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Coingecko and nChain have just joined the "choice of acquisitions" - the initiative of bitcoin cash. This initiative allows the entrepreneurs to indemnify their own minimum tax on transaction and the amount of transactions that will then be sent to the blockchain. coinego and nChain plan to adjust this feature to allow users to choose.

The first regulation will be to remove the current "dust limit" (546 saters) and allow users to send in 1 seat (0.00000001 BCH) on each transaction platform.

The next change will be that it will be possible to get free transactions in every block that the miners have. This means that there will be no tax on this platform. Coingecko and nChain believe that the entrepreneurs have the right to receive free transactions.

But why should we change the radically bitcoin cache network?

The first reason is that lowering transaction costs and some of the transaction freeware will attract more customers. This means that micro-tranquilities like "Tea" in social networks, which is the main function of Redkino, will be possible with bitcoin cache.

Second: Bitcoin Cash's main crusader, Roger Ver - also known as the Bitcoin Jesus - who has predicted "flippening", in which the eatery market capitalization will overhaul the bitcoin market. His prophecy continues with the fact that the bitcoin cash will be over two by 2020. Mr. Ver is currently an adviser to MoneyToken. This is the start of Fintech, which takes BCH as a collateral on its own platform.

For the above mentioned two reasons, the bitcoin cash will be the power for which the eye is attracted - as the cryptocurencys, as well as the value of the crypto market. The current market analysis shows that BCH costs $ 1 117 and it is 2.89% over the last 24 hours. There are several steps left before the initiators of the extracters and the bitcoin cash may be more likely than the choice of microtransactions, collectors and traders.

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@dattabitcoin allowing users to do micro transactions will add more value to the popularity of BCH. Hope we will be able to do this soon.