Satoshi Nakamoto: A comprehensive translation of an enigma

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Never satisified with the "Central Intelligence" meaning of the name, Decentro takes a look at how clever this name actually is.

First off, the "Central Intelligence" translation of this name is a far, far, stretch and over simplification of literal meanings and translations of the name Satoshi Nakamoto.  So, this article doesn't even present it as an option.  Instead, let's look at the many other very real possibilities of what this name actually means.

Translating Japanese names, a huge challenge.

When presented with just the alphabet version of the name, translating a Japanese presents several difficulties.  One is that there are many kanji (characters) that can come together to make this name.  Compounding the challenge is that each character has several, if not many meanings.  So, let's take this one step at a time, and we will start with the easy bit: Nakamoto.

Translating Nakamoto

Nakamoto is a name comprised of two kanji.  The first is 'naka'

can mean: inside, middle, central, during and/or in the process of something happening, throughout or all over (as in obiquitous).

The second kanji in Nakamoto is 'moto' And there are two possible characters that this could be.

本 or 元

本 can mean: book, a script or a scenario.  This kanji is also used as a counter for long skinny things (pens, sticks, trains) as a counter for rounds in boxing or judo or for counting homeruns in baseball.

If Nakamoto is spelled as 中本

Then Decentro's best guess for the true intended meaning of Nakamoto is:

A book in the process of happening that is throughout (all nodes).

元 can mean: cause, origin, basis, foundation, cost.

If Nakamoto is spelled as 中元

Then the name Nakamoto most likely means:

A central cause (for the dev team that created Bitcoin) OR a foundation/origin in the process of happening (as in the foundation/origin of things to come).

Now for the most difficult challenge, translation of the name Satoshi.

There are many kanji and thus possibilities here, and Decentro will present only those which are on point.

Sato could be presented as 敏, 里, or 郷, all of which have different and multiple meanings.

敏 can mean: clever, quick or sharp (in an intellectual sense).

This character can also be read as 'Satoshi', making the complete name in one character And is the most likely case for the name Satoshi, since 敏 is commonly used for the name Satoshi.

Another (not too viable but interesting) option:

'Sato' could be an abbreviation for ease of reading of 'Satou' (砂糖), which means 'sugar'.

里 Can mean: village, hometown, redlight district, one's origins or birthplace or original home, the countryside, hickishness.

郷 Can mean: hometown, village

shi' from Satoshi could be represented by a total of 10 different kanji! ( 志, 史, 士, 次, 司, 矢, 市, 嗣, 巳, 旨). Let's quickly take a look at the possibilities:

志: intention

史: chronicler of history

士: Samurai or gentlemen

次: next or upcoming

司: director

矢: arrow

市: city

嗣: heir

巳: year of the snake

旨: delicious 

So, the name Satoshi could mean any of the following:


Clever gentlemen

Clever intention

Sugar City (implying the creator(s) knew the invention would be a cash cow).

Clever chronicler of history

The origins of chronicling history

The origins of what is upcoming or next (implying the creator(s) knew how huge blockchain tech would be)

Clever heir ( implying the creator(s) knew the blockchain would essentially replace old systems)

Decentro's conclussions.

The name Satoshi Nakamoto is too perfect in its possible meanings in relation to the blockchain and bitcoin.  It is clearly made up by a person or a group of people.  

Most likely the origin of the name is by a foreigner living in Japan, or who has had a strong connection to Japan.  This is believed because Japanese people very much take the literal translations of their names entirely for granted and rarely ever think about it.  If a group is responsible for this invention, then it is very small, probably 2 or 3 people (since the secrets of the origins have not yet been disclosed).

Decentro has already taken much liberty in translation options so he cannot choose the correct answer.  Instead, upvote the options that you like the most in the comments so that steemit can come to a consensus and present to the world what we collectively agree as the most probable translation the name Satoshi Nakamoto.

The most likely options are:

Sugar City as the main cause.

A clever chronicling of history as a book that is in the process of happening and throughout (all nodes).

This work has taken great effort... please upvote this post to reward Decentro's efforts, me re-steem!

  And, feel free to donate BTC if you are Satoshi, and you think Decentro fricken' nailed this puzzle once and for all!

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We have presented some material on the "Who is Satoshi" enigma which we think you'll really enjoy?

Really interesting read! Didn't know it could stand for all those things!

Great post!

I like this quote by Victor Hugo and I think it fits blockchain technology pretty well!

Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.

The origins of what is upcoming or next.

No one will know which is right until Satoshi surfaces!!! At least we can be pretty sure a fake name and the rest is up to guessing and interpretation.

Sugar city as the main cause.

A clever chronicling of history as a book that is in the process of happening and throughout (all nodes).

I actually think “a quick chronicle of history happening throughout.” Would be the optimum translation

This was a great article. I have written a post about the mystery of Satoshi and some of my ideas on who he/she/they are;

Very interesting!!!! The mystery of the true identity of SN has also intrigued me and from other information I have gathered on the internet, I agree with you that the name is likely a pseudonym and has a hidden meaning in it. I have read other theories which suggest that components of the blockchain and mining systems themselves could have allegorical meaning.

I hope one day we will find him.

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