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I'm slowly starting to agree more and more with some of the regulations that are being introduced to crypto, however I do think some companies (COINBASE..) regulate their customers unfairly and hold back their funds for long stretches of time without much explanation.


I never had that happen to my account can you explain a bit?

@bitcoinflood are you on discord?i wanttoask you something

I sold down some ETH to GBP on my Coinbase account and I can't withdraw it because Coinbase need me to verify my bank account.

To verify your bank account account you need to send a small payment to Coinbase's Estonian bank account in Euros by SEPA/SWIFT. With my bank it costs £29.00 to do this and Coinbase recommend you send approximately 6 Euros. So it means you have to spend nearly 35 quid just to get your account verified.

And after all of that hassle I still sent the payment but guess what!? Coinbase no longer accepts deposits from my Bank so it was declined and I need to set up a new bank account just to withdraw my money.

I'm not blaming this 100% on Coinbase but it is very frustrating and their customer service/support team is awful considering how big a company they are and the amount of money they are dealing with on a daily basis.

sounds pretty normal to me...

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