Bitcoin megabull trend prediction confirmed and its consequences

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Bitcoin is still close to the famous megabull trend prediction.

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By 2020 a large number of bitcoin holders will start their own startups in a totally decentralized market.

Their objective will be "helping world business tokenization".

Companies around the world will be the ones who will ask for help and active crypto investors in their process of adaptation to a new decentralized market, in which blockchains interoperabilities will improve new models of rewards and allocation of assets and services within a new economy wealth distribution scenario.

Many trditional jobs will change, becoming distributed and microtargeted, with new tasks that today we even imagine.

We won't work as nowadays, we will be totally sumerged in an interconnected activity with the only objective to improve global economy, enviroinment and society.

The next decade is going to be the beginning of a new educational period of human hostory in which man will educate himself with the help and supervisation of AI.

Our goal will be the constant optimization at a larger and globalized scale, in which most of the enterprises on the planet will work for a global target and not only for their own wealth.

Today for many of you it seems an exagerated futuristic scenario, but in early 2019, a lot of blockchain projects will disrupt global economy, carrying entire markets sectors into a decentralized landscape.

It is going to be a large process but it will be clear and evident from the beginning.

Many of the actual economical parameters will be swept away by new functions available for users and entreprises, changing and reshaping B2B models and the way in which users interact with each other and with service providers.

Gigabit Smartphones will give enormous possibilities to end users and enterprises.


Entertainment and gaming will be the first tokenized economy to show the power of blochchain, creating a token based economy (that is still operative with many projects based on blockchain tokens started in late 2017) that will change the life of a large part of the population, creating micro tasks that will reward people for playing, watching, monitoring digital ecosystems.

Then medical, assurances, and general services like transportation, communications, logistics will adopt first locally and then globally blockchain as a method for store and manage their datas.

At the end more sophisicated systems and "post blockchain" technologies will conglomerate governs and entities in a costellation of digitalized and interconnected systems driven by AI.

Army will be one of the last global sector to be structurated with the help of AI.

But we have gone far away in time, let's come back to 2020.

Internet enterprises will create more complex mobile internet apps which will be runned by faster machines, laptops, PCs and next generation smartphones.


5G will definitively apply wireless technology to our life and this will lead to a new and fascinating world.

In the next 2 or 3 years.

In 2021 who will be holding 1 bitcoin will be able to change its life and decide how to better improve society.

DYWap_iUQAARV_a.jpg large.jpg

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