so when it drops hope to get some feedback from you! Respect for the work you put in and looking fwd to meeting you @dollarvigilante aka @jeffberwick :P

Hey Great Article!!
It was really useful and Informative!!
Thanks for posting such an impressive totally inspired me and the rap was so cool!!
I write articles on bitcoins and other stuffs would really appreciate if you would check them out and give your views on it..
Thanks and i already upvoted and followed you :)
Hope to get followed back.

thanks for share sir

Love it :)

Boorek Obama, what a puppet.

My question concerns the size of the transactions in terms of storage capacity on each individual device. How would this not lead to corporate interjections and eventually the attempt of corporations to store and control the eventually numerous transactions of the future. Would you please help me understand this concept and if it is actually an issue of the future.

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I realize no one is talking about it yet, but I have a Pocket Change Theory that works well with the Power Congress has to Coin Money and "Regulate" the Value thereof, as seen in Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution...

Here we go baby! Good Job!

Yah - I like the fun of this video - good for you Jeff - nothing like celebrating when we have something to celebrate. I love the whole new crypto world.

Droppin crypto-knowledge making the ladies go cray cray 🎶 😎

Bank robbery is an initiative of amateurs. True professionals establish a bank- Bertolt Brecht

It's a hit! My new favorite jam.

Great Video! Great Lyrics! I am following and upvoting!
Check out my most recent article.

Great track Jeff! Awesome beats and raps! Great film clip!! Much respect from the Land Down Under! ✌️👌👍👊