BCH - NEO - XRP - XVG - DGB... Altcoins to go phasic with BTC? Well, yes and no... Read this blog!

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Hey everyone! First of all and once again, let me wish you and your family a Merry Christmas. Let us not forget about all those less lucky people out in the cold. Never forget that what one gives is rewarded back a hundred times!

Lately Bitcoin's correction has had many wondering about whether the current cryptosphere was getting bearish, or, on the way round, if this was another great opportunity to buy the dip.

Well, here's my two cents: some altcoins will, anyhow, grow even stronger off this episode. See for yourself:


DGB is forming a beautiful ABCDE correction in the form of a bullish flag. Circled waves D & E must confirm, but what should we do? Sell some at 0.07, buy back at 0.055.

Next? XVG.


Another downward pointed bullish flag...! Next destination should be UP according to this pattern. However an alternative must be taken into account:


Same count, still bullish, same destination! On to XRP, one of my favorites:


Bullish as it can get! And here's a longer perspective and possible forecast:


Now, would you like some serious bearishness? We're off to NEO and ETH. So here's NEO with TWO possible pathways (ETH has a similar looking chart):



So what do we have here? We may be looking at a possible candidate ready to test the $35 main support line either it be in the form of a WXY correction, or because of a bearish ABCDE triangle forming. Remember that patterns can morph into something else as time goes by.

And now, my favorite, Bitcoin Cash. I would like you to take a look at this triangle, and more particularly, at the circled price movement:


Now, look at this ABCDE correction that occured late november early december, and pay attention to the circled part as well:


Don't you see the forest behind the tree, as would @haejin say? There is a possibility of a fractals in the way BCH corrects. And look where it's been bringing us so far: higher highs!


EDIT 1: Look how BCH price is narrowing onto the past all time high of $2800! It is now literally BOUNCING over it! This $2800 line needs to become the new support line for a decisive impulse UP!


SO what I'm trying to say here is, despite BTC not knowing where to head as of right now, there are so many great alternatives. Remember that even if today BTC is the king of the cryptosphere, one day, he may be slain and surpassed by his heir, Bitcoin Cash, who himself may be dethroned by another generation of the Bitcoin family.

However, between you and me, we all know there will always be one discreet and yet dominant winner in the long run. (cough BITSHARES ! cough)..... !

Enjoy the ride!


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Have a good one!


this is very very nice! thank you very much!
Can you do a DOGE update?
I am LOST on Doge lol, no clue wth is happening I see a bear flag... but im not even sure anymore

I got out little over the dollar and went in on EOS.
I really miss @haejin these days. @freeforever and @ew-and-patterns posts less frequently. These monkeys really got in the way of our profits.

So do I! Really missed him today, I guess he's been busy. Also Haejin's not been posting today, and I really do think he's been flabbergasted by all this crap and the bullying. He does not deserve it and I stand a fervent defender of his method, since I learnt everything from him.

DOGE/USD same structure as XVG, and that would be a bullish flag ;) Major support @ 53 satoshi.

Yes. But remember. Most alt coins are reliant on BTC. So if BTC goes down, so do they. If BTC goes,so do they (usually). Sometimes when the price of BTC goes up quick, ALT coins suffer. But you cant solely look at USD pairs because the BTC pair might drag it down. And you first analysis says to sell low and buy high. I believe you have it backwards. I think you meant .05 not .55.

Thanks for the heads-up! Now that was a typo... Editted! ;)

As for BTC, I must say it depends. People are not forced to go through BTC to buy some BTS, ETH, NEO, BCH... Otherwise, buying alts would be irrelevant in most cases, and all we should be looking for would be BTC price moves. If a sufficient amount of € / £ / $ or whatever fiat currency is used to directly buy these cryptos, then BTC has nothing to do with their rising and falling.

That’s true. But wouldn’t you agree we aren’t at that point yet? Because most people do get into alts through BTC. That’s why BTC is generally trending up. Because most people get into crypto through BTC and then trade

Agreed on that. That's even more true when it comes to altcoins such as XVG and such, which cannot be traded via anything else than BTC (at least as of today...) in spite of being popular coins. Still, I have always bought XRP using EUR.

Bonjour, quel superbe article, il est très bien détaillé, ça vous oblige à prendre beaucoup de temps, pas vrai?
Vous méritez d'être plus populaires sur la plateforme steemit, car votre travail est fourni et passionnant et très impressionnant;)
Ravie de vous connaître, mon nouveau ami.
J'espère que tu pourras aller voir mon contenu sur mon blog;) et tu donnes ton avis, d'accord?
Bonne journée;)

Merci beaucoup pour votre commentaire! EN effet cela prend du temps, mais le plus important est que cela reste informatif. à très bientôt!

Like your content, please be focus just in your TA, congratulations! Thnx

Can you check on Vechain too . I hope Dgb goes up in 2018 .

why? It appears you wrote an article about it yesterday. Or aren't you confident in your saying? :)
DGB will go up. So will XRP. Invest now, enjoy later.

Vechian is already 2x from when i invested . But the thing is , it is not moving up now . Whales are manipulating . There are huge sell walls everyday that makes the price stable .

Despite of having the best partnerships in this crypto market , it's price is not increasing on new announcements . I wanted to know what's going on. I will ask someone else .

There are ton of shitcoins whose price goes sky high on speculation and there is one good Vechain that has some solid partnerships whose price stay stable .

Well, the way I see it, VET/BTC could be currently ending a double bottom cup & handle pattern started late august, and should now be well within its handle. So there's one thing required for price to go up: volumes must keep increasing. Despite all the manipulation, it will rise if it has to. Don't hesitate to upvote if this comment has been helpful! ;)

Thank you for your analysis !!!!

any time :)

well it got 2x Lol . Cup and handle crushed the whales . What do you think about One Simple Token OST . I guess it is going to be pumped soon .

thanks for the great analysis, subscribed!
Do you think this is the bottom for XVG? Has it taken the alternative count for wave V?
Would love some kind of idea when we might see the next impule upwards. With the Wraith announcement coming that would obviously be the news following the price but some targets like your XRP count would be so good.
Much appreciated. I have followed cryptosuf and yourself via Haejin's blog.
Thankyou for the generous education!

thank you very much, appreciate! You should check my last blog, I made a post on XVG since you requested it. Solely for your information! Not a prediction ;)

Can you check this for me please , I have been toying with the elliot waves lately ;