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Welcome to the Weekly Crypto Market Roundup, Every week I go through the (TOP 40) Cryptocurrencies (mainly chart analysis) alongside my personal take. On Fridays, I update the TOP 10 and 5 every day after. My analysis is long-term investment grade analysis and although I recommend a lot of buys and sells, I don't invest in all (very picky). You can see the ones I'm invested in at the bottom of this page (COINLIFE PORTFOLIO).

I want to help build a community of knowledge, we are still in the early days of this tech revolution. Please ask any question and I will see to point you in the right direction. Also If you have any chart requests, I am happy to provide them!


#1 - Bitcoin (BTC) - (SELL) ...then (BUY)

I'm expecting bitcoin to consolidate in price for the next couple of months where we could see reasonable accumulation prices at between $1700 to $2000. After this, expect prices to pop to over $10k into January 2017. This is not to say that prices won't pop higher (as I expect).

#2 Etherium (ETH)

Although I'm not invested in ETHER - The chart looks great and Its time to (BUY)

#3 Ripple (XRP)

Ripple is a non-mined coin. From a technical perspective its at a buy point. It appears to have finished off consolidating in price and we wait to see a nice upward price correction.

#4 LiteCoin (LTC)

I know there is a lot of hype with LTC right now but the charts have been and still are bearish when measured in BITCOIN. Although it may go up in dollars, its safe to bet that BTC will out pace. LTC is a TESTNET for BTC and trades as such.

#5 Etherium Classic (ETC) - (HOLD/WATCH)

This one was difficult ... definatly looks like it want to pop in price but at the same time its still in a down cycle. As these forces push against each other price tends to move sideways. My hope is that it moves sideways just above the channel and then vertical in price. (Accumulation)

#6 NEM - (SELL)

Be careful with NEM - I know a lot of people are LONG but it appears to be in full consolidation mode and may drop another 50% before it comes back up for air ... we will keep a close eye on this!

#7 DASH - (Wait and BUY)

Gotta love DASH. Overall its a BULL but you don't want to pay too much!

#8 IOTA - too new - no chart :(

#9 BitShares (BTS) - (WATCH)

We will keep an eye on Bitshares ... Its in consolidation and too early to call if price will blow up or crash!


Stratis is in Break mode ... look out for 3x + gains!

My Fav. Pick - deCRED

Realtime Portfolios

(#)11-15 Post

(#) 16-20+1 Post

(#) 22 Post

(#) 23-27 Post

Portfolio Pie Chart.png!


Invest at your own risk!
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Thanks for this. When you say of Bitcoin "After this, expect prices to pop to over $10k into January 2017" did you mean January 2018? Can you explain a bit more why you like Decred ? I like the table of gains and losses and also bringing other assets than cryptos into the pie. Much appreciated. Susan

Yes 2017 ... sorry about that.

Thx for the detailed info - followed:)

Thanks... just posted a new one.

Great info man I loved it, I'm definitely going to get some deCRED now and hold onto my 100 ltc and see what happens, if it just goes up in dollars that's fine with me hey 😐 you got my upvote and I resteemed on my page all support back would help me my page and family lol (honestly)

Cool ... I'm real big on just a few assets ... Love deCRED (most of my assets) ... right now I'm looking into LSK (competitor to ETHER but has side chain tech) ... also I'm into silver. Interesting times we live in ... got to be on top of it!

Here's my post on lisk and Ethereum

You "NEED" to invest more in "Steem Power" 👍🤓😎💯

Very good post! esteemed!

Just re-steemed this for you, great write, also gave you a shout out on FB. machine keep it up

Good technical analysis. Thanks for sharing. Following you.

Very useful! I think you post should be had more value!
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Up voted. Thanks for all the work on analyzing each market and giving us your opinion.

Thanks! ... I'll get the next ten up by tomorrow!

