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Many people are finding themselves in a situation where their crypto holdings have lost drastically in value and they are in much need of cash and liquidity. It is common knowledge that it is a very bad idea to sell at the bottom of a bear market, so what is the solution? DAGT’s solution is to help people through crypto-backed loans.

This means that you can lock your cryptoassets (DAGT or ETH) into a smart contract and leverage that for a loan. This prevents you from selling your holdings at the bottom of a market. Through the DAGT DApp process is very straight forward and simple.

See the following article for a step by step process on how to do it:

With DAGT’s DApp, you get to keep your crypo assets and receive liquidity. You don’t have to sell at the bottom of a market at a loss, but it gives you the liquidity to spend on other things you may need. Simply pay the loan back according to schedule and receive your crypto assets back at the end of the loan term. Also, if you would like to invest, you can also lend out to other users on the platform. Download the DApp today and give it a try.

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