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Thanks for your interest and support of DAGT. We are glad that more than 9000 users have registered on the DAGT dApp since the release two weeks ago, thus we will promote the second-stage campaign, for the main performance of DAGT — Crypto loan/lending functions.

But when it comes to loan crypto, it's still bit confusing for some users, even though it's quite similar to online currency loan/lending; if you did online fiat loan before, it will be easy for you to understand, but with crypto involved, it may be unfamiliar.

Here we prepare the steps of how to complete a loan/lend on DAGT dApp.

Step 1: Create an account on DAGT and passed KYC

Step 2: Click Loan
click loan in homepage


Step 3. Choose loan collateral, term


Step 4. Fill in the USDT amount you want to loan


Step 5. Based on the loan amount, and term, corresponding collateral needs to be transferred to smart contract.


Step 6: Once the collateral transfer done, you will get this letter of Guarantee. while for the service fee(commission), you can pay now, or later.


Congratulate, Loaned successfully! Then you can find your loan in My---loan


Here you will find all your loan, in different status. But please also note that the ethereum transaction takes time; if you have paid the collateral or service fee, please do not transfer again, and it will be in next status soon.

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