Very informative! I can't wait to see what you'll have to say about my favorite coin, IOTA! I'm accumulating as many thousands of this coin above all others as quickly as possible. IOTA is going to the stars passed the moon!

How do we buy IOTA?

I hope these predictions play out like clock work :)

On your posted BTC chart Do you mean 3rd WK of AUG 2017?

yes... that was a mistake... i placed a comment on the link. Thanks for letting me know.

Whew! I thought I might have to wait another year!

thank you for this helpful article

Hey @daverex, thank you for your analysis after seeing it on TradingView. Immediately followed and upvoted you. You definitely deserve more recognition. I hope we can work together via SteemIt to make some gains! :) I am working to develop my network a little more here before posting further articles. Looking to post analyses on Lykke (disclaimer: one of my favs that nobody seems to know about) and IOTA. Again, thank you so much. Where did you learn technical analysis? I am looking to better educate myself in that field.

Hey, thanks! I haven't done too much research on Lysk but of what I understand (could be very wrong) is that it is a competitor to Ether ... and being that ether is overloaded with development, it makes sense that some of that will flow over. IOTA is interesting, its not even considered a crypto but still on this list ... like an off chain wierd thing... Internet of things.. transactions are soo cheap that it can be used for everything (low security type communication I guess) ... Yes I look forward to working with you as much as I can, we really need to get ahead of this steemit curve ... content content content. I've been using tech analysis for over 20 years ... mostly self learned, thats the best way. My recommendation is to just start playing with indicators, use those that make sense... don't overload (3max) then also do some trend drawings (relative highs and relative lows and new highs new lows) --- here is the kicker ( what most technicians don't do is correlate trend lines with technical indicators) ... on top of that if you really want to be a master, you need to do fundamental analysis (know the companies and know their value) - don't invest in copy coins (shtcoins) - good luck

Will take your advice to heart!! Lykke, not Lisk. Are you familiar with OANDA? Same founder

Checking out Lykke --- Looks nice. I love block-chain based exchanges, Wow it has Android and IOS Support! Also it appears to be built on Ether.

Nice analyse man! I follow you


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Awesome analysis, gonna follow you !

You, Sir, are a Gentleman and a Scholar!

Thanks! I hope to bring value to this crypto space... Just knowing bitcoin will go up doesn't do it for me anymore ... I love researching all the Alt-Cryptos!

Very informative Thank you!

Thank You!

Thats a nice one. need to #resteem it


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Its actually a good blog


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How do you know what's going to happen before it happens?

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I'm an untrained jedi.

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Sorry if this replies twice. I sent it once but it didn't appear and asked me to log in. I haven't used the site much yet. When you say of Bitcoin "After this, expect prices to pop to over $10k into January 2017" did you mean January 2018?. Also can you explain what you understand of (and like about) Decred please? I like your analysis of gains/losses at the end and including non crypto in the pie as well.

UPDATE Alert: Some cryptos have broken down through their channel resistance.

  • Golem

I like ANT- NEO and IOTA for future...

Awesome work 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

Great info. Most of my blockfolio are ETC, LTC, BTC and ANS. Will take a look at deCred. Do you think it will rise despite bearish market now? Followed!

Most of the coins alone are not bearish... but since bitcoin is in a bear cycle, everything gets farcled. Bitcoin is not an index, its just a coin... logic would predict that a contraction in bitcoin would lead to an expansion in the alts as money flows out and about through the ecosystem... nope apparently we are still too early <a good thing :)>

Thanks for sharing this important information with us, we muc grateful

Good analysis .... Thanks for sharing....

Little surprised you not invested in Ether .

Thank you, useful article

Such an awesome post! So detailed. Thank you.

Holy crap, good job @Daverex! I have been backing the truck up on Strat for a while. It is time this bad boy launched.

Honestly I believe it will, only thing is this recent bitcoin down-cycle has been messing with my projections.
here is the adjusted chart. "good thing is that it didn't break down"