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RE: Lightning Network 5,477 Active Channels ! 40% Increase In A Week

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My two cents on your last question would be, only coins bringing about innovative technology/feature will remain. For example, privacy coins (which BTC is not), fully decentralized coins (BitShares for one, even more because of iQuintric coming in June and allowing the purchase of gold, silver... on BTS DEX), and so on. Ripple will also have a bright future, because of its "bank" allies, and Ethereum with its raiden upgrade, provided it's fully ready soon enough. Not to mention XLM, and its actual testing by IBM.

But once again, just my 2 cents! :)


Yea, you might be right. The Blockchain 3.0 protocols would be my pick tbh (EOS,ADA,NEO) I really would prefer investing in these rather than in ETH. Thanks for commenting :P

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