Cryptobobby, Cryptobud & David Hay - NAC3 Live Panel

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NAC3 New York panel featuring Cryptobobby, Cryptobud, and David Hay.

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Cool talk!

If i had enough phone credit i would watch it :s

loved this site! ( when did u develop this site?I am sure its new..correct me if i am wrong!

nice panel, watched the whole thing.
you were really funny to watch the first 15 minutes with that candy in your mouth... it kinda looked like you did find some good weed after all...

apart from that I did pick up on some good info, thanks for sharing...

Thanks really enjoyed watching it, my favorite youtubers live :P
Only one important problem - the SOUND needs much improvement. Very important aspect of broadcasting.

Thanks for everything you do for us. I really value learning from you guys.

P.S. Actually it sounds much better here on dtube.

Enjoyed the show. Learned a lot. Every day i learn a little more in Crypto land. Hey, quick question. Is the Dtube login the same as your login for Steemit or do you have to create a different account. I tried to login using the long password assigned to me from Steemit but it would not let me login.. Then I see Dtube is asking for a private posting key. I have not seen that in Steem. Any help so i can start watching you on Dtube and drop youtube.

Same login, go to your steemit wallet, permissions, all various keys are there.

